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Useful if fresh juice?

This process can often be accelerated because of "discrediting" and the negative evaluation of certain products and finding them harmful properties and qualities.It is a shining example of this is the "cult" of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Of course, a lot of people always ate fruit and vegetable juices, but a wholesale distribution and fashion for this product in our country began with the first books advocate and activist for a healthy lifestyle, Paul Bragg.A fighter for health, Paul Bragg in his works advised to eat more plant foods, drinking fruit juice, to move actively and regularly go hungry.It would seem that these tips are very good, and some particularly fanatical followers of the ideas of Bragg goes to extremes, because intemperance in the use of fresh juices can be very detrimental.Since then, fans of a healthy lifestyle began to wonder - "Fresh juice - useful for you?".

To find out, we want to know how he acts on the human body.Virtually all fresh juices contain in its compositi

on, biologically active substances (BAAs) which instantly absorbed in the gastro-intestinal system and are involved in biological and biochemical processes, and more specifically in the metabolic process.As we know, the metabolism - the process of transformation coming into our body products in the elements of which are under construction, and the cells of the human body.It should be noted that fresh juices are very active influence on these processes.The vast majority of this has very beneficial effects for the body, but as you know, in all important middle ground and drinking gallons and gallons of juice is not so useful, even if not harmful.

Depending on the kind of juice, it can contain certain minerals (mostly in vegetables) and vitamins (more in fruit juices).And minerals and vitamins are very useful, but as it turned out, in the fresh juices contain less than that nutrients have on the body sometimes unpredictable effects.It is because they use fresh juice is in question.Because, remember that man in our time have to take a variety of medications and the effect of the interaction of medicines with these most unpredictable substances still under investigation.And yet, how can interact in the body of these substances?

To date, scientists have proved exactly that grapefruit juice in its composition contains a substance called "naringin," which is capable of reducing or on the contrary, increase the activity of certain therapeutic drugs.This effect is due to the fact that the definite time naringin stops the action of certain enzymes which decompose the drug in the liver, after which the number in the organism grows significantly, which can lead to poisoning.At the same time, to destroy these enzymes, naringin reduces the effect of certain medications.However, the paradox lies in the fact that by itself "naringin" very good for the body.Just today, a similar effect was observed even in a number of other juices and this research does not stop.

Another disadvantage for those who like fresh juice: not the fact that fruits and vegetables from which you are making juices, are environmentally friendly, without adding extraneous chemicals.But in our time is difficult to know for sure, though, you can console yourself that most of the chemicals remain in the tissue.However, the fiber in the juice gets is not enough, therefore, should not be abused.

is useful if fresh juice and whether it is possible to use it?Of course, you can.Going with the mind to the process, and weighing the pros and cons of concrete.It is also recommended to take the doctor's advice, especially during the reception of certain drugs.

And what would be fresh fruit juices left in the useful properties and quality, there are a number of tips and advice to their preparation.

cooking juice must be immediately prior to its use as just a few minutes of downtime biologically active substances begin to break down.An exception may come, perhaps, beet juice, because it is necessary to hold a pre-refrigerated at least two hours in order to decompose harmful substances.

Eat fresh juice is recommended half an hour before a meal, while the juice is the most useful, because it very quickly suck in an empty stomach, and immediately enter into a biochemical process.

also undesirable to drink fruit juice after a meal, t. To. Mixed with food, it causes a significant release of gases in the body.

drink fresh juice through a straw is better, followed by a rinse your mouth with water.In juices considerable amount of organic acids, which adversely affect the hard tissue of teeth.It is because of this, dentists recommend brushing teeth after drinking freshly squeezed juices.

Vegetable juices should not drink in large quantities, and it is better to dilute with fruit.For example, a combination of apple and carrot, beet and carrot and t. D. At this vegetable juice should be not more than a third of the total volume.Speaking of beet, then it should be to get used gradually, starting with the use of a small amount of diluted water, because some people can not tolerate the raw beet juice.

Fruit juices made from stone fruit (plum, apricot, peach, cherry), must not be mixed with other juices.Juice is made from fruit that has seeds (grapes, apples, currants), mix well with other kinds of juices.Apple juice is especially good combined with vegetable juices - carrot, cabbage, beet.

is useful if the juice in the presence of a particular disease?Of course, with a regular and deliberate use of fresh juices can heal the body, and to withdraw from it harmful substances.But do not forget that cure a particular disease using fresh juice is not possible, because it is a product, not a drug.Therefore, when health problems consult a doctor, and fresh juices leave for fun.