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How to cook soup of celery to lose weight?

celery soup for weight loss has long been known.It includes your diet, many public people.It is useful in the impact on the overall condition of the human body and is able to remove the extra kilos.

What is celery?This is a unique vegetable.The structure of this product contains an enormous amount of vitamins, minerals, and other useful items.In its composition - iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins E , PP, C, B. And it is not limited to the extent of its usefulness.

Celery is very valuable in the diet plan.On this basis developed by nutritionists proven power system.Required celery soup diet -upotreblenie of this unique vegetable.Seddereevaya diet is designed for 7 days.Dietitian during a diet recommended intake of fruits and vegetables, except potatoes, bananas and grapes.The main dish diet - soup of celery.It needs to eat every day on a plate.It improves the metabolic processes in the body and helps get rid of excess weight.

Cook celery soup - not labor activity.We need to take about 500 gra

ms.stalks of this vegetable, the same amount of cabbage, 6 small onions, 3 tomatoes (fresh or canned).You can add 2 pod peppers (green) and spices.Salt should not get involved.

all the ingredients you need to wash and dry.Then all cut into pieces, add water in the amount of three liters and add spices.Then you can put the pot on the stove, the contents of bring to a boil, and cook all hide until tender.That's very simple and easy soup preparing most useful for weight loss.

people lose weight because of a diet, say that in this soup is absolutely no calories.With a zero-calorie soup of celery a beneficial effect on the entire human body.Celery is able to normalize the pressure, boost immunity, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, clear the body of free radicals formed, protect against tumor formation, reduce blood cholesterol levels.

use celery in cooking, its regular consumption contributes to the overall condition of the body and can rejuvenate it.It normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, leading to normal metabolism.Those who tried to stick celery diet, claim that it can be used for 7 days to lose up to 5 kilos.

many very difficult to completely abandon pastry goods from sweets.But a great result - a beautiful slender figure - is worth it.After the release of the diet should always keep in shape by eating regular food limited portions.And more is better does not use harmful products in the diet plan.Sweets - a bad habit like smoking.From them it is possible to give up for the sake of a beautiful figure and health, which can be obtained thanks to celery diet based on - soup.

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