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Harm and benefits of sugar

only thing converge the opinion of all the doctors, so it is that sugar actually contributes to weight gain.Sugar is a high-calorie foods, there is almost no vitamins, minerals and natural fibers.A man who uses sugar and getting him a lot of calories should be eaten something else that brings extra calories.As a result - excessive fullness and obesity.

All of the above for the "pure" white sugar.A brown sugar, refined sugar weakly quite useful.In it there are also minerals, vitamins and fiber.They help make the process of assimilation by the body of sugar quite burdensome.By the way, carbohydrates are not the most high-calorie nutrients.Fats much calories.Their energy value of 2 times as high as 1 gram of 9 calories.That is why wishing to lose weight, according to nutritionists, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty foods.

Foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates, contains fewer calories.It is, filling the stomach, reduces body weight.Thus the feeling of hunger occurs.Only now it is

not about confectionery and of fruits and vegetables, which are a part of pectin, starch and natural sugars.All this wealth includes potatoes, carrots, beets, apples and other fruits and vegetables.

Species sugars.

We are used to sugar as a granular substance or cubes, which we put in coffee or tea.On the one hand, it is true.To the category of simple carbohydrates like sugar are called, refers glucose and lactose - milk sugar, and maltose - malt sugar and stachyose - sugar beans, and sucrose - familiar to us and sugar cubes.And then there are trehalose, ie mushroom sugar.Nutritional are sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, therefore it is necessary to talk about those kinds of sugar, which we encounter in everyday life.

So sucrose.This is the usual sugar.It is a disaccharide.It consists of a molecule linked molecules of fructose and glucose.Sucrose is a fairly common element in food, but in nature it is rare.It

about harm of sugar this variety often say dietitians.They believe that sucrose triggers the appearance of extra kilos, it does not contribute calories to the body, which could be useful.Doctors believe that this type of sugar is dangerous for diabetics.But the evidence suggests that its glycemic index (the rate at which carbohydrates are digested) in relation to, for example, white bread, is 89. A glucose - 58. 100% of the glycemic index of white bread and take glucose.The higher the index, the more rapidly after administration of the sugar increases glucose in human blood.

As a result, the pancreas throws the hormone insulin, which transports glucose to all tissues of the body.With increased entry of sugar is part of the adipose tissue, where it is converted into body fat.And it formed completely unnecessary body fat stores.I must say that carbohydrates have a high glycemic index are absorbed by the body more quickly.With their help, the body gets an extra energy boost.

But for diabetes sucrose, and the truth is dangerous.Diabetes can be of 2 types.In one case, in the right quantities shchitovidkoj not secrete insulin, while others - the development of the disease is due to other reasons.The cause of the first type of diabetes can be an overabundance of carbohydrates.That is why sucrose - white death for diabetics.If

between meals was a long time before dinner, you can eat a spoonful of sugar.Carbohydrates are the best food for the brain cells.They will help to calm your appetite quickly satiate hungry NA and avoid receiving excessive amounts of food.But we must not forget the least!

believed that brings this kind of sugar and damage the teeth.Indeed, sucrose in this service, but only if its consumption beyond measure.

general sucrose recommend taking in acute nephritis, kidney or liver failure, hepatitis and diseases of acute exacerbations of these diseases.

as sucrose medication should be taken five times a day as a tea with thirty grams of sugar.A small amount of sucrose for a healthy person even useful.The use of sugar is that it can be saved if the ache or dizzy and stomach while empty.The reason may be inadequate amounts of glucose.

most common component contained in the berries - glucose.Glucose molecule consists only of one ringlet, so this sugar - "simple".If we compare the glucose and sucrose, then first the glycemic index above 138 and is in relation to bread (white).It is able to cause a sharp jump in blood sugar, so the risk that it will turn into fat, is much higher.On the other hand, it is useful because it is a source having "quick energy".

But the rise of energy can come slump, which can cause hypoglycemic coma, is characterized by loss of consciousness due to low revenues sugar to the brain.May develop diabetes.

Fructose is found in fruits and honey.Its glycemic index in relation to the bread is very low, is only 31. She's sweet, so it is considered as an alternative to sucrose.If it is not required mastering the insulin part, so it can be used and diabetics.But as a "quick energy", it is ineffective.

milk sugar or lactose containing dairy products and milk.The glycemic index of lactose - 69. He is above the index of fructose and sucrose below.

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