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The whole truth about eggplants: useful properties

Rod "blue berry" (and of scientific classification is exactly berry) from India.We know, we know the truth about the beneficial properties of eggplant and vegetable in ancient Egypt.A European table, they were only in the X III century, and in Russia, and even later - in XVII - XVIII century Bulgaria, and were called "Demyanenko."People learned how to make a variety of dishes of eggplant: they are baked, fried, stewed, marinated, grilled, add in different vegetable dishes (salads, stews) and sweet (rolls, cakes, pies) ... and who have not tried the famous caviaroverseas eggplant?Apparently, we have to stick with this vegetable crops.

Although long eggplant considered poisonous due to the large amounts of solanine.Sinenky afraid to eat in Europe right up to the X IX century, he called them "mad apple."But eventually cultivated varieties, which can be used safely.While still a wise hostess to cooking vegetables dipped in salt water to reduce the amount of harmful substances.In the East, eggplant

call "vegetable longevity", aware of the benefits they can bring to man.

Sinenky rich in B vitamins, carotene, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, pectin.Among minerals have eggplants calcium, sodium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, aluminum, zinc, and cobalt.Recent contribute to the removal of toxic elements from the body, normalize the acid-base and electrolyte balance in the body.The truth about the properties of eggplant can not do without information on sugar: they contain 2-3% sugar, and 1-1, 5% of proteins.Eggplant useful for people who are on a diet in diabetes.Useful properties

eggplant lies primarily in the fact that they can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood (up to 40%).Because of this slowed down the development of atherosclerosis, improves the function of the intestine.They are particularly useful for people with cardiovascular diseases.Properties of eggplant have a laxative effect, a positive effect on the liver, spleen, bone marrow.Blue fruits improve blood composition and blood (in the formation of red blood cells), thus normalizing the level of hemoglobin, improves the complexion.Therefore, when anemia is recommended to eat a little blue one day.Since eggplant help to dissolve stagnation in the gallbladder, they are recommended to use in atherosclerosis.

truth about eggplants and includes special recommendations Sinenky use by people with kidney disease.This vegetable acts as a diuretic.Attention to them penetrate and overweight people as eggplant, though low-calorie, but quickly make it possible to satisfy hunger, to break down fats.We are known for their cleansing effect on the biliary tract.Thus, the little blue can be recommended in case of violation of substances to treat gout.It is necessary to warn the beauties who are watching their figures: eggplant very absorb into fat, so they should be before frying for 10 minutes in cold vodichku lower, or even to use in baked.

Juice eggplant although rare for a popular menu but it has some nice features.In particular, the little blue is called a natural antibiotic because it has an antiseptic action.The juice is used, and at the external use: they smeared the wounds for quick healing.

to strengthen and improve the condition of the teeth and gums, mouth rinse infusion of frayed baked eggplant and a little salt.Blue fruits harvested yellow plaque with teeth, treat periodontal disease.

Surprisingly, the properties of eggplant help to cope with a bad habit, like smoking.Many smokers are out to throw a detrimental activity, felt discomfort in the first stage.So that eggplant can help replace nicotine patch - they contain nicotinic acid in doses harmless to health, so help the body cope with nicotine starvation.

can not avoid the truth about eggplants and without caveats.The blue fruits are contraindicated for people with peptic ulcer disease, an exacerbation of gastritis.People with a sick stomach and should abandon their use because eggplant contains plenty of fiber, as well as crude fiber.

should be consumed young fruits of eggplant, with a thin skin and a small amount of seeds, because overripe accumulate a lot of solanine.It is worth paying attention to the rind: it should be a dark blue, almost black;at the same time find useful eggplant with white skin.Also to be stored without refrigeration of no more than two days.When an excess of alkaloid solanine eggplant can be poisoned.Cure help poisoning milk, egg white, and drink plenty of liquids.

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