How to get rid of the hanging belly after giving birth?

In some women, the stomach is barely noticeable, especially if it is overweight by nature.But looking at your belly, literally every woman tormented by the question of how will look like this part of the body after birth and how to get rid of the hanging wall of the abdomen after childbirth.

Indeed, most of the stomach, after a woman becomes a mother, is very unattractive.This sagging, stretched skin, stretch marks (striae), body fat.Every woman wants to, as soon as possible to buy the old graceful form.Interestingly, plump women, the absence of polyhydramnios and multiple, skin is exposed to the smallest changes.And here at hudyshek contrary, the skin is exposed to significant stretching.And if hudyshki during pregnancy gained much weight and after childbirth tend to return the same forms, which have been pre-pregnancy, the probability increases ugly belly.But the fullness of light, gives the woman femininity and even slightly tightens the skin.

known that prevention - this is the best treatment.In o

ur case, this rule could not be better suited.On his tummy should take care before he began to grow in size.There are simple, but fairly effective means.Buy cream moisturizing, nourishing and stretch marks.And every day, apply them to the skin of the waist, hips and breasts.Very good tool olive or vegetable oil.Just do not forget that oil can leave stains on your clothes, on which it is simply impossible to get rid of.Therefore, buttered, is wrapped in an old sheet.When the oil is absorbed, wipe the skin with a damp towel to remove excess.All pregnant women are advised to wear prenatal bandage.It not only will protect the skin from stretching, but will prevent the omission of internal organs.And after birth, respectively, need to use the post-natal bandages.Bondage (and one another) is a must for pregnant women with a big belly.

So the child was born.Ownership belly you are not satisfied.Next, let's talk about how to get rid of the hanging belly after giving birth.I have to say there are no miracles.It all depends on the characteristics of the skin, stretch ratio, and of course, on your diligence and perseverance.But some ladies figure after giving birth becomes even better and they become owners of admiring and sometimes envious glances.Let us resolve that we belong to the category of just such women.First things first, do not give up the procedures suggested above, namely from moisture and nourish the skin with creams and oils.These can be connected and essential oils, such as citrus fruits.They are very effective against cellulite, great tone, improve krovoobrasheniya, eliminate the toxins.During and after pregnancy need to move more, to fulfill a set of special exercises.Bob can press after about two weeks after birth.Through simple exercises can come to spectacular results.The main condition - the exercises should be done daily, and can be twice a day (if health permits and time).You should begin with small, gradually increasing the amount of exercise.Cesarean section is not a contraindication.Just survive after birth need a little more time, and then, based on their own health, to start exercising.Very well, if you use centimeters, and will control the process of fighting with a hanging belly.Gone centimeters - the best motivation for further action, and the best reward for the perseverance and patience.

Answering the question "how to get rid of the hanging belly after giving birth", it may be advisable akvkaaerobikoy classes.This type of training is probably the most injury-does not create a large load on the ligaments and joints.Classes produce a massaging effect, lymphatic drainage, tempering.And it will agree, not bad in this case.Moreover, his gentle touch of water has a calming effect, relieves nervous and muscular tension, which is also important for nursing moms.While water aerobics has to overcome the resistance of the water, so the classes give stable and fast results.During the training in the water you can do abdominal massage.Surprisingly, even after intense exercise you feel muscle pain.Doctors recommend water aerobics even during pregnancy.

course, water aerobics classes are highly desirable.But not everyone has the opportunity and the means.Therefore, you can still resort to self-massage.By using massage to be considered some of the requirements: it is held not less than one and a half hours after a meal, can not affect the lymph node region.Contraindications include any skin disease, hernias, pregnancy, kidney and gall bladder.

For massage is recommended to use the essential oils of various plants, are sold in pharmacies.

Ventilate the room, a bed mat or large towel, turn on the music.Mentally adjust yourself to the fact that after the procedure, your tummy will be beautiful and fit, imagine the appropriate picture.

massage is performed lying on your back with the knees bent legs.

1. Light stroking the abdomen in a clockwise direction with a gradual increase in pressure

2. Rotational finger movements, starting from the bottom toward the edges, alternating left and right sides.

3. The same movement across the abdomen.

4. rolling.To do this, grab a fold of skin with your fingers and rolled it toward the edges.

5. Put the brush edge and produce sawing - movement of the hands towards each other.

6. Tweaks.Pull to release the fold of skin dramatically.

After each - light stroking.Massage also complete a longer stroking.

If you use all of the recommendations in a complex and systematic, you can get rid of the hanging wall of the abdomen after childbirth.