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Can we assume muesli wholesome food?

ideal composition for cereal grains are considered to be better whole grains because they contain many nutrients;fresh fruits and dried fruits (raisins, apricots, figs).This composition is a cereal source of vitamins E, C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.Cereals long digested, slowly digested by the body, stabilize the level of blood sugar.Whole grain foods are rich in fiber, which helps prevent various intestinal diseases.In addition to the establishment of the intestine and improve digestion, fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, because prevents the absorption of fat.Grains of oats, rye, barley, wheat bran are particularly rich in fiber.Therefore, cereal whole grain - it's a great meal in the morning.

But in the morning, and if you eat whole grains after 14 hours, the use of them will not, because the body does not have time to digest and assimilate the product before going to sleep, he begins to accumulate in the gut and rot.Muesli whole grains contribute to the rapid saturati

on, so they prefer to have people who are watching their weight - a person does not eat more than you need.While cereals are considered enough high-calorie product, per 100g on average, about 400 kcal.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a cereal without sweet additives: honey, chocolate.Better when muesli natural origin, in which the sugar is found only in the dried fruit.Recommend a day to eat no more than 70 grams of cereal.Now manufacturers of muesli offer a large enough range, in addition to honey or chocolate in the muesli add coconut or vegetable oil.Such options muesli contain harmful for the cardio - vascular system fats.Therefore, you must carefully study the composition of the muesli and choose possible more natural product.Pay attention to the need to supplement it.

If a person suffers from diabetes, avoid cereals, which have chocolate, honey, nuts, jam.For diabetics now produce a large range of cereals, sweetened with fructose and rich in dietary fiber.This product usually comes with a mark «Sport».Full people best suited muesli, which consist only of different kinds of cereals without any additives.Do not choose cereals with additives in the form of tropical fruits, especially those with poor digestion and suffer from allergic diseases.For cereals with high content of salt and should be treated with care, because salt retains water in the body, and therefore violates the water-salt balance.

especially should avoid salty granola people with high blood pressure.Generally, salted muesli not relate to useful products.And if you want sugary cereals, it is such a sweet toasted muesli, keep in mind that they are the most caloric of all kinds of cereals.People who have digestive problems better before eating muesli boil in a small amount of water to beans easier to digest.But we must note that when boiled loses much of nutrients muesli.Another disadvantage of cereal is the almost complete absence in them of vitamin C, which is necessary for good immunity and normal functioning of all the vital forces.

But cereals, which include a variety of whole grains, and no additives are rich in vitamins and supply of our body, and supply the body with essential minerals and trace elements.

Can we muesli wholesome food?"Useful" muesli you can do yourself at home.To do this, you must take in equal proportions of different types of grains and better to buy the cereal mixture.Grains need to grind the cereal before cooking, do not grind the seeds all at once, as in milled form, they quickly lose their nutrients.Take one tablespoon of ground of various grains, pour a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon.Leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight to infuse.Before use in the mixture can be added at the request of nuts, raisins, chopped fresh fruit, etc.The cereal can add milk or yogurt, yogurt, but it is better to use fruit juice as juice make up for the lack of vitamin C.