Description Pilates exercise system

Exercise 1


need to stay in the most compact "rounded" position while driving.The key here is the momentum, the driving force.The slower you rolled back, the lower the risk of inertial motion.Feel each vertebra lies down on the floor, similar to the way you play on the range kselofone.Remember to pull in your abdominal muscles and keep the head and neck during the rifts.Elbows should be apart.The head should not move back and forth during the exercise.Pull your head to the knees and secure in this position.Do not rolled far back on his neck;stop on the basis of the blades.Do not lift the shoulders.To complicate try to put your head between your knees and grasp the hands feet, instead of holding on to the leg.

Exercise 2


Sit in the middle of the litter, bend your legs at the knees.Grasp the right lower leg and move it to his chest, his right hand on his ankle, and left - on the knee (this will ensure the correct position of the feet with respect to the thigh).Rolled

onto his back, hold his legs.Pull the other leg in front of you and hold it in suspension at an angle that provides a snug fit back to the floor.On the inhale pull your belly toward the spine.The elbows should be out to the sides, chin tucked to the chest.Imagine that you are wearing an anchor to the floor.On the inhale and change the position of arms and legs, with the outer arm is to the ankle, and internal - to the knee.Pull the leg from the hip joint and align the center of your body.Do five to ten repetitions of the exercises, then pull up to his chest, both legs bent, to prepare for stretching muscles in both legs.

Exercise 3


is essential that the upper part of the body was lifted and remained perfectly still during the exercise.Lifting should be initiated by the muscles of the abdomen and the back wall of the chest (see your belly).Your stomach at all times when performing Pilates exercise system should be "concave".When you try to change feet deeper involve the stomach to the spine.The elbows should be out to the sides, shoulders slumped for more effective work of the abdominal muscles.While raising the legs squeeze the buttocks: it promotes the integration of position.Do not start to rise from the neck.The elongated leg should be raised not less hip, but to such a height that your back remains straight.If you have bad knees, a hand is brought under the knee, and do not put on.If you have a weak lower back, then pull straight leg straight up, and then as strengthening the back muscles you will be able to lower it gradually for all smaller angle to the floor.

Exercise 4


Lie on your back, bend both legs at the knees and pull up to her chest.The elbows dissolve in hand, head, and neck lift.Take a deep breath, stretch your body, straighten arms above his head, pull the leg forward at an angle of 45 degrees as if to sip in the morning after sleep.Imagine that your body tightly pinned to the floor, just like when you pull the leg muscles and not lift his head from his chest.On the exhale, pull your bent legs to his chest and clasp their hands.Submerge the abdomen towards the spine, push your knees to your chest to increase the intensity of exhalation, as if you squeeze the air out of the lungs.Repeat the sequence five to ten times, your body should be still and during inspiration and during expiration.After pull both legs to his chest at the same time forced expiratory, and go to straight leg stretching.

Exercise 5


During the exercise of the Pilates system is necessary to maintain complete immobility in the central area of ​​the body.Keep the muscles of the neck, keeping his chin on his chest.To support the lumbar muscles when straightening the legs tightly squeeze the buttocks and backs of the inner thigh.While drawing on inspiration, your arms should be straight, and you have to pull in opposite directions (as if you pulled the arms and legs in opposite directions, and the abdominal muscles you pinned to the floor).If you exhale when you are rested his hands on his knees and a few will take them from the chest, spreading his elbows to the side, you will feel a pleasant feeling relieve tension in the upper back and neck.When you pull your hands over your head, do not lower your head to the floor.If you have sensitive lower back, straighten legs straight up, and then with the strengthening of the back muscles, you can omit them gradually for all smaller angle to the floor to 45 degrees.

Exercise 6


Lie on your back, bend both legs at the knees and pull up to her chest.The elbows dissolve in hand, head, and neck lift.Extend your right leg straight up, hands, grasp the ankle, pull the left leg in front of the floor.Imagine that your body tightly pinned to the floor, and did not raise his head from his chest.On the exhale deeply immerse stomach towards the floor.On the inhale, double springs, draw a straight leg raised towards the head.On the exhale, quickly change the position of the legs outstretched, as if performing a pair of scissors.Grab the ankle of the left leg and repeat the movement with her.Imagine the rhythm of the wipers on the windshield of the car.Perform 5-10 repetitions done, stretching both legs straight up in the position of Pilates and put his hands behind his head, so prepare for stretching the legs straight.

Exercise 7


During stretching and scissors need to maintain complete stillness in the central area of ​​the body.Your sense of rhythm should help you to control the dynamics of this exercise with elastic movements at each stretch.In your opinion should focus on the abdomen, the abdomen should be concave while the weight.Your shoulders should not fall to the floor during the exercise.Lifting should start from the middle of the back.The weight of the raised leg should not fall on the shoulders.Use a power source!If this stretch initially given very heavy, try a slightly lower pace.Try to hold on to their eggs or even the thigh leg.Just do not hold under the knee!A more advanced model: try to do the exercise with arms extended along the body.Use the ability to control movement and common sense.If the you have a sore neck or lower back, stop immediately.Now we know the exact description of the Pilates exercise system.

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