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Harm frankfurters and wieners and their impact on the human body

Today composition sausages full of chemical elements: carrageenan, cochineal, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates.Yes, they all make a tasty sausage and attractive, but it is absolutely not useful.

In addition, this kind of products because of the huge amounts of preservatives brings a person into a state of dependence.Human taste buds get used to this taste, and have other food seems fresh and not so appetizing.

Many people, incidentally, believe that hot dogs and sausages are much safer smoked sausage.However, it is not.Yes, spices in these sausages are not many, but a huge number of other hazardous components: fillers, flavorings, thickeners, coloring agents, flavor enhancers.But the meat in sausages and sausages meets today, unfortunately, rare.

Previously, it was an honor for the producer to its products meet the requirements of GOST.In Soviet times, in the manufacture of sausages and wieners required to use more than 50% of natural meat.Now, after the appearance of the technical specifications (TU),

which is much cheaper cost producers, quality requirements down significantly.

harm frankfurters and wieners

Today, as part of sausages required to have 10-30% of the meat.However, the reality is that this is not the flesh of meat and animal fat, skin, poultry.Everything else is a part of frankfurters and wieners - stabilizing protein and protein-lipid emulsions.

is present in the emulsion water, vegetable oil, soy protein, sodium caseinate.As it turns out, in practice, the proteins of meat and milk are not totally consistent, but that manufacturers do not think.Also in the sausages and frankfurters are flour, starch, various cereals.

And how can you then call data sausage meat product?As

seem at first, soybeans - friendly product.So it is true, but soybean is capable to absorb all - flavoring agents, preservatives, colorants and the like. N. In addition, soy is genetically modified.However, manufacturers in the hand of its low cost, and the consumer ultimately pays twice the price.

How can affect the composition of frankfurters and wieners on the human body?

Children composition of these products often cause allergic reactions and digestive disorders.After getting used to the dogs, children constantly need to cook them, but they can cause all kinds of chronic diseases.

substances present in the composition of frankfurters and wieners, can not be digested before the end of a purely physiological.The body does not know what to do and spend their forces on the digestion.The data of the spent forces are vital for the growth, development and activity of children.Adults are also drawn to the sausages after they try them.

However sausages have no nutritional value.But many parents, it does not stop, and they begin to feed their children this product almost from 1year life, justifying their actions by saying that the child very much and he at least something to eat.

Sausages in any case not be given to children at least up to 3 years.Also, hot dogs and sausages should not have pregnant women and women who are in the period of lactation.In men, the data sausages significantly reduce the activity of sperm.

How to choose dogs and sausages and some of them may be less harmful?

Most people will not be able to deny themselves at least occasionally eat this sausage products.Then they should learn to choose a safe product.

When buying sausages or wieners child in any case it is not necessary to take the bright pink or dark products.Deep Color output indicates the presence of a huge number of dyes, and the dark color - a sign of preservatives.More or less these sausages contain homogeneous minced grayish-pink.Also, look for a special icon on the package, allowing the product to children.For manufacturers this icon undergo additional study.

Each user can independently carry out the test at home: let dogs cats and dogs.More or less an animal eats a natural product, but the "continuous soybeans" will not touch.

If the packaging manufacturer declares that in these soy sausages or wieners not, read carefully the product.Most likely there is stated that the sausage products contain fiber or dietary fiber.Of course, these additives are not harmful, but why should you pay for the sausage, or sausage that price, as if they were made out of meat?

addition to the packaging of sausages write that allegedly used in their manufacture natural casing.Note, however, if the heat treatment of sausages or wieners shell is torn, it is not natural and the artificial.If, fry the sausage in a pan or cook it in the microwave, it was wrinkled or swollen, it means that in this sausage products exceeded carrageenan content.This dietary supplement can lead to severe allergies.

Too salty sausages have not recommended, t. To. They can contain a huge amount of sodium nitrite.From protein supplements obtained very soft sausage.These sausages can be checked by squeezing the product in hand.

To find out how much dye is contained in sausages or sausages, cook the product in salt water.The experiment shows that, if the water turns pink, these sausages have not.

starch content in the product can be determined by using the simple method: drip iodine on the edge of a little piece of sausage or sausage.If the droplet turns blue, in this sausage products contain a lot of starch, but virtually no meat.

Remember that the high cost of product does not mean that the product is made from a natural promontory.If you are poisoned by any kind of sausage, do not be silent, and bring the case to court.You will be entitled to compensation for non-pecuniary damage, and return the money that you have paid for the goods.

Write an application to the Federal Service of your city, enclosing the product itself and a check for him.If as a result of the examination it turns out that the sausage product is spoiled, you will necessarily pay money.