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Medicinal properties of wheat

Wheat is considered an important food crop, which occupies the first place not only in the Russian grain production, but also in the world: 30-40% quintals of yield per hectare is high in the endosperm (about 84%), which increases the yield of high-quality flour.

Wheat around the globe is the main and the main crops.Besides, this is the first cultivated plant, which began to cultivate people.Wheat, along with barley is the most ancient kind of cereal, as well as ancient civilizations grew wheat.For example, in ancient China and Egypt has for four thousand years BC residents ate food wheat.And in ancient Greece for six thousand years BC grown wheat.In ancient Russia wheat and valued for its nutritional and medicinal qualities.Moreover, in ancient wheat is considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth.This is because the wheat itself is finicky plant.Frosts and drought tolerate much worse than rye and oats.It is for this reason that in the old days to get a good crop of wheat was not always and not for ev

eryone.And many white wheat flour at all could afford only the most major holidays.

Wheat, rather it is covered with valuable grain "skin", but for humanity as developing mill production, learn to separate everything that is valuable to the human body in the bran.Thus, all useful properties of wheat that nature has it, go for animal feed, it was a by-product waste.The waste is also the germ of the grain, which is considered the most valuable part of the grain.Wheat germ contains beneficial to human body minerals and germ oil.

composition of wheat grain

composition of the most important cereal was always under scrutiny and interest among scientists.Scientists have repeatedly investigated grain wheat, during which it was established that the starch contained in the grain also different wheat cultivar contains other carbohydrates, the number of which ranges from 50 percent to 70 percent.Moreover, in the wheat contains a variety of proteins, the amount of which depends on the type and is from 10 percent to 20 percent.Wheat also contains vegetable fats, minerals - calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins - B1, B6, B1, E, C, PP, and a plurality of different active enzymes.

Studies have revealed that at the time of germination in wheat grains increases several times the number of biologically active substances and vitamins, growth promoters and antibiotics concentration.For example, at the time of germination of vitamin B2 becomes ten times larger.This explains the medicinal properties of sprouted grains in the human body.

Medical and nutritional properties of wheat

Throughout mankind highly valued the healing properties of this cereal.

Due to the fact that the ears of wheat are a golden color, and also because of the medicinal and nutritional properties, the impression that the wheat - a kind of compressed light of the sun.

decoction of wheat grains is effective in rehabilitation after a prolonged illness, it will help restore power.And if the broth add honey, you get a good remedy for colds, coughs, respiratory diseases.

main share of biologically valuable nutrients of wheat contained in the envelope in the bud.This B vitamins, vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, fatty acids.

detected in wheat properties and cosmetic, which, along with healing, have always been used by man.Poultice and a decoction of wheat bran - is effective cosmetic to soften and nourish the skin.

in wheat grain also contains fiber, which stimulates the motor bowel function, prevents the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat.For weight loss to be effective wheat bran.

pectin, which are also part of the grain of wheat, capable of absorbing harmful ingredients that are found in the gut, thereby reducing the putrefaction.Pectin also has a healing effect on the intestinal mucosa.

Potassium contained in wheat, help the muscles, including the heart muscle and function normally.

Magnesium and magnesium salts, activates enzymes in carbohydrate metabolism, are involved in bone formation, normalizes the nervous system excitability.