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Celery as a means for weight loss

Celery - a low-calorie product that can give a powerful boost of energy, his ability to truly unique.The uniqueness lies in its "negative" calories.When used celery calories burned, and do not accumulate.Hippocrates called celery real panacea.It was only much later became known to mankind its properties: the ability to be cleaned of toxins, rejuvenate the body and act as a tonic.

And celery is unique in that it is entirely edible.The roots can be boiled, fried, baked, leaves and stems can be eaten raw.Seeds are its excellent seasoning.Celery can be combined with other products.It is added to salads, used as a side dish to meat, fish, good celery and mushrooms.And from the roots and leaves can be squeezed juice is excellent.

Effect of celery on the body

friends with celery is those who want to improve performance, to get rid of insomnia, to calm the shaky nerves and increase overall body tone.Its nutrients are able to reduce the level of stress hormones and essential oils - to relieve tension.

Also important mineral compounds, celery is rich in various vitamins.This group vitamins E, PP, B, as well as carotene and vitamin C. All of these useful elements have a positive effect on the body as a whole and on the condition of hair, skin and eyes in particular.

Celery belongs to the group of aphrodisiacs - tools that can improve libido and vitality.It is used for prophylactic purposes to prevent the development of prostatitis.Especially effective is its use in conjunction with apples.Any man having eaten plain salad with celery, will appreciate the care of him, and felt a surge of energy and effort.

Celery as a means for weight loss

impossible to overestimate the benefits of fresh juice celery.It is truly miraculous because of its ability to cleanse the body of toxins, slow down the aging process.He is able to normalize metabolic processes, has laxative and diuretic effects.

nutritionists recommend eating celery juice with excess weight, skin inflammation, obesity, diabetes.Celery juice should drink about 100 milliliters in 24 hours.

suppress appetite, improve digestion and strengthen the immune system may be by drinking celery juice with the addition of a spoon of honey.

If celery juice add the juice of the nettle and dandelion, you get a wonderful tool that can clean the blood and get rid of diseases of the skin.Mixing celery juice with carrot juice, cabbage, pumpkin, apple, you can get an excellent tool to improve the skin and to improve its color.

celery root is also very useful, especially for diseases of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease.Celery root is boiled broth and take it about 100 milliliters before meals.Boiled celery root is used as a separate dish or as a garnish.

Eat celery, and in any form, can be allergic reactions, inflammation, diseases of the thyroid, and urogenital system.

Celery for weight loss: recipes

celery soup - a great tool for weight loss

We need 3 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 medium sized celery, 2 garlic cloves, 1 walnut.

first rub the garlic and walnut.Boil water and put in her sliced ​​potatoes, pre-season with salt.At that time, as the potato is cooked, three carrots, preferably on a coarse grater, finely cut celery, simmer until cooked all on oil (vegetable).Then they all lay in the pan with the potatoes, bring to a boil and turn off.Immediately dressed with garlic mashed with nut.You can add a little greenery.

celery pate to reduce weight

all the number of products taken "by eye".You need: any boiled meat and roots of celery, onion, vegetable oil, cheese, sour cream and durum.

celery roots cut, the meat is cranked grinder, mix with all pre-fried until golden brown onions and bake at 150-165 degrees for about 20 minutes in the oven Once the paste is ready, it can bring to the table with canned vegetables, for example,with green peas.

salad of celery for weight loss «Evening»

will eat a salad every night - the result is sure to please, because the salad helps to burn fat, improve metabolism and saturate the body with vitamins and minerals.

products take, again, "the eye."We will need: celery, lemon, carrot, vegetable oil, and turnip greens.Vegetables

my, clean, cut, or three on a coarse grater, stir, add butter and lemon juice.Then all we salt.Well, if this salad will go into a permanent diet evening.Use of this salad in the evening brings the weight loss up to two kilos in 7 days.

salad of celery for weight loss "Day»

Take 1 boiled carrots, 1 cucumber, 2 boiled eggs, celery stalks.

All-aggregated, blended and pour bioyoghurt.With regular use of the salad kilos will melt before our eyes, the main thing is not to overdo it with the evening meal.

In conclusion, we recommend adding celery to any fish dishes, meat, poultry.It will contribute to the full digestion, stimulate the production of gastric juice, reduces flatulence, protects against the development of putrefactive processes in the digestive tract.