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Useful properties of butter

Butter is actually a feature of the product.To produce 1 kilogram of butter requires 25 liters of natural milk cows.Many nutritionists and doctors, unlike the professors from the UK, believe that in the diet of each person must necessarily be butter, but in reasonable quantities.

The rate of use, the composition of butter

day in a healthy person should consume at least 10 grams, but not more than 30 grams.The composition of the butter include fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins B, A, E, D , PP, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium and sodium.Vitamin A is essential for vision (supports normal), except that it is responsible for the health of mucous membranes and skin.On top of that it is necessary for the immune system, for proper development of eggs, sperm, and in fact only butter contains vitamin A in sufficient quantities, this amount of vitamin A is not found in any other vegetable oil.

Vitamin E supports the beauty and health of skin, nails, hair,

muscle strength and support.Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth and bones.All of the fat-soluble vitamins are considered, and their body metabolizes best with a natural fat.

Cholesterol and butter

Some nutritionists continue to insist that the butter is cholesterol, which is on the walls of blood vessels forming plaques, and therefore advised to use butter substitutes.Substitutes in many stores - lightweight, light, soft, in general, they are called differently, but are not even margarine.

In the production of oils used animal and vegetable oils, fats and used marine mammals, fillers, emulsifiers, flavors, flavor enhancers - the usual array used throughout the food industry.But it is worth considering that children are harmful substitutes for oil, whereas milk fat child's body to digest easily, besides, he needs to develop and grow.However, the commercials on television saying something quite different, but if you remember, that without ever fatty acids, which are found in butter, not the normal synthesis of sexual hormones.In addition, fats are a source of energy that is needed for daily life.

Fat-soluble vitamins are mainly found in butter and other animal products, and which are contained in herbs and plants that can not be digested without the fat.

If the female body does not get enough fat, the failures occur in the menstrual cycle, sometimes affects the possibility of getting pregnant, and not for the better.

Of course, if you eat butter three times a day, in addition to a considerable number, whether cream, sandwiches, pastries, it can cause increased cholesterol in the blood.And if blood levels are already elevated, it can develop atherosclerosis.But oil is not to blame.

Use butter

butter contains a lot of calories, and to those calories give you energy and strength, and is not harmful, it must be consumed in reasonable quantities.For example, in winter, to protect yourself from hypothermia, it is enough in the morning to eat a small piece of butter.Without the fat cells will not be kept up to date, especially cells of the nervous tissue and the brain.If the child's body fat shortage, it is fraught with mental retardation, as reduced intellectual capacity.There will be a decrease in student performance and learning ability.

butter substitutes will harm and people with gastro-intestinal diseases, because substitutes contain trans fat, which can increase insulin levels, plus they inhibit the metabolism.

How to choose butter, butter properties

question arises because a product may be with boldness called butter?Well, firstly, the one that was obtained exclusively from natural cream, fat content which must be not less than 82, 5%.If the fat content of the product is less, or has a large number of food additives, it is not butter, and margarine, spread or any other substitute.

Butter best taken in the foil, as it is better retained useful properties.And in parchment paper, many vitamins are lost, also because of falling world oil oxidizes.If you bought the oil and see that the top layer of some dim and turned yellow, then remove and discard the top layer.

oil must be stored in a dark place or refrigerator temperature should be no higher than 12 ° C.At room temperature, the oil can be stored for long, and that it did not get light.Do not use glass nipples, as they one day lose all useful properties, use the best oil can made of an opaque material, such as plastic, ceramic, porcelain.

not hold the butter with sharply smelling products as the oil has the ability to absorb various smells.

butter is to use only fresh, natural form, do not overdo it, because the benefit is lost, so it should be added to the ready-made meal.But on the other hand, if the food frying with butter, it produces less carcinogenic than other isolated fats and oils.But better on toast with melted butter, which can be stored in the refrigerator for about a year.You can choose to make the melted butter - very carefully heat the butter until it becomes liquid, soaking it in this way for about 30 minutes, it is necessary to evaporate the water and milk proteins went upstairs.Next slotted spoon remove proteins and the oil filter.

summarize: the product itself is not dangerous, and the imbalance in the body and excessive use.

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