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Osteochondrosis: traditional treatments

Translated from the Greek "low back pain" literally means "the damage of bone and cartilage" (osteon - bone, Hondros - cartilage).Currently, the countries of the former Union of back pain and headaches associated with osteochondrosis, complains one in four people over 30 years old.And women suffer more than men.Although the deposition of calcium in the cartilage and ligaments in osteochondrosis occurs, the essence of the disease and deceit that is destroyed bone, cartilage loses flexibility and ligamentous apparatus of the spine.However, this can be avoided or at least alleviate the condition.And you can, with the right approach, and fully recover without the help of doctors.Thus, low back pain: traditional treatments - a topic of conversation today.

How is spinal cord injury?

intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers, actively absorbing and gives the water.Over the years, they lose their elasticity, shrink, decrease in size and can not fully counteract the stress on the spine.And the more flex.Th

e body of the disc bulges and presses on nearby nerves and blood vessels.Further, in the pathological process involved the muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves - all lying around the disc education.There are so-called spikes, spine, and gradually loses its flexibility.A continuous compression of nerves and blood vessels leads to disruption of the blood supply to the brain.Hence - dizziness, headaches, numbness in hands and other symptoms of osteoarthritis.Such an interpretation of the disease gives doctors.And what do traditional healers?

cause of the disease is that we eat too much and disorderly.The body can not digest and use for the benefit of so much food, and bring unwanted toxins.These toxic products are crystallized and years, decades to accumulate in the joints, spine.Pain in the cervical-thoracic, lumbar spine, begins the destruction of intervertebral discs.There osteochondrosis.And even in this age of the blame but ourselves.

herniated discs and back pain come from a lack of vitamins and minerals, especially silicon, weakness (dystrophy) of individual groups of muscles from lifting excessively heavy loads.Proper lifestyle and proper diet can get rid of this problem.But think about it you need to start at a young age.

traditional treatments

to dissolve the salt and slag traditional treatments include the use of various medicinal plants, such as sunflower roots.To do this, the autumn harvest of the thick roots (fine hairy roots cut off and discarded).They are washed, dried, and then crushed (sometimes it's easier to do with an ax as much woody roots).A decoction of the roots of sunflower 1 tbsp.crushed roots boiled in 3 L water for two minutes and drink all the liquid within 2-3 days.Roots again poured 3 liters of water and boiled for 5 minutes.Drink within 2-3 days.Then heated for a third time the same sunflower roots in the same amount of water only for 10 - 15 minutes.They need to drink 2-3 days.Then take a new batch of roots and all repeat.A decoction of the roots of sunflower need to drink large doses for a month (can be even longer).Salt thus begin to emerge immediately, but after the first two weeks of the broth.Well dissolved and output salt grass knotweed, floor-burns, horsetail, watermelon rinds and pumpkin tails, bearberry leaves and roots cinquefoil.

When osteochondrosis must always adhere to certain rules:

- sleep on a hard bed with padded under the mattress sheet of plywood 15-20 mm;

- try not to get sick with colds;

- avoid heavy lifting;

- completely eliminate alcohol from the diet;

- every time, sitting at the table, do not forget about vitamins (boiled, steamed, fried foods are practically does not contain);

- engaged fizzaryadkoy 20-25 minutes daily.

Stretching spine and oil sealer

When osteochondrosis is required to stretch the spine.Hang on the bar, bend the legs and swaying left and right.Movement is slow, soft, without jerks, especially in the initial period.To stand on its feet after the horizontal bar too softly, gently.Stretch the spine and can be lying in bed.Just pull the left hand back and push the heel of the right foot to the maximum forward flexing the foot, and then pull the right hand and push forward the heel of his left foot.Each joint of the human body nature to supply flexibility, which contributes so-called synovial fluid, or, more simply, a lubricant.Years of life do not affect the quality and quantity of this fluid.There is only the only reason that destroys joints mobility - a toxic acid crystals.They are laid over the life of the joints and spine.

In some ways replacing the synovial fluid is oil sealer.The fact that the intervertebral cartilage wear out, but only compress and shrink.Imagine a sponge the size 50x50x50.If she put a weight of 50 kg, it will shrink and turn into a thin plate.But if you pour it with water after removal of the load, it will return to its original shape.Trapping the oil as one of the popular methods of treatment effect on cartilage and intervertebral discs, as water to the sponge.To do this, first gently stretch the spine in the sacrum in the direction of the feet 2 to 5 times (stretching facilitates the access of oil to the intervertebral discs and helps them straighten up) until the weakened muscle tension, and then rubbing the oil.My invention - rubbing with special technology.It is an effective tool for the treatment of osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, sciatica, diseases of the joints (after some long stop rubbing joints ache).Take equal parts collected during flowering fresh herb comfrey, tormentil, horsetail (or hibernating) and Adonis Kukushkin.Top up the quart jar and pour turpentine (oil of turpentine).Insist 10 days, filter, add to the infusion of the same amount (volume) of fat (pig, a bear or a badger) 50 drops of iodine and a half of the volume of infusion of aloe juice (before the mince the leaves stand 10 days in the refrigerator).All the mix, insist another five days, and is ready to rubbing.

herbs used for cooking rubbing, interfere with the deposition of salts, the formation of stones in the kidney, pancreas and bladder, lower blood pressure, as well as compensate for the lack of silicon in the body.First time doing massaging gently to test the reaction of skin.

Next day 10-14 days to rub once a day at night.Every day for 3-5 days only use oil sealer twice a day, morning and evening.Attention!Without pre-stretching the spine sealer oil is not valid.For complex chronic repeat the above treatment 2-3 times and always end up rubbing his mammal oil.

Medicinal teas

Fight osteochondrosis of traditional treatments are also a variety of teas.External application of rubbing and trapping oil will be more effective if during the year to combine it with drinking decoctions or infusions knotweed, horsetail (Equisetum or hibernating), floor-burns, cinquefoil.

In diseases of the spine should be prolonged to drink a decoction of sage.In this plant, many essential oils, but they should not drink present.Therefore the sage leaves should be cooked exactly three minutes.During this time, the essential oils evaporate, and the broth is saturated with vital enzymes necessary for the endocrine glands, the spinal cord and intervertebral cartilage.

infusion.1 tbspchopped sage leaves cook for 3 minutes.2 Art.water, to insist in a sealed container in the heat for half an hour.Drink 1/3 Art.three times a day.

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