Art of battle

network of fitness centers TERRASPORT offers training on several types of martial arts to choose from.

Aikido - a unique system of self-defense with the use of force and inertia of the attacker.Learning the techniques of combat and choke holds.General physical training.The intensity level is changed from low to high.For all levels of preparedness.Group and personal training as well as the studio.

KARATE .Contact style of karate is a combination of ancient traditions and modern techniques of martial combat.Group and personal training as well as the studio.

Art of battle YOGA KUNDALINI - a practice designed for the person of the modern age, which has deep traditions.It provides emotional and physical impact and expanding human consciousness.Group and personal training.

MIX FIGHT - aerobic training with elements of martial arts.Aimed at the development of neuromuscular coordination and speed-strength endurance.

group and personal training.
TAY-BOX. Thai boxing - a modern form of martial arts, was released
from an ancient Thai martial art.It includes punches, kicks, and various ways of removing the enemy off balance, throwing, widely used knees and elbows.

group and personal training.
PRIDE. Education perfect system of self-defense in the arsenal which includes techniques and strokes of different martial arts world.The elements of boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, painful and suffocating receptions, effective for self-defense.

special equipment: Bears floor, dumbbells, and mat wrestling dummies.Group and personal training.
These and many other martial arts available to clients a network of fitness centers TERRASPORT .Come and learned the art of combat!

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Fitness Centre TERRASPORT - nominees "Grace" in the nomination "The best fitness club."