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What dairy products should drink at dysbacteriosis

in our gut microbes are many we need for life.But it may fail in the structure of the microflora, which will lead to dysbiosis.Therefore it is necessary to listen to the doctors, when they advise to prevent the disease.And if you stick with simple, but mandatory rules, we can prevent this disease.On the problem should be taken seriously, because it is dysbiosis link in the chain of various diseases.

advice is simple - Control your diet and quality of products.Our well-being is directly linked to the state of the intestine.Of course, the appearance of dysbiosis may be associated with prolonged use of antibiotics, but still, the main reason is poor diet.Currently, there are help our intestines prabiotiki created on the basis of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.Microorganisms used for the treatment and prevention of dysbiosis should not have a pronounced positive effect on the intestine with the absence of side effects.

Speaking about the products that should be consumed at a dysbacteriosis, it is necessa

ry to mention in the first place dairy products.Roll these products in action in our intestines is enormous.What foods should be consumed at a dysbacteriosis.All milk-based products with the addition of probiotic bacteria.This is a simple and affordable way to prevent not only dysbiosis, and other diseases.Products such as: bifidokefir, bioryazhenka, bioyoghurt, yogurt - rpolucheny by fermenting milk naturally.

In Western countries - just boom of probiotics, but we are not yet so popular.

In our country, it is considered that they are useless.Indeed western products coming to us, pass through the process, to increase the shelf life, and benefit from them, virtually none.So pay attention to domestic products with low shelf life (no more than two days) - that they even contain live microorganisms.Only these products have a therapeutic effect.

Dairy products contain virtually all the substances necessary for our digestion.They contain B vitamins, as well as SK, PP and folic acid, which in the treatment of dysbiosis is important.

What we recommend dairy products and what are they like?So:

Yogurt is produced from natural and powdered milk enriched with lactic acid cultures.This fermented milk product was introduced to Europe in the XVI century, as a tasty medicine for the King.Russian scientist Mechnikov argued that the health of the people of the Caucasus and the Balkans is directly related to regular consumption of dairy products.

bioyoghurt - this yogurt containing still "live" bifidofloru.

Smetana - cream, processed with pure cultures of microorganisms.

Kefir - produced with special kefir grains.With regular use of kefir body gets really good.The action is determined by the strength of the drink.The presence of lactic acid and carbon dioxide in the yogurt help, excellent thirst quencher According drink.Kefir not only has a marked prophylactic and therapeutic effect on our intestines, but also on all the other systems of the human body.Recent studies have shown that yogurt imunostimulyator beautiful and for people suffering from chronic fatigue, it will be just as useful.

Bifidok yogurt enriched with bifidobacteria.This product is suitable for all ages.It comprises a "live" microorganisms.

Bififrut - medical wellness dairy products.It contains symbiotic bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Bifilife - a new generation of therapeutic drink dairy products.There are five main types of bifidobacteria.This combination preserves the natural harmony.

Bifilak - product enriched mixed microflora, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.A great tool in the fight against dysbiosis.

Bifilak with beta-carotene - a product for adults.It rejuvenates the body and helps to rid the body of radioactive substances ,.

Atsidolakt enriched with Lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus.

Bifilin - sour milk adapted formula with bifidobacteria for feeding infants.

Now you know what kind of dairy products should drink at dysbacteriosis.