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How to correctly differentiate healthy from unhealthy eating fast food

Useful whether fast food?

bulk of the known "fastfudskih" high-calorie foods.As you know, the abuse of carbohydrate, fatty foods and foods that contain hot spices leads to excess daily calories.

In food there are elements called hydrogenated vegetable oils rich in trans fats.Some dietary supplements, as well as the cooking process reduces the nutritional value of trans-fats.Food intake, which comprises in excess lipids and carbohydrates uniquely lead to overweight.In addition, "fastfudskaya" foods rich in large salts.

Today obesity in the United States - one of the most pressing national problems.The basis of this problem was the unhealthy food - "fastfudskaya" food.Morning sandwich fast food contain so many calories, which will last for the whole day.

systematic absorption of unhealthy diet leads to disruption of calcium absorption.Because of this increased risk of stroke, of depression, of insulin insensitivity.In the case of insulin nevyrabotki and misses it in the blood increases the risk of d

eveloping diabetes 2 degrees.

The negative impact of fast food, primarily due to:

  • with a high content of lipids, carbohydrates, salt, calories;
  • to the lack of fiber;
  • to the lack of macro-and micronutrients.

pass on useful fastfood.

Research scientists from the United States have shown that excessive consumption of food with high content of lipids and carbohydrates leads to both the physical and the psychological metamorphosis: eating fast food is not just a habit, but a real dependence on him.This dependence forces to buy fast food again and again.In order not to starve yourself, do not hold back from buying a beloved hamburger, eat healthy fast food.

How to reduce the harmful effects of fast food on the body's favorite?First, it needs to overcome in the diet from harmful lipids, cholesterol, and other fast-food components.Therefore, you effectively reduce the harm caused fast food on your body, and continue to take pleasure from favorite food.

addition to typical food in the cafes and restaurants you can eat fast food and it is healthy food that does not contain harmful "fastfudskie" components.Today, in order to increase the quality and reduce the harmful effects of "fastfudskoy" food in its preparation using lean meat, bread from wheat flour, french fries, fried to a minimum amount of oil, low-calorie drinks and a maximum of vegetables.Now is the time when the consumer can intelligently distinguish healthy fast food and evaluate its favor.Do not miss these tips.

Get rid of the harmful addiction to fast food, the same thing to get rid of the smoking habit - no major changes.The way to get rid of harmful fast food start small.

  • determine for itself the number of days in a week in which you will eat at a fast food restaurant.
  • Kill a "snake-tempter" who will you again and again drawn to fast food.This is possible if you take it a rule every day, before the absorption of fast food, eat fresh fruit, unsweetened yogurt or cereal.These products create a feeling of fullness.
  • banned themselves have large portions.It is not necessary to order a lot of so-called double rations that literally stretch the stomach.It is necessary to have as much as you really fit.
  • ordering a drink, give up cola, which is rich in carbohydrates (respectively, high-calorie) in favor of tea without sugar and ice.Also tea can be ordered mineral water or fresh fruit juice.
  • Avoid fried foods, since it takes a huge amount of cooking oil containing a maximum of lipids and has a high energy value.Replace the usual french fries or baked potato crushed sandwich with grilled chicken.Replace fried foods dishes, steamed on the campfire, baked in the oven.
  • included in the diet of vegetables max.Of course, in the menu "fastfudskih" restaurants a large selection of salads.Replace favorite burger least favorite salad.Limit yourself to the consumption of mayonnaise, fat sauces, cheese.Try low-fat substitute fat mayonnaise sauce, salad refill them.This enhances the digestibility of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • exercise control over calories.Attend those cafes or restaurants on the menu that calculate the calories for each meal: it will help you to distinguish between a healthy fast food from harmful.