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Food to improve the skin

Answer the question, what our cells eat?You thought right minerals and vitamins.And as you see, what nourishes the cells of our skin?Of course the same as the other cells.When our skin starts to become inflamed, flaking, pimples becomes dry and loose, it means that it is sorely lacking trace elements and vitamins.

What causes the problems with our health?By and large these problems occur due to non-balanced diet.Therefore, I would not want to adjust your daily diet and to review some habits.

very often the case that if you remove from the diet of a single product, but instead to add another, you begin to feel better.If you are one of those people who love all sorts of goodies, then you think that you are more significant healthy, beautiful skin or a momentary pleasure?

harmful products for skin

What foods should be no doubt excluded from the diet?The first of what is necessary to get rid of it immediately: canned foods, convenience foods, foods that contain dyes and preservatives, spicy foods, ex

cessive salt.Even with all our favorite compotes, pickles and other canned fruits and vegetables should be excluded from the diet.Since they do not benefit our skin, on the contrary, the abuse can hurt her.

If the skin to peel and dry: the food for such skin

Usually, peeling and dryness of the skin due to a lack of carbohydrates and fats.Fats give a skin surface smoothness and elasticity.Also, fat contributes to more efficient absorption of vitamin A. At deficiency of this vitamin, the sun's rays, even if the spring sun, harm our skin.One of the main sources of the vitamin are the fruits and vegetables of vibrant colors.

When dryness and strong peeling skin should apply nourishing cream, it is rich in vitamin A. You can use the oil solution of vitamin A, such solutions are usually sold in pharmacies.In any case, to bring the skin back to normal, it requires a balanced diet, which should be strictly adhered to.

Because of what our skin is aging: adsorbents, antioxidants

What causes skin aging cry?Doctors and beauticians hold free radical theory, which suggests that aging is due to enter into our body of heavy metals and radioactive substances, causing the cells begin to break down.For removing these substances from the human body, should eat fruits and vegetables of dark green and bright colors.

vitamin PP, A, C and E have antioxidant properties.These vitamins protect the skin from UV radiation and exposure to aggressive environment, they also resist oxidation, and overdrying the skin.

high concentration of vitamin found in carrots, broccoli, green onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, green salad, red berries and olives.Green tea and honey also contribute to the removal of free radicals.

helps slow the aging of products, adsorbents.Improves digestion, cleans from toxins and improve metabolism foods that are rich in fiber: cereals, bran, oatmeal, prepared from natural cereals.When fading out toxins from the body, the skin condition improved markedly.It should be noted that excessive fat consumption may lead to indigestion.

If the skin often appear different inflammation and wrinkles begin quickly, this is the result of lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

fats such acids protect against negative impacts, as well as give our skin elasticity.

large amount of fat found in fish: herring, mackerel, salmon, tuna.They are also present in nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and vegetable oils produced by the method of direct expression.Premature increase in the number of wrinkles, can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin C.

vitamins to improve skin

prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles and smooth, capable of vitamin C if you increase the amount in your diet.Vitamin C is completely destroyed, if the products have undergone heat treatment.Therefore, the possibility of eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be pickled.

Vitami H brings back a healthy skin color.This vitamin is present in the yolks of fresh eggs, nuts, milk, liver, beer yeast.But this does not mean that modern beer with preservatives will be useful.

If the skin is easily ranitsya and crack, while damage may not heal for a long time, it means your body's lack of protein.Eat turkey, fish, chicken, homemade cheeses.These products contain not only a protein, but also important for our organism amino acids.

These problems can result in deficiency of enzymes.Enzymes - a protein molecule, which participates in the digestion and other various processes in the human body.

Low concentrations of these enzymes in the body can lead to a malfunction of the systems and organs, slow resilience of tissues and cells.

lack of enzymes leads to premature aging and serious diseases.

that the ability to kill the enzymes?Abuse of coffee, tea, alcohol, environmental conditions, stress.

After the heat treatment at all times in these enzymes are destroyed.Therefore, they are missing in the cooked food.Only raw foods can replenish your body essential protein compounds.

If you often reddens the skin, it can be caused by fad smoked, spicy and fried foods.Eliminate from your diet dessert wines, ham, smoked meat, sausage.These products are practically useless.

Vascular asterisks appear as deficiency of vitamin C, which is involved in the production of collagen.The lack of collagen leads to the roughness of the skin and provokes minor bruising.

to provide the body with vitamin C, should eat foods rich in this vitamin.

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