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Useful properties of dried apricots

Types of dried fruit apricots: Kaisa, dried apricots, dried apricots

All dried apricots are classified into three kinds of dried fruits: it Kaisa - apricots, dried whole and pitted;dried apricots - dried apricot halves;dried apricots - fruits, dried whole preserving bone.In Kaisa bone removed before drying, dried apricots is this kind of a variety of ways, including ways of using chemicals.Apricot is dried in natural form in natural conditions - the fruits of apricot are hanging on the branches of the tree until then, until completely lose moisture and dry.The dried fruit made in this manner contains the largest number of medicinal properties that are stored vitamins, organic acids, sugars and minerals.

dried apricots and Qays compared with apricots, nutrients and minerals kept smaller, since they do not dry up in the tree.Also of great importance is the integrity of the fruit - apricots structure is not broken, do not cut as apricots.On the left are usually small apricot, apricots, small and large

cut and make Kaisa and dried apricots.

All kinds of dried apricot nutritional value is extremely high, thus, a high content of dry fruit sugar does not prevent them to wear the proud title of the natural fat burners.The indigenous population of Central Asia calls apricots nothing else as a gift of God and believes that only apricots endowed with healing properties, it is revered as a product bearing the body youthfulness, beauty and longevity and cure of many diseases.How many poems and stories written in honor of dried fruit!All other types of dried apricots are used as sweets.

Apricot contains a significant amount of calories - 100 g of about 240, but if they do not abuse, that your figure it can not hurt.The apricots also contain fats, vegetable protein, carbohydrates utility, which perfectly assimilated, without turning then into fat, leaving a long a feeling of satiety and promoting the excellent work of the intestine.

composition of apricot:

apricot filled with health.There you will find a simple and complex sugars, organic acids, fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated, the elements sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamins A, E, C, B1, B6.

High sugar content in apricots gives it nutritional value and high content of potassium is an excellent means of prevention against diseases of the cardiovascular system and digestive system.Vivacity will add vitamins, they are particularly useful for women because warn obesity and efficiently burn calories.

Treatment and useful properties of dried apricots:

Experts say that the properties of apricot help with circulatory disorders and anemia, and it is a delightful rejuvenating, restorative remedy and will help with bad vision.

magnesium salts found in apricots, reduce and gradually reduced blood pressure, it is an excellent drug for hypertensive patients.In certain forms of anemia, is caused by a poor diet, and hypertension are special magnesium diet based on the use of apricot.

noted that in those regions where apricots frequently used in food, the locals very rare cases, fractures and skin diseases.Uruk - the "fruit of beauty," he leads our hair, nails and skin in excellent health condition and effectively strengthens bone.Eating dried apricots, you prevent and to prevent against cancer, this is quite sufficient dose is 100 grams of dried apricots a day.Have apricot properties diuretic effect on the body, and its decoction eliminates swelling.

Infusion apricot

This infusion popular in Tajikistan, saying that it lies longevity.The recipe is as follows: take some stuff wild apricot, vzrosshego in the mountains, soaked, without heating, in the evening in the clear water.In the morning the water is drunk, eaten apricots.This is a wonderful tasty breakfast, and argue that this way you can live up to 120 years or more, with no diseases and a clear mind and memory.

There is another version of the brew: a glass of dry fruits poured into an enamel pan, pour liter of boiling water and close the lid.The pot wrapped up warmly, apricot infused for 15-20 hours after the infusion is filtered, swollen berries are eaten, and the liquid several times a day drink.Flask is especially useful for constipation and hypertension.

How to choose apricots and its application?

Doctors recommend eating apricots to soften tumors and prevention of blood clots.Acidic varieties of apricot perfectly relieve migraines and colds, and sweet useful for nervous and mental disorders.

From apricots prepared apricot kernel "milk", which facilitates the patient's condition is excellent for coughs, whooping cough, tracheitis and bronchitis, inflammation and relieves some hiccups.Tea, brewed from the apricot seed, has a healing effect on the heart and the whole system, and raw bones have anthelmintic activity.

These dried fruits, dried directly on the tree, buy incredibly complicated.It's not even that such apricots in the market will cost 1,000 rubles and more expensive per kilogram.In fact, a huge possibility that you buy forged apricots.Such apricots produced in the apricots are dried with special cameras, fumigating them with the sulfur dioxide that is not prohibited by law, but often causes allergic reactions.Get Kaisa, dried apricots, dried apricots are not smart golden brown and dull, brownish-reddish color in appearance, even unsightly appearance.In this case, you can be sure that dried apricots have not been treated with chemicals.

turns out that expensive apricots may be fake, it is the same that is made from wild mountain fruit.These varieties of apricots are preserved only in small amounts in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China.In other parts of the world, they do not grow, and therefore the wild apricots today are listed as endangered and protected.

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