Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water

The useful swimming

Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water Swimming - the most gentle sport.Firstly, the risk of injury is minimal.Second, the pool can train even those who have joint problems, back or overweight, vision;even those who suffer from diseases that are contraindicated power sports.After all, the water weight is reduced dozens of times, and a middle-size, immersed in water weighs only 3.2 kilograms.This allows you to spread the weightlessness in the water intervertebral disks and relax your spine.Due to this people, even "grows" on 1-2 centimeters.

Also, while swimming involves all the major muscle groups.Especially active in the abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders, hips, buttocks.And swimming gives flexibility hip joints, neck and hands.While swimming is not much, but it becomes more frequent breathing, respectively strengthens the heart and lungs.Therefore, this sport is referred to as aerobic as running, jumping, dancing.Aerobic literally means "using oxygen."These exercises improve cardiovascular activity and endurance, im

prove mood, relieve depression and anxiety.

Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water It is also important that the voyage - the shortest way to burn calories.That is why this has become a popular water aerobics.The load that the body receives during exercise in water, there is much less than on land, but it is not less efficiency.As the water to engage more easily possible to carefully consider the "problem" areas.Although it is easier - a relative term: run in the water - it will not run until it stops.But as a result you get slim and fit figure, elastic skin and vigor.

Swim useful also because it reduces the blood pressure, and thus decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.Swimming optimizing heart rate and blood circulation.The water optimizes muscle balance, so be sure to professional athletes spend part of training in the water.


  1. to chlorinated water does not hit in the eye and did not cause them to turn red, use swimming goggles;
  2. need to move around the pool in a rubber shoe;
  3. Use the shower before and after swimming pool;
  4. can not swim immediately after a meal, it is better to wait an hour.

Pregnancy in the pool

Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water Can pregnant women use the swimming pool?How many doctors, so many opinions.Some believe that pregnant women do not belong there.Not least because that the day pool pass through hundreds of people - and everyone "their" germs.And then there is the risk of slipping on wet tile, colds, etc.

Other doctors are deeply convinced that the pregnancy - is not a disease in and of itself is not a contraindication to finding water.And if you dig deeper, it turns out that swimming is beneficial for pregnant women.Of course, this is not a swim in the short and long distance on time, and on special gentle exercises for expectant mothers.It's no wonder the world exercises in the pool to prepare pregnant women for childbirth, there are more than 20 years.During this time, thoroughly studied the healing power of the pool, enjoy swimming, water exercises.

water for pregnant women is good because it allows you to relax and relieve the tension from the muscles, which normally accounts for the extra weight of the body.And exercise in the water - this is the best physical preparation for childbirth for those who never exercise is not engaged.In water exercise almost not felt, because the body is in a state of weightlessness, and all the movements are soft.

Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water in the water easier to hold your breath, and the baby is the only benefit.If you look at respiratory arrest my mother's blood accumulates carbon dioxide.At first glance - there is nothing good: less oxygen gets a child.But this, he begins to actively push, "earning" his required oxygen, which is very important.Actively moving, it is unlikely to pick up a lot of weight and will be born quickly and easily.A carbon dioxide, which happen to him thus "learn" during delivery will not cause oxygen starvation.It has been observed that kids usually floating mothers do not suffer from hypoxia and asphyxia, as if suddenly happens cord entanglement, the baby then adapted more easily and faster.

Exercise breath hold should be done as follows: after a long deep breath curls up in the fetal position, covering her knees and puts her head down in the water.We are trying to survive in this state as long as possible.If you repeat this exercise regularly, you will notice that every time you can all hold their breath longer.And do not forget this time to relax the whole body and not think about nothing.Another diving

help overcome the fear of water.It is no secret that many of us are afraid of it like the plague.Afraid of the unknown, insecurity and inability to breathe underwater.Childbirth - is also unknown, and a state of total insecurity.And water exercise helps to overcome yourself and mentally prepare for childbirth.

In early pregnancy visit to the pool will help get rid of a headache, the second and third trimester - of edema and hypertension.And the pool could benefit those who have the wrong location baby in the womb (breech presentation).The combination of diving and special exercises can help the baby turn over upside down, even in the later stages of pregnancy.Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water


  1. Before visiting the pool should consult with your doctor, you can have individual contra-indications;Choose
  2. pool, which is required to visit a doctor's note: because greater confidence that no infectious next to you does not float;
  3. Visiting pool doctors recommend use tampons not to pick up an infection.But only on the condition that you do not suffer from thrush and diseases transmitted through sexual contact.Because then the swab may disrupt vaginal flora.

Swimming for babies

Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water Usually children start to learn to swim from 3-4 years if there is a pool in the garden.If not, then later.But in ancient Egypt were not afraid to teach babies to swim from birth, to improve the health of future soldiers.Yes, from the very first days and weeks of life, the children were taught to do the exercises in the water.Grandma accustomed to patronize their child can grab the head, but in these early "heats" there is nothing unnatural.After the baby is still in the womb before birth he lived in a liquid medium - amniotic fluid.The water for him - not an alien element.So dive into the water, weightlessness for him not to stress, but a return to the past when it was warm and cozy in my mother's tummy.

And the interesting fact that the ability to swim - the innate ability kids.It is noticed that as soon as the baby's face gets wet, he reflexively hold your breath.This reflex is useful to him while diving.But if it does not learn to swim after birth, he will not benefit from this, and its ability to three months it is completely extinguished.The early swimming lessons to help fix this useful reflex and make it a habit.

If the time missed the 3-4 years to teach a child to swim is almost impossible.Only in this age, he will be able to consciously execute commands instructor.Therefore, the most appropriate age to start settling in water expanses pediatricians say 3-4 weeks of life.Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water

Official medicine has recognized the benefit of swimming for infants, and now it is practiced in many children's clinics, where there is a children's pool.It has been observed that children who often swim faster growing.Swim useful for different curvatures of the spine and posture defects.Baby freed from the shackles of diapers and raspashonok, water can move his heart's content.This reinforces his spine, ligaments and muscles.This load is safe for him, because the ligaments in water perenapryagutsya.

Swimming pool: enjoy swimming, exercise in water for impaired children enjoy swimming is that exercise in the water stimulate the development reflexes.In tense children hiking in a pool shoot excitement.Water helps with colic and constipation, it helps improve sleep and appetite.And, of course, water - is the best means of tempering.As long as the baby is floundering, his breathing is enhanced, which means that the blood is enriched with oxygen.Together, increases resistance to the child.Experience shows that children who go swimming, get sick less often.And most importantly - to swim at an early age tend to cause positive emotions.Floating kids usually behave calmly, sleep well and eat a lot.


  • Consult your pediatrician.No matter how useful swimming, he contraindications exist.It is contraindicated in pulmonary tuberculosis in an open stage, rheumatic heart disease in the acute stage, decompensated diseases of the cardiovascular system (eg, heart failure).At a stomach ulcer, allergies, diseases of the eye (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis), as well as open wounds, skin diseases (eczema, fungal infections and lesions).
  • before class kid to be healthy, there are no SARS and runny nose.
  • Not for a moment did not leave a child unattended in the water.

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