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Red cabbage: useful properties

Red cabbage is not always the same juicy, like her ancestor.Instead, nutrients and vitamins in it much more.Potassium, magnesium, iron, volatile, enzymes, proteins, and fiber - this comprises all red cabbage.It is known that in ancient Rome pulmonary disease treated with the juice of red cabbage.Tubercle bacillus in the body can not develop if there is a red cabbage - it contains volatile, which hinder the development of tuberculosis.

red cabbage, its juice is used to treat people with jaundice.It has cleaning properties - removes harmful substances from the human body, including the liver.It can also be there before the holidays or events, where are you going to sip a couple of liqueur glasses.Red cabbage postpones the effects of alcohol.

Danish scientists have shown that red cabbage reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by half.Red cabbage impart a bitter taste glucosinolates, which also inhibit cancer cell division.

People suffering from hypertension, it is important to include in your diet r

ed cabbage, because it lowers blood pressure.It is proved that it is necessary to apply for the prevention of vascular disease.The juice of cabbage contain bioflavonoids, which are necessary to prevent capillary fragility, bleeding.

Red cabbage has a firming effect, it helps prevent lethargy stomach.But red cabbage is pretty much hard-digestible fiber, so people with disorders in the gastrointestinal tract from it should be abandoned.

Traditional medicine is also not spared the beneficial properties of red cabbage.For headaches head draped cabbage leaves, they put on the wounds, cuts and burns.The juice of red cabbage makes women blush and men full of strength.

anthocyanins contained in red cabbage, gives it a special urgency.That is why many housewives refuse to grow it on their sites.Of course, this is not such a universal cabbage as cabbage.It has a specific taste and biochemical composition.But the benefits of its use much more.In addition, red cabbage juice can be easily used in those recipes where needed white cabbage.Often used for making pickles.

The red cabbage vitamin C content is twice that in the cabbage, and carotene - 4 times.The use of this cabbage promotes healing of the body.When coughing it is recommended to use the juice with added sugar.The resulting syrup is necessary to use a few tablespoons a day.

When growing red cabbage is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1. Red cabbage more cold-resistant than white cabbage.

2. It is subject to less damage to garden pests and protected from the disease.

3. Dense cabbage red cabbage perfectly stored in the winter.

4. Seedlings should be grown in open ground.In May-June, the cabbage should be planted.

5. red cabbage are cultivated as well as cabbage.

course, red cabbage its own specific use in cooking.But most of the recipes are suitable for both red and white cabbage for.So how can you use red cabbage?To prepare a delicious, hearty and healthy side dish to meat, chicken or mushrooms is enough to extinguish cabbage with carrots and onions.But to preserve all useful means to better prepare the cabbage for a couple.Red cabbage lends itself perfectly fermented, and pickles, as well as cabbage.If you do not know what to add to the salad, do not forget the grated raw red cabbage.Dress the salad with olive oil, lemon juice and salt, you get a useful and delicious.

Please note that the red cabbage and the properties that it contains affect the cooking time preparing it for longer than white.

have red cabbage very beautiful purple color of the leaves.Coloring agents are presented carotene, xanthophyll and cyanine.Also, red cabbage methionine richer than other cruciferous vegetables.Shade leaves of cabbage depends on the acidity level of the soil.In an alkaline soil is blue cabbage and sweet - blushing.It is important to remember that in the dish, it can stain adjacent products.To preserve this fantastic color can add a little vinegar or lemon juice.Cabbage will become even tastier and more beautiful.

red cabbage goes well with fruit, especially apples.It is particularly appetizing apples in red wine.Also, when pickled or salted red cabbage cooked with apples and cranberries.

Each head of red cabbage - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals.Every woman is important to look beautiful and graceful.Red cabbage helps make care about the figure of light.Simple recipes are extremely useful for a female body.Beautiful and elastic skin, a healthy heart, protect against cancer and tuberculosis - all of this brings her red cabbage eaters.A large number of fiber gives a feeling of satiety without additional calories.Substances contained in red cabbage normalize metabolic processes.All those wishing to lose weight without harm to health, it is important to cook and eat red cabbage.

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