The complex exercise Pilates

Exercise 1

Take a starting position for the swings to the side corresponding to your level of fitness.Lift the top leg to hip level and slightly expand it, not to use thigh muscles.On the inhale pull your belly toward the spine.Pull the leg forward and popruzhinte twice (two short pushes) the maximum forward, but not shaking his hips and twisting waist.On the exhale, return leg and take it back, towards the rear corner of the room.Imagine that on your shoulder as you hold in balance a stack of cups with hot coffee.Make up to 10 repetitions and squeeze your heels together, to prepare for Mahama up and down.The body must be preserved and extended fixed.Imagine that your legs are long and straight, and the muscles do not contract.To stabilize the body use the energy source.Do not let your shoulders and hips to sway back and forth.Do not bend the leg up to the end, or lose your balance.The foot should not fall below the top of the thigh.Pruzhinte back and forth and gradually increase the range of motion

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Exercise 2

Take a starting position in a complex exercise for the swings to the side corresponding to your level of fitness.Leg slightly expand, so as not to engage the thigh muscles.As you inhale, lift the top leg straight up.On the exhale, lower your leg, resisting the force of gravity, pulling the leg from the hip.Imagine that your foot above your head attached spring and controls the movement of the zone using an energy source.Perform 5 reps, lower leg, take the position of Pilates.Do not let the leg wrapped inside, keep it slightly outward from the hip.Lift the leg only to a height at which it remains straight.Lowering the leg, pull it from the hip.Imagine that you move the foot of the wall and pressed a coin is, to the wall, lowering the leg.Do not lower the body on the floor, pull the crown in the opposite thighs.Do not bend the waist and presses his shoulders when picking up pace.

Exercise 3

Take a starting position in a complex of physical exercises swings to the side corresponding to your level of fitness.Lift the heels slightly above the bottom and start to perform a circular motion from the hip foot forward and firmly.Imagine that move your leg on the inner surface of the small hoop.Perform 5 laps ahead as much back.After somknite heel position in Pilates.The body should remain still and raised during rotations foot.Carry out a circular motion from the hip with a straight leg.Pull the leg from the hip, as if the toes are pressed against the wall a coin.To support the squeeze buttocks.To maintain balance using muscle energy source zone and not to rock the body.Hips, knees and feet should not turn inward.Do not bend the knee and draw circles of the lower part of the leg, from the hip work.

Exercise 4

Take a starting position for the swings to the side corresponding to your level of fitness.Lift the top leg straight up.Bend your leg at the knee, the foot with the toe of his drawn, move to the inner side of the opposite thigh, or in front of him.Slide the foot on the leg until straighten it, then lift it straight up.Pull the leg from the hip.Do 3-5 repetitions, then change direction, pulling the bent leg to the thigh and straightening her up, and then, resisting gravity, lower it to the opposite leg.Imagine your yoga overcomes the resistance of the springs attached overhead.Do 3-5 repetitions in each direction.

Exercise 5

Hold the body stretched and completely still during the exercise.The more stable the upper part of the body, the more effective exercise.Pull the waist line.Pull the leg from the hip, as if the toes are pressed against the wall a coin.Do not bend the waist and presses his shoulders when picking up pace.Hips, knees and feet should not turn inward.

Exercise 6

Lie on your right side, bend the left leg at the knee and place on the floor in front of the right foot, the knee is directed at the ceiling.Put his head on his hand, the other hand fix the ankle of the left leg and lean with his hand on the floor in front of him.Straight leg from the thigh pull, lift it from the floor, slightly expanding the heel up.Imagine that on your leg at the knee is a stack of books.Raise and lower leg without putting it on the floor.Accent rise when performing complex exercise Pilates.Perform 5-10 reps, then stop the leg in a raised position and popruzhinte it up 10 times.Do not drop the book!You can also do 5 laps ahead and 5 - ago.

Exercise 7

Save elongated body position during exercise.If you find difficult to keep the bent leg in this position, you can put her knee on the floor in front of him.Lift from the floor as much as possible of the thigh, keeping a light foot turn outward.Pull straight arm to the opposite side of the leg.Do not bend the straightened leg.Do not cut the quadriceps femoris.

Exercise 8

Take a starting position for the advanced level swings to the side.Take the top leg back as if to push the pedal very large bicycle, bending knee and summing the heel to the buttocks, stretching the thigh muscles and knee.Bent leg drag over the outstretched leg forward and straighten toward the shoulder, leaning his hips forward.Pull the leg forward as if to push the pedal and pedal scroll back through the starting position.Try to imagine a bicycle pedal that cranks out with great effort, so that you can control the movement of muscles and effectively pulling.Make three turns ahead, then change direction.Cycling strengthens and stretches the muscles of the hips, buttocks and hamstrings.

Exercise 9

Hold the body stretched and completely still during the exercise. Pull the waistline, especially when pulling the legs in front of him. When moving backward (push forward, bending the knee, straightening legs): knee bends backwards as far as possible before you pull the leg forward.Pull back at the same time pulling the legs . When moving forward (removal legs back, fold the knee, summing up the knee forward, straightening the legs).Summing up the knee to the buttocks before the knee strike forward. hips, knees and feet should not turn inward.The hips should not rock when summing foot forward.Do not lower leg below the hip.

Exercise 10

Take a starting position for the advanced level swings to the side.Lift the top yoga to hip level, slightly expanding it outward.On the inhale pull the leg forward.Slide the foot as if the wall in front of him up, then turning the leg at the hip, over the top back towards the wall opposite corner (try to create a counterweight to the leg, pull back, upper thigh pull ahead and stronger pulling back muscles).Move the leg forward and repeat the sequence 2-3 times: foot forward, upward turn, pulling back.Imagine driving foot inside a big boiler.Change the direction of movement.The enclosure must be stretched and strained to maintain stability during movement.Make 2-3 replay in each direction, at the end of pinch heels together in the position of Pilates and turn on your stomach.

Exercise 11

Hold the body stretched and completely still during the exercise.Equalizes the weight of the leg, stretching the upper thigh in the opposite direction of the extended leg.Reach top of the head in the direction of the feet do not lift the shoulders.Do not bend the waist and is not drawn his shoulders.The hips should not rock when summing foot forward.

Exercise 12

Lie on your stomach, squeeze the rear part of the inner thigh, put his forehead on the back of the hand (one above the other).Firmly squeeze the buttocks, inhale, lift both thighs off the floor, keeping your legs straight, heels together.Keep your feet in the air, arch and heel breed.Imagine your body is attached to the floor and could not move, and the legs are suspended on springs from the ceiling.On the count of five, breathe and 5 - exhale.After the exercise climb and sit on your heels to relax the muscles lumbar and then lie down on the other side to the starting position swings aside.Repeat with the other leg, after lie down on his side, his knees drawn up to her chest.

Exercise 13

enclosure must remain stationary during the exercise.To protect the waist draw the stomach to back.The upper back and shoulders should be relaxed.If necessary, you can stretch your arms forward.To protect the waist and stabilize the housing squeeze the buttocks.Keep your legs straight as possible.With variations for the advanced level keep your knees as high as possible.Do not hit your heels too much, to not get bruises.Do not touch your hips sex.

Exercise 14

Lie on your back, bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, knees and hips tighten (feet should be with the legs 45 degree angle).Stretch your arms up over your head, pull your fingers against the opposite wall.Keep your back straight, utilizing muscle energy source.Stretch your arms forward and pull them head and body forward and upward.Imagine that you go with the help of a balloon attached to your chest.Inspiratory rise so that the abdominal muscles were still in operation, hold a position on the lead to three.On the exhale, begin to descend, drawing each vertebra to the floor.When his head falls to the floor, stretch your arms over your head, fingers drag to the opposite wall.Pull the neck.

Exercise 15

housing must be absolutely stationary during twisting and untwisting.Try to focus more on the rise up, going ahead and work area energy source.Squeeze your buttocks, inner thighs and knees.During the descent to the floor, try to stretch, do not release your pelvis off the floor.The feet should not move on the floor.Do not rolled forward on the coccyx.

Exercise 16

Lie on your back in the same position as for exercise 15. Straighten one leg at a 45 degree angle to the floor, firmly press her knee to knee with the other leg.Slightly expand the straightened leg from the hip, squeeze buttocks and backs of the inner thighs.Repeat the exercise 15 without razleplyaya knees.Reach for the straightened leg, chest lifted.On a breath rises from the waist.Imagine that you pull up and forward a large magnet.On the exhale, begin to descend, drawing each vertebra to the floor, straighten your arms above your head.For effective work of the abdominal muscles linger at the top lift and turn the body to the right.On the inhale Align Center.On the exhale, turn left.On the inhale again equalized in the middle.On the exhale, slowly lower to the floor.Repeat one of the options 2-3 times with each leg, at the end of pull your knees to your chest and relax your lower back.

Exercise 17

control movement is carried out by means of the deep abdominal muscles.The key moment in the rise is slow and controlled feeling smooth upward movement.Try to go up from the chest, lower the shoulders.During lowering Develop spine, creating space between the vertebrae.Your knees should be impacted.In no case do not put one knee to the other.When lifting, do not lift the shoulders forward.Do not hold your breath or move your weight forward.

Exercise 18

Lie on your back, pull both legs straight up in the position of Pilates.Straighten your arms up over your head, keep your back straight.Lower the legs at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, pull your belly toward the spine.On the inhale pull your arms forward and pull the toes.Pull your chin to your chest and slowly twisting, lift your body off the floor.Imagine that between the ankles and chest you tense spring which pulls you to the legs.Hold this position, balancing on the coccyx, and then start to fall as you exhale.Feel and the resistance of the spring.Squeeze your buttocks, the legs were motionless.When the head is lowered to the floor, straighten your arms above your head;Repeat the sequence of inhaling and exhaling on the rise, falling to the floor successively each vertebra.

Exercise 19

The key series of puzzles is a relaxation of the mind and find your own rhythm of these exercises.During the execution of the sequence you have to breathe.If you hold your breath, then the efficiency of the muscles will be reduced significantly.Be sure to squeeze the buttocks and backs of the inner thigh area to harness the energy source.Do not lower leg below the controlled movement.If you feel that the back starts to bend, lift your legs higher.The puzzle consists of a series of controlled movements as much as possible.In no case do not lift up the body of inertia and not fall back.When lowering the back keep your arms straight up, in line with the ears.Try to stretch in the opposite direction of the legs.Now we know there is a set of physical exercises Pilates.

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