Yoga, engaged or not, the doctor's advice

Of those who expressed a little bit with a warning to the yoga - it orthopedists.They even greater caution those who are starting to practice yoga, to have more accurate and less assertive in their desires than to never practiced yoga.Physicians are urged not to rush to learn everything at once, and in a short time, to engage with the instructor in asanas difficult to resort to the help of another person to respond to the pain in the body and not to continue through it, and before each workout doing yoga stretching muscles.These simple rules will help you avoid injuries, injuries or torn ligaments.

Many experts on physiotherapy exercises have nothing against yoga, because many yoga asanas largely duplicate ours, yet even Soviet, exercise for the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical and thoracic.Naturally, all this is taking into account the above-said remarks - without fanaticism.Indeed, many asanas - this is our gym, charging and special exercises for the spine, but it is more conv

enient for us to believe in yoga than their doctors.But this retreat.Yoga is also - and this is proper breathing, which have so unsuccessfully tried to teach physical education classes, so the doctors here are very supportive yoga.

Yoga has several branches, so if you choose yoga associated with high temperatures, such as Bikram yoga (or hot room), then before you start it, you should consult your doctor.This type of yoga is not suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.Also in this case it is not necessary to engage in meditation and concentration.People with a diagnosis of epilepsy and schizophrenia also need to abandon meditation.Yoga is also taught to remove the pain.Do not do this if you do not know the precise cause of your pain.You can learn not to hear and not feel the pain, and the disease progresses, it can lead to undesirable consequences.All doctors insist that yoga - bring you pleasure, but if you feel pain, you have to stop and listen to your body.Wait out this condition, consult with the instructor if you do not pass - see your doctor.

also teaches yoga to cope with stress, so in this case, doctors also advocate yoga class.It is known that stress - is the cause of many of our diseases and ailments of the gastrointestinal tract to heart disease, so knowing yourself, meditation, proper breathing and exercises - all this combined positive effect on our body learns to cope with stress and Thereforeanother look at the world and ourselves.In addition, when sedentary lifestyle Yoga helps to keep our body in good shape, strengthen the muscles of the body and not let them stagnate through simple exercises.All this is possible with a professional yoga instructor, because the study of American physiotherapists have shown that those who are engaged in the house, and newcomers can not cope with the stress, while the people involved for a long time, and with instructors, even improved their performance.These studies may be skeptical, but we understand that it is better to engage with a professional than by touch so random, and no matter what it is yoga or gymnastics, it is important to take care of their body.Here's a she, Yoga, zaniatsya or not, doctor's advice should help you in choosing!

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