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Cinnamon and vanilla: useful properties


We all know cinnamon in a fragrant seasoning biscuits, coffee and other sweets, which is often sold as a powder or of rolled cinnamon sticks with a characteristic aroma (unusual smell of cinnamon is due to essential oils(up 1.5%), it contains).So it looks like cinnamon, really?Can it be used only as a seasoning or she possess also other useful, and maybe even healing properties?That we are to learn.

Ceylon Cinnamon or Cinnamomum - is an evergreen tree of the family laurel.Cinnamon is also called, and the dried bark of the tree, which is widely used as a spice.Surely you think that the fruit is ground cinnamon aromatic spices to give, but it is not so.Fruits of cinnamon in the form of purple berries 1 centimeter in diameter could not get to our table.Cinnamon is grown for two years, then cut off at the root.The next year is formed of about a dozen young shoots.With most of these shoots are cut bark, which after dry.Further, use only the thinnest layer of the inner bark.In turn, the oute

r layer is removed, leaving as a reminder on a kind of cinnamon strips which are twisted in long tubes.After drying, these same tubes, cut into pieces of 10 cm. In length, comes finally marketed.

Cinnamon - a plant overseas, because it grows in Sri Lanka, but it is possible to meet and in the Seychelles and in tropical Asia.The most high-quality cinnamon comes directly from Sri Lanka, but the plant is also grown in Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt and Madagascar.This cinnamon is different from other kinds of pleasant aroma and sweet, the feelings - the warm taste, because it produces a very thin crust, while soft brownish color.Also present cinnamon in nature, there is also "false" cinnamon, related plant - cassia, cinnamon is often called the sale.This lzhekaritsu called Indonesian or indeed false.Unlike this cinnamon, cassia used to prepare all bark, and not only its thin inner part.Many packaging marked "cinnamon", which can be found in almost all the major stores, is the box office.These two pieces of bark are completely different in appearance, chemical composition and properties.If you check the bark on the starch (drip iodine on it), then the real cinnamon give quite imperceptible reaction, while cassia acquire very bright dark blue color.Due to differences in the chemical properties of the crust, I would like to voice some serious enough data.Cheap cassia from China, Vietnam and Indonesia contain dangerous to human health coumarin, which is present in cinnamon is contained in a very small degree.As routinely comes a series of studies conducted at the time abroad for children enough to eat only 4 cookies with cinnamon to get a dose of coumarin, a health hazard.Adults may also be subjected to danger of death, eating - 8 cookies.In general, the choice of this spice should be approached wisely.In addition to these two species can be found on the market: the Malabar cinnamon and spicy (cinnamon).

dwell a little more on the types of cinnamon.

  • Ceylon cinnamon or cinnamon - a noble cinnamon .. The quality of it is better than all other types .. Ceylon cinnamon has a subtle, delicate flavor ..
  • Chinese or Indian cinnamon, cassia.Began her grown in Southern China.On the palate it is sharper than that of Ceylon.
  • Malabar cinnamon first began to grow in India.It differs from the previous two varieties look and taste.
  • Cinnamon and spicy cinnamon, increasing the Moluccas in Indonesia.She has a very sharp smell of cinnamon.

It is also necessary to mention a little bit about the history of this amazing plant.Cinnamon was known in the days of antiquity, when it was highly prized among ancient peoples, and why it is presenting a gift to kings, monarchs and other rich people.Cinnamon was transported from China to ancient Egypt up to 2 millennium BCIn the Middle Ages, the origin of cinnamon was legendary tales tons.Arab merchants, example, told us that they had been abducted cinnamon strange birds, fought for it with sea monsters.Only in the late 15th century, Portuguese traders discovered Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and, therefore, established the supply and manufacture of cinnamon, whose history of occurrence has ceased to be a mystery to the Western world.At this time the cinnamon trees began to grow, not only in their homeland, but also in other places.Available while Cassius was sold to more freely available, and coffee and tea production began to slowly displace the once popular spices.

addition eventful history, cinnamon has different properties, which will be discussed below.As mentioned earlier, cinnamon is widely used as a spice for sweet dishes and some drinks, it can also be used in hot dishes of lamb and chicken.Cinnamon has a high antioxidant effect, and its essential oil has a strong anti-microbial properties.It can decontaminate foods that spoil quickly, so it can be added to any dish of this kind.This group may include fresh juices that you need to drink a few hours after squeeze.Adding cinnamon to a drink, not only does not appear to allow harmful microbes, but also because of its effect, will help strengthen the work of the brain and improve your memory.Get the perfect combination of pleasant and useful element.Also, cinnamon oil is used in perfumery to add in the corresponding notes of oriental perfume.

Today we know about other therapeutic properties have been studied in detail.These include antimicrobial, antiseptic, diuretic, cleansing and healing properties of cinnamon fever.For example, cinnamon oil can be used as a stimulant or as a sedative, because thanks to the content of specific components, it can bring peace of mind or vice versa desire activity.In addition to these therapeutic properties, cinnamon fights cholesterol, helping to reduce the formation of blood clots, thanks to its calcium, which allows serve as a good cancer prevention.Cinnamon is also used for diseases of the stomach and intestines - fibers which it contains, to actively assist removal of harmful salts and improve the gastrointestinal tract.It is even possible to use it as a so-called "strengthener" digestive system ", which allows you to improve the appetite and stimulate the normal production of gastric juice.As shown by recent studies, cinnamon can reduce blood sugar, and even fight diabetes type 2.This surprising property associated with the presence of a substance which is recognized by the body as insulin, which can significantly reduce the blood sugar level of patient with diabetes.A very effective means of treatment is cinnamon colds due to their bactericidal properties.You can drink ginger tea with cinnamon, which will help with the symptoms of a cold, wet cough, and even reduce the temperature of the body (act like a tea with raspberries).In the eastern countries, widespread use of cinnamon in order to treat hoarseness, and liver disease.To do this, the inhabitants of these countries cinnamon mixed with pomegranate and black pepper.It appeared that the plant stems, still used, but not for cooking, and to neutralize the hepatic and renal colic.

Healing properties of cinnamon, cooked in the form of alcohol tinctures help kill disease-causing microbes, and even to oppose the development of tubercle bacilli.Cinnamon also helps with conjunctivitis, eliminating the cataract can cure some sores, tumors, also is an antidote for bites of certain insects and even snakes.Cinnamon is useful for blood circulation, especially for people with stroke or people with coronary heart disease.When sclerosis, and altered mental status in the elderly - cinnamon facilitate the process of cell aging and somewhat slow him down.In addition, the use of cinnamon will be useful for people with mobile psyche as it soothes, relieves tension and improves the mental state of the person as a whole.Steam inhalation cinnamon with sage helps with colds and rinse - for toothache or sore throat.Infusion of cinnamon will benefit for people undergoing long illness, will be good for the recovery of women after giving birth, will help in cystitis, delayed menstruation, liver diseases.
small amount of cinnamon can help with overeating.If you take the cinnamon stick and pour a glass of boiled water, then infuse for half an hour to get out cinnamon, then be sure to add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey.Drink this magic potion needed in small sips, strictly after eating.This recipe is considered to be in the east of the universal remedy for all diseases.We have found that cinnamon has a truly infinite number of medicinal properties, so I would like to give a few examples of recipes that will be useful for any woman.

recipe with cinnamon

spring is coming soon, it's time to open dresses, short skirts, and then will come the time to show her slim figure.Recipe Cinnamon for weight loss is that every morning half hour before breakfast on an empty stomach and at night before going to sleep, you need to drink brewed with honey cinnamon, brewed in advance the previous day.If you take this drink, be sure to reduce the weight of even the most immense man, because the interaction of honey and cinnamon from the body are derived bacteria occurs cleansing effect that helps not accumulate fat.Thanks to this miracle drink is a destruction of harmful bacteria that slow digestion rights.Another recipe that will be useful and adults, and even children - students who greatly fatigued during the study.As was proved by American scientists, the daily use of a spoon of honey with cinnamon in a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon helps to normalize all vital functions of the body and stop loss of strength, which is so often the case after a tiring work, mental and physical.The combination of honey and cinnamon can support your immune system, drained for a long and cold winter, because chronic administration of this mixture strengthens the blood cells that help them to effectively fight bacterial and viral diseases.Women are also very important to the state of her hair, their presence, hairstyle, volume, etc.To counteract the loss of hair and improve their growth, it is necessary several times a week to do the following mask: warmed olive oil, tablespoon of honey, teaspoon cinnamon applied to the roots of the hair before washing - on 15 minutes then rinse hair with warm water.One of the most common problems - is acne, but they can be dealt with by the therapeutic properties of cinnamon.You need to prepare a kind of paste of 3 tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon cinnamon.Lubricate the affected area of ​​the skin before the acne dignity and be sure to wash this paste with warm water in the morning for 2 weeks all the pimples will go away.


Who of us has not had a toothache?I think this problem at least once in his life faced by each of us.You will certainly help a mixture of 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 5 teaspoons of honey applied to the aching tooth.This dressing can be carried out three times a day until complete elimination of pain.And, of course, the most important thing - every woman wants to prolong their youth and to be the owner of the youthful and radiant skin.To do this on a regular basis to take honey and cinnamon -1l cinnamon brewed in 3 cups of water and cooling + 4L .meda.Drink 1 \ 4 cup 3-4 times a day.This recipe allows you to keep your skin fresh, soft and retards aging.

In addition to these important, in my opinion, the recipes for women, there are other, based largely on a mixture of honey and cinnamon, but in different proportions.It should also be noted some serious disease and lung ailments that can be prevented and cured with cinnamon.Cinnamon helps and heals: gastrointestinal disease, hearing loss, a number of gynecological diseases, helps with colds and flu, treats type II diabetes and cancer, helps with nervousness and insomnia, improves heart function, brain;It eliminates acne, skin infections reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, improves immunity, treats inflammation of the bladder, toothache, helps with hair loss, insect bites, etc.

all diseases that are treated with cinnamon and count.It really is a magical plant.But it does not treat him as a panacea.If you have any disease, you first need to still consult with your doctor and the treatment of cinnamon (as a type of traditional medicine) can be combined with medication, the main thing - do not hurt yourself.As every drug in this plant have your contraindications: cinnamon can not be used during pregnancy becauseit can cause miscarriage;cinnamon overdose can cause an excited state, convulsions, rapid heart beat;It should also be used with caution in people with high cinnamon pressure - high blood pressure, as well as people - with allergies.

And another very important point: the treatment of cinnamon is best done using the true cinnamon from Sri Lanka, instead of cassia, which are sold everywhere.Of course, true cinnamon, cinnamon oil are more expensive, but then you can be rest assured about their health and the health of people close to you.


Vanilla or Latin Vanílla is a perennial plant belonging to the family of orchids.The fruits of this plant since ancient times used as a spice.

Vanilla is native to Central America.It is known that it is widely used by the Aztecs long before Europeans arrived on the continent.Christopher Columbus is considered to be the first European to discover the taste of vanilla.Hot chocolate with vanilla Aborigines were treated to Columbus, so expressing his respects.It is believed that it happened in 1502, and this year can be considered the beginning of the march of vanilla on the planet.

in the holds of ships first travelers to America vanilla first got to Spain, and later on it became known in Italy and Austria.The rest of Europe to try this fragrant spice much later, in the early 19th century.Today, the production of vanilla is engaged in a lot of countries, including most major producers are Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, the US, China and others.

the first place is the quality of vanilla produced in Mexico.Quality is determined by the length of the vanilla pod, it also depends on the price.The longer the vanilla pod, the higher it is valued.

Vanilla collect arms, without the aid of any machinery.Harvested fruit vanilla are not the finished product, and to get a favorite spice in the world, you need to treat them in a special way.The processing of vanilla is rather complicated and contains many subtleties.First vanilla pods are dipped in hot water for 20-25 seconds, then wrapped in woolen cloth and left to knock in the room, then for a whole month, day after day the pods are left in the sun for a strictly limited period of time.Only in strict compliance with technologies vanilla acquire his beautiful brown color and long-lasting sweet smell.Ready pods have a slightly oily surface and curled edge, the length of vanilla beans usually about 20-30 centimeters.

The use of vanilla in cooking

Until recently, only the wealthy stratum of society could afford to enjoy vanilla.Production of vanilla rather laborious and time-consuming, making it one of the most expensive spices.The situation changed dramatically with the emergence of vanilla vanillin, a synthetic substance that is used now everywhere.Today, the smell of vanilla is known to almost all and only for the preparation of the finest and most expensive dishes using natural vanilla.

The use of vanilla in cooking is very diverse.It is added to the fancy pastries, cookies, cakes.Vanilla spice creams, icing, are added to the chocolate, cocoa, cream and others sweets.