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Useful properties of pumpkin juice

Nowadays there are so many varieties of pumpkins, there are perennial species, breeds, and even those that can not be eaten.Today will talk about the most common pumpkin, it also has about a hundred relatives.Many varieties of pumpkin is used in food, are also doing very tasty and healthy juice.

What are the ingredients of pumpkin juice

Currently not for anybody not a secret that the vegetable juice is a structured liquid, which is a beneficial effect on the body.Ordinary pumpkin also is not an exception, it is 90% percent consists of the liquid, so that can bring huge benefits to your health.Pumpkin juice is rich in carotene, mineral salts, fats, proteins, as well as part of the juice contains vitamins A, B, E and K. The unique gourd juice is doing what it contains vitamin K. This vitamin normalizes blood clotting and is found only in the pumpkin,other vegetables, he practically does not occur.

most valuable component of pumpkin juice is pectin.It plays a significant role in metabolism.Pectin red

uces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, normalizes the bowels, normalizes peripheral circulation.Pumpkin juice has the ability to clean our body from various harmful substances, pesticides, toxins, and even radioactive elements.

Properties pumpkin juice

contained in pumpkin juice Vitami A and E are struggling with the wrinkles and help to preserve youth, vitamin maintains healthy nails and hair, and also helps get rid of stress.Another pumpkin juice is useful for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.Pumpkin juice gives the body energy and power struggles with colds.Even sleeplessness can be defeated with the help of pumpkin juice.

Since pumpkin juice is a valuable dietary product, it should be given to children.Gastroenterologist and nutritionist necessarily give recommendations regarding the use of pumpkin juice and talk about normal daily consumption, but on average you should drink the juice in an amount of 2-3 glasses a day.

Norma drinking pumpkin juice

People whose health is all right, as a prophylaxis is recommended for 30 minutes before a meal to drink a glass of pumpkin juice.To improve the taste of pumpkin juice, it is possible to add an apple or carrot juice.You can also add lemon juice.This mixture will give your body all the necessary vitamins and minerals that will bring many benefits to the human body.

In some diseases juice intake should be increased to three times a day.The course of the use of juice for at least 10 days at a time, you should drink at least 100 ml.

In what might help gourd juice

Those who suffer from insomnia, help sleep half a glass of pumpkin juice with honey.Pumpkin has the ability to normalize the functioning of the body, causing a person to sleep quickly.

urolithiasis juice should be used for 100ml.3 times a day for 10 days.Be sure to consult with your doctor.The course of treatment pumpkin juice can be repeated after 14 days.

With obesity need to expand the diet at the expense of fruit and vegetables, while spending fasting days, eating only pumpkin juice.In order to achieve significant results, fasting days should be 3 times a week.It is advisable to stop eating after 18 pm.

Those who suffer from diabetes, you can use regular gourd juice after a constant need to receive blood test blood sugar.

Folk medicine advises men with prostate disease every day to drink a glass of pumpkin juice for three weeks.

Pumpkin juice is used externally for healing of acne, burns, eczema, acne.

pumpkin juice in cosmetics

recipe nourishing mask from the juice of pumpkin: Mix 3 tablespoons of pumpkin, 1 egg yolk and 1 ch. L.honey, apply on your face and keep for 10-15 minutes, then rinse all.

tonic for all skin types: thin layer of cotton or gauze, folded in several layers, soak the pumpkin juice and apply on face.Hold gauze with this lineup should be 15-20 minutes.Then rinse your face with cool water.This procedure was repeated three times a week.It is advisable to carry out 20 such procedures.

Recipe for pumpkin juice

Mark purified pumpkin in the amount of 500 grams, a lemon and 100 grams of sugar.Pumpkin should grate, sugar to boil in 1 liter of water.Add to boiling water with sugar grated pumpkin and squeezed the juice into the mixture of lemon.Cool slightly, and beat with a mixer all.Store the juice in the refrigerator for days.

Fresh pumpkin juice

for fresh juice is required to take the young pumpkin.Cut and clean the pumpkin and passed through a juicer or squeeze through cheesecloth.Oil cake use for masks on the face.

best to squeeze the juice just before taking, as it quickly loses its beneficial properties.

prepared for both the prescription is advisable to take the juice in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast.

Contraindications pumpkin juice

Pumpkin juice is contraindicated for people with low acidity, prone to diarrhea and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.It should be noted that the juice is a strong laxative therefore may exacerbate these diseases.