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Useful properties peppers

Ingredients pepper. As soon as you hear about the peppers, an association with vitamin C. Bulgarian pepper holds the record for the content of this vitamin, it even surpassed the black currant and citrus fruits (lemons and oranges).And it includes a lot of vitamin P, provitamin A, that is, carotene, and several types of vitamin B

salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, calcium and iron are mineral wealth of impressive composition of bell pepper.

Pepper is very good for the stomach;this good and inimitable flavor gives it an alkaloid capsaicin.

pepper, due to its composition, precious vegetable.The good news is that the stores can be found, 365 days a year.

Useful properties peppers Bulgarian .Peppers brings great health benefits due to its rich mineral composition, which enriches the blood, preventing anemia, increases the immune defenses of the human body.

rich composition of vitamins strengthens blood vessels, improves hair growth, condition of skin, keeps a long visio

n.Remembering the skin, it can not say about the nails, bones, hair.Bulgarian pepper preserves their health, help their partial regeneration.

contained in pepper substances help to remove depression, overcome chronic fatigue syndrome.Bulgarian peppers benefit those who suffer from diabetes.Pepper stimulates the appetite, it is an extraordinary property causes different reactions.Pepper thin the blood, lowering blood pressure.Favorably influences pepper on the activity of the pancreas and the work of the gastrointestinal tract.Masks and ointments, which include pepper powder, are used for neuralgia, arthritis, they help to get rid of sciatica.

Useful properties peppers due to the fact that it contains vitamin P (rutin).This vitamin helps to maintain youthfulness blood vessels, the capillaries, in general, the entire transport system in the body, delivering nutrients to the vital organs.Rutin helps keep the circulatory system of the human body strong and flexible, which is why it is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

invaluable peppers for those engaged in intellectual work, and for people in old age.Pepper improves memory and enhances concentration.This vegetable can relieve insomnia, excessive muscle tension, relaxes the body, relieves stress and depression preddepressivnyh.

Use pepper invaluable for both women and men.Men, he could not help prematurely bald, and women - a long time to maintain a healthy and flourishing appearance.Peretz needs to pregnant ladies, because in this period are particularly brittle hair and bones due to a lack of calcium.All useful substances for the organism pepper are in the inner flesh is white, some stalks and seeds.And this, unfortunately, precisely those places that we tend to throw away.And is not it better from unpeeled whole peppers expel a glass of fresh juice, thereby retaining all their beneficial properties?The only thing you need to do is use in the preparation of its seeds, because they spoil the taste.When heat treated pepper loses almost 70% of the substances, which could bring huge benefits.

Bulgarian pepper: contraindications .Bulgarian pepper is not considered harmful, but there are times when you want to restrict its use, and possibly eliminate from the diet.

Such contraindications include coronary heart disease, gastritis, gastric ulcer, hypertension, kidney and liver.

doctor - dietician should tell in each case: how and when to use the pepper, and whether to do it at all.All these restrictions, contraindications and restrictions associated with the presence in the fiber of pepper and lots of essential oils.They can sharpen for all the above ailments.

Treatment pepper. As they say, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat.And everybody knows it, so perhaps we should start with preventive action.Man eats in a day, about 40 grams of pepper, receives daily supply of vitamin C, which is able to prevent the development of many diseases known to man.It is important to prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system of the body, because the role of blood vessels in metabolic processes is difficult to overestimate, and here peppers - first mate.The use of pepper stimulates the growth of nails, hair, helps to improve eyesight.And for this you need to eat just one peppercorn per day.Those who are at risk of developing thrombosis, should drink per day to 50 grams of pepper juice.

order to cure serious diseases with the use of pepper, should consult a doctor because of the individuality of each individual case.The uniqueness and individuality are, above all, in how he relates to the sick folk medicine and its recipes.If a person's faith is strong only in chemical drugs, it will be almost impossible to convince the relevance and usefulness of herbal medicinal potions.We can only try in the morning to drink about 40 grams of fresh pepper juice, only then will we understand whether it is effective or not.

Bulgarian pepper is able to accelerate healing and help for the following diseases: colic in the intestines, cramping, gas, high blood clotting, high blood pressure, problems with skin, hair, nails, CNS disorders, dermatitis, fatigue, low immunity, lack of appetite,anemia, and others.

Sweet pepper is used as an external agent to improve skin, applying, for example, the mask of carrot juice and pepper, a ratio of 1 to 1. This mask bleach spots and freckles, gives to the skin with vitamins, because these vegetables togethertogether they provide a magnificent result.

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