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Onions and its beneficial properties for the human body

about Luke, its beneficial properties for the human body, is mentioned in the ancient writings.So, Dioscorides recommended it as a means of cleansing the body, as well as an aphrodisiac appetite.Even slavnoizvestny traveler Cook and his team collected the bow on the island to prevent danger to the human body disease - scurvy.If you recall the Slavic hut, then a bunch of onions was always present in the interior.Display and veneration of this vegetable in the proverb: "Onion - from seven disease."

primarily draws the bow (and often - turns away) sharp pungent odor - essential oil.It excites gastric secretion, causing increased appetite.The onions also contains sugar (6%), salts of phosphorus, calcium, organic acids (citric, malic), sulfur-containing compounds.Among the vitamin C lead (to 33 mg%) and B (60 mg%) and pro-vitamin A, B1, B2.Most vitamin C in green feathers bow.Eating 100 grams, you will satisfy the daily needs of his human body.It improves digestion, improves digestibility of substances.It i

s known that onion has a disinfecting action, thanks to its phytoncides.Mineral salts onion normalize the water-salt metabolism in the body.

There are many types of onions, which have useful properties that affect the body.For example, leeks addition to the above comprises a protein, vitamin PP.Its use increases during the winter-spring period - with vitamin deficiency.Bunching onion differs a high content of vitamin C in the leaves, and still contains salts of phosphorus, copper and vitamin D .Shallots sweeter thanks to large amounts of sugar - up to 13%.Chives or chives contain many times more vitamins, mineral salts.You should know that it is not suitable for cooking.

Useful properties of onions appear in its stimulation of the nervous system, the tone of the human body.It can reduce cholesterol levels, to stop the progression of atherosclerosis, prevents thrombosis.Bow has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system by reducing blood vessel walls in the amount of atherosclerotic plaques.With regular use of onions improves sleep.

Many have heard that onions are actively used in the fight against viral epidemics: it helps with colds upper respiratory tract, flu, sore throat, bronchitis.Apply remedy made from onions and honey, for sweatshop, diuretic action.In diseases of the ears of small onions baked in the ashes, then with butter wrapped in cheesecloth and put in the ear.

Due to the bactericidal action of onions helps to get rid of worms.Plant used in the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy.Onion also helps relieve constipation and also for diarrhea.

Onions baked for the treatment of purulent diseases of the skin and is applied to problem areas.Also baked onion helps in the treatment of hemorrhoids, various suppurations, barley.When bruises applied a poultice of the bulb with honey.In folk medicine, used not only the core but also the husk.To get rid of calluses, soak it in vinegar for two weeks.

is useful onion juice for hair.They are recommended to grease seborrhea, hair loss, baldness.From onion juice pale freckles, acne passes.To prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face mask is applied grated onion and honey.

Recently, scientists have begun to explore all possible means to combat cancer.It was found that the onions can be used not only as a prevention, but in the early stages it can suspend the development of tumors.

not to lose the beneficial properties of onion, it should be eaten as soon as possible, because after 15 crumple it Phytoncidal and antibacterial properties decrease sharply.Although boiled, steamed onions and very helpful for the stomach.

Many refuse to eat onions because of its odor.In this case there are a few tips.Neutralizes odors green sprig of parsley, cilantro or dill, and lemon slice.It is also advised to drink milk or yogurt, eat cheese.To get rid of the smell, you can drink strong tea with lemon.It helps eliminate it and nuts (walnuts, pine, almond).And, you can brush your teeth, and then drink a spoonful of sunflower or olive oil.By the way, we know that the bow itself, possessing an unpleasant smell, odor from the water clears.

But not all onions can only benefit."Onion grief" it can be for people with kidney and liver diseases, acute diseases of the stomach and intestines, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, as well as pancreatitis, glomerulonephritis.For active substances of onions can cause irritation, increases the acidity of gastric juice.Precautions should eat onions for people with heart disease - it can dramatically increase blood pressure.Also, the essential oil of onion can cause an attack of asthma.