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Carrots and its beneficial properties for the human body

About carrots, its beneficial properties for the human body known since the days of ancient Greece (including her surgeon's plants mentioned Hippocrates, Dioscorides).In Russia, there is a medicine to reduce pressure and improve blood: carrot juice, beet and radish in equal parts pour into a dark bottle, rolled it into the dough and kept in an oven for several hours.

The carrots are 9, 2% of carbohydrates, there is an iron salt, phosphorus, calcium.Carrot root also contain proteins (2, 3%), pectin, pantothenic acid, sugar (15%), fatty oil (0, 7%), and other useful substances.The beneficial properties for the human body exhibit it contains potassium salts - especially in diseases of the kidneys, blood vessels, heart.It is recommended for anemia, because it contains a lot of purple acid, which is necessary for red blood cell formation.Due to the large amount of iodine consumed carrots at reduced thyroid functionality.This root vegetables also contain vitamin C (it - ascorbic acid), vitamins B1, B2, B6, B

12, D , E , H, K, P and PP.

now explore the many useful properties of carrots for the human body.First of all, the carrot is famous for its high content of carotene (because of which she, by the way, has an orange color).For the body is a source of vitamin A, which is also known as vitamin growth.Because of this vitamin carrot prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder and, as well as promotes their excretion (infusion of carrot seeds), prevents cataracts, infections of the alimentary tract, lungs.Interesting fact - in order to satisfy the daily needs of the human body into vitamin A, you need to eat only 18-20 grams of carrots.Studies show that the carrot has a positive effect on lung function.

widely known properties of carrots, related to the improvement of view, because the shortage of carotene develops the disease, which is called night blindness.With regular use of nutrients healing root strengthens the retina, support the mucosa.

Carrot juice is used as an elixir of health, it reduces fatigue, skin gets a healthy, fresh-faced look.Carrot juice cure colds and (rinsing their throats, burying the juice into the nose with a cold) and even asthma (helps reduce attacks combined with milk).For prolonged storage juice almost losing the beneficial properties.For the prevention and treatment of eye diseases juice is best to drink in the autumn - it is at this time is best absorbed.But we know that it will not bring the desired effect, if you do not put a spoonful of fat, because vitamin A is fat-soluble.It is associated with this property and recommend to cook carrots with vegetable oil or butter, sour cream, so as not to lose carotene to its use.Recommend carrot juice and acidity of the stomach.It's also great acts on the pancreas and increases the resistance of the lymph nodes and glands of internal secretion, respiratory, plus sinuses facial skull.

Thanks volatile, carrots kills disease-causing microbes.To reduce bacteria in the mouth it is just chew or hold in his mouth a carrot juice.Grated carrots promotes healing of wounds.It is applied to burns, tumors, sites of frostbite.

For skin, there are many masks with carrots.For example, dry skin carrot is used in combination with honey and egg yolk.With lemon juice carrots remove freckles and prevents acne, pimples and other irritations.Useful carrot mask and hair.Properties restore root root structure, prevent hair loss.

recognized that regular consumption of carrots strengthens the immune system, regulates water and water-salt metabolism, increases vitality, promotes the development of an organism.It is therefore very important for the children's food.By the way, eating half a cup of carrot juice and 100 g of grated carrots, carrots will help to get rid of worms.

Carrot is useful for hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis A, as well as liver, kidney, cardiovascular system, stomach, arthritis, anemia, and even in violation of mineral metabolism.Helpful root diuretic, and mild choleretic properties (thanks to the connections of potassium and dietary fiber).For nursing mothers, it is useful, as well stimulate lactation.The infusion of the seeds in wine is recommended as a laxative.

unique is the fact that for protirakovogo action, as well as for the prevention of Alzheimer's carrot is better to use boiled, as it contains three times more antioxidants.- Substances which prevent cell damage DNA.Boiled carrots helps to treat malignant tumors, intestinal dysbiosis, nephritis.It is also indicated for patients with diabetes.But gnawing raw useful to strengthen the gums, as well as to strengthen the tooth structure.When colitis is recommended mashed carrots (both raw and cooked).I do not recommend raw carrots people during exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, enteritis and enterocolitis.

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