My hobbies - roller skating

benefits of clips

When riding on the rollers can safely be themselves toiling in the classroom for aerobics, shaping and fitness.Loads have to be about the same, and the muscle groups zadeystvuete same.Because skating harmoniously developing muscles of hands and feet.It contributes to the restoration and preservation of elasticity of the thighs and buttocks, it helps to achieve lean and flexible waist.How?Yes, if you have ever in my life stood on conventional skates, immediately realize that all these twists and turns, flips, efforts to preserve the equilibrium constant tension legs.It strengthens not only muscles but also the skeletal system.And much attention on the development, coordination and smooth movements for those who have mastered even the simplest movements and figures, and can not speak.And so it is understandable.If you choose wisely principal place of skating park, the beneficial effects on the respiratory and nervous system, you also provided.The ability to keep your body in balance

generates posture.Since the correct position of the spine and the ability to flexibly manage it directly depends on your upright on rollers.If someone important indicators for burning calories, and here there is a fairly precise information.Riding at a moderate pace will burn about 500 kcal / h.These figures relate to women weighing about 70 kg.

so decide!If at first hesitate to ride alone, bring in a flock of sports-minded friends decisive.Roller Skating - a prerogative not only teenagers.Those who have been in the west, probably noticed that roller skate people of all ages (except pension).We also can meet young mothers strolling their babies "on wheels".Why do not you try?Just do not forget about common sense.Where you and your baby, confidence in their ability to be full, but not exaggerated!

By the way, the real estate agent Edie Britt from the TV series "Desperate Housewives", nothing prevented to travel around the fashionable district of their town on the rollers and resolve important issues.The high speed of movement and excellent shape can be considered secured.But we are certainly not on Wisteria Lane is ideal for trips to the tracks.Where you can go to our reality, if we decided on this?And not only improve the shape and health, but also to keep the ones that are there?For any sport associated with high-speed movement on the additional funds is fraught with injuries.

Where, when and how to ride?

rollerblading can be anywhere there is dry and smooth asphalt.But to start is in places where not too much around moving obstacles.That is, people, cars and dogs.Initially, they will hinder you, including psychologically.But when you gain confidence, you can easily maneuver and go around that and everybody.So it is better to start with the adjoining parks and at first refrain from streets with car traffic.

for beginners rollershi relevant to riding style recreation («vacation»).Here the name speaks for itself.This is a "rest" from leisurely turn-in the literal sense of the word, movement, and start your road roller.Horse-style recreation is very useful for women after childbirth and it replaces the functions and load swimming.By the style of fitness («Fitness"), you will be able to go, most likely, not at once.Yes, and this implies a special style of riding conditions.After all, it contains acrobatic elements: Riding the stairs, small jumps, skating backwards, turns.But if you love the commercials and really want to give them time, as purposeful sporting activities, "fitness" is waiting for you.About styles such as race («speed riding") and aggressive, yet probably think not.Still, our main mission at the moment - healthy and fit figure.

rollerblading recommended when the body is fully awake and muscular system is ready for active work.The best time for sports - daytime and evening hours: from 11 to 13 and from 16 to 18 hours.Of course, if you are a supporter of morning runs and already adept at driving, no one will forbid replace roller skating jogging.But be very careful.In the darkness, the ride is not worth it.Even with a flicker.

very effective for the figure skating 2-3 times a week.Start with a half an hour, then bring it up to 40 minutes, and then increase to an hour.Gradually, you can complicate skating.For this quickens the pace and shorten the time to slide freely.Still it is possible to alternate a few minutes (for example, two) intensive and relaxing movements.You get something like a douche.It tones!Checked on your own enthusiasm.

Safety in roller skating

It is very important to choose the right own skates and related ammunition.Initially necessarily obzavedites means of protection against falls and sprains.We mean knee and elbow pads, as well as special protection for the wrists.At least at first, in the event of a fall, when the person instinctively puts his hands forward, palms protect sports gloves.Clothe any helmet - you decide.But if you take the novice partner from 4 to 12 years (your child or nephew), this protection is mandatory for him.

purchasing videos, choose the model matches the style recreation and fitness.There are models with removable wheels.If necessary, you can convert videos in athletic shoes.The most important thing to skate in the foot was fixed tightly and securely and at the same time did not feel embarrassment.The accuracy of contact with its size depends to minimize possible injuries.If you are not sure that you will enjoy for the first time take the hire rollers.Cheapest option to purchase is not necessary, in principle, for that matter, and very expensive.In the first case, you run the risk of rapid collapse, as the rollers and their own feet.And in the second, as a beginner, hardly feel the difference with the model of the average price category.In relation to the mechanism of skates observe basic rules:

- do not ride through puddles and mud;

- Check and clean the wheels and brakes;

- do not forget to wash the inside of the ridge at least after 10 minutes trip.

dressing roller to walk, take care of the maximum convenience.Nothing should constrain your movements and keep them.Let it be pants or wide or narrow, but elastic tights.Initially, the preferred durable clothing resistant to stains and tears.It is in case of a fall will protect you from bruises and scratches.Probably, the best option at first become old jeans and a long sleeve shirt.Over time, however, you can start behave affectedly.

If you have growing children, they are also bound to show interest to the rollers.And then you'll know better than anyone what to do.You do not have to wrinkle the nose, and looking for ways to evade the impending problems with downs and respect for human care.You yourself and teach the child everything mastered.Then respect and good company on roller jogging you provided!With my passion for skating brings a "killer" provides a burst of energy and good mood for the whole day.

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