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Urgent treat a sore throat

Sore throat - risk factors
throat is as if the entrance gate for the food and air.The air that enters through the nose and mouth must be cleansed of viruses, bacteria, contaminants, hydrated, warm.Nature provides one of the largest in the body "defense equipment".This accumulation of lymphoid tissue - the amygdala, which are to operate on the way coming into the body as a barrier infection.These barriers are known since childhood: Pipe and lingual tonsils, adenoids (pharyngeal tonsil) and tonsils (tonsils).

Tonsils have the uneven surface, which is covered with folds of mucous membrane and moves - crypts and lacunae.Because of this unevenness increases the surface area of ​​the neutralizing.

But if the amygdala can not cope with their duties, while the gaps are most vulnerable point, as in the recesses of the mucous accumulated food debris that leads to the development of inflammation.

It tonsils taken the first blow with a cold, shut themselves in the figurative and in the literal sense of the i
nfected air flow.In the midst of the cold and flu in the throat are the main violators of viruses.Once on the mucosa of the pharynx and the surface of the tonsils, they are introduced into the cells of the epithelium and then begin their destructive activities.

in viral sore throat in the mirror can be seen in the pharyngeal mucosa tiny bubbles with clear content, as if they are similar to tiny droplets of sweat.But rarely sore throat is caused by viral infection, sometimes a few days, sometimes once a viral infection, the bacteria can join.

In a healthy person, they form plaque, lacunae of tonsils, inhabit the interdental spaces.But as soon as they feel the body's weak point, some sort of a gap in the protective barrier that the virus, then the microbes begin to show aggressive properties.Often angina streptococci cause.The bacterial infection in the tonsils may form plaque and appear festering "plug".

factors for infection of the throat viruses and bacteria can be:
  • exposure to substances that irritate the respiratory tract - long smoking,
  • over-dried air,
  • hypothermia,
  • use corrosive or cold drinks,
  • injury, for example,damage to the throat of a fish bone,
  • reduction in the overall resistance of the organism (with stress, chronic diseases).

Causes sore throat
throat hurts, especially when tonsillitis (angina) when the tonsils become inflamed.It often affects the tonsils or tonsils.If you open your mouth wide, you can see the tonsils, as if glowing red light and strongly increased in size.Depending on what your form of angina, the surface of the tonsils can "decorate" a grayish patina, purulent plugs.If the tonsils are increased slightly, but the feeling in the mouth, as if, after a handful of hot sand, then it comes to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat - pharyngitis.
When the main symptoms of pharyngitis may be dry and burning throat, hacking cough without sputum, sore throat.If you can not talk, you do not recognize your voice, then the cause of a sore throat may be inflamed vocal cords - laryngitis.

You have a few days to play silent spy, to restore the rather spare voice and larynx.These common causes of a sore throat, and they attack all at once.Sometimes a sore throat deprives a person of appetite, sleep and rest.Enlarged tonsils can cause nausea and vomiting, trouble swallowing.Usually in the process of entering the regional lymph nodes, which are felt by the lower jaw and cause additional pain to man.

Besides that mouth felt discomfort, suffering overall health: pain in joints and muscles, sweating, weakness, a headache.Satellites are a sore throat and runny nose otitis media (ear infections).

Sore throat - diet
mankind since ancient times has developed different "fighting" tactics in a sore throat.Here are some steps that will help improve your health and it is urgent to relieve the pain.

first step - soup and porridge, our food
soon to recover need to change the diet.You are now contraindicated in any coarse food, which if swallowed can injure the throat.Your menu should consist of fresh bread, boiled vegetables, soup, soups, various cereals.Useful in angina in the menu to include dishes from pumpkin: pumpkin juice, porridge, steamed pumpkin in the oven.This vegetable is due to its natural properties can reduce inflammation, can relieve a sore throat.

on the illness need to loosen control over the calories: in the diet should be a lot of fat, which soften the breath envelop mucosa, contain antioxidants - vitamins A and E, which are important to recover the mucosal epithelium.

Avoid condiments and spices, because they irritate the throat.The only exception is the garlic and onion, they contain volatile and essential oils have therapeutic effect in pharyngitis and tonsillitis.We must be attentive to the products that cause allergies - honey, nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits.These treats are a lot of useful properties, but can also contribute to inflammation in the throat and increased cough.Everything that you eat should be warm, too hot or cold can irritate mucosal damage.As a therapeutic approach drinking warm milk, stewed fruit, tea cloves, ginger and mint.

second step - you need to create a comfortable throat
great influence on the state of health has the atmosphere in the room.If you inhale the dust and dry air, the mucous membrane of the throat is dehydrated, thereby reducing its protective properties.May intensify hoarseness, sore throat intensified, increased cough.Take frequent wet cleaning, put on windowsills water tanks, hang on a central heating radiator wet towels.For sore throat optimum humidity in the home 40 to 60%.If you are a person who smokes, it is necessary to reduce the amount of time the disease of cigarettes smoked.The mucous membrane of the throat is irritated and very vulnerable, it is easily damaged components of tobacco smoke.Designed to help relieve the symptoms of essential oils that can be added to a humidifier, steam inhaler or aromatic bulb.If none of this you do not have, you can add a little hot water in the oil and just a breath of steam.

symptoms of a sore throat quickly facilitate oil of sage, lavender, mint, fir, eucalyptus.When hoarseness (laryngitis) main therapeutic measure is the voice rest.To allow the vocal cords to deal with inflammation, it is necessary to spare them a little.You will have a few days to explain to the close and native people whisper.

Methods for treating sore throat
third step - water procedures

We all know from childhood that need to rinse sore throat.To rinse, there are many different means, and they may have the right to existence.And the thing is that the healing properties of rinse enclosed in a simple mechanical removal from the surface of the soft palate and tonsils viruses, microbes and their metabolic products.When we thus purifying the throat of pathogenic "garbage", we can speed up recovery and reduce pain.

And if it's time to start rinsing can prevent the development of disease, and to help defeat the cold for 1 or 2 days.Throat need to rinse every 2 or 3 hours.Rinses need warm, but not hot.These "water treatment" should be carried out after the meal.The structure of many infusions (hlorofillipta, calendula) includes alcohol, which has the added tanning and antiseptic effect, it stimulates the regeneration of the mucous tissue.Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties has eucalyptus, elder, sage, lime, striped, calendula, chamomile.

fourth step - occupational
You've probably noticed that after waking up in the morning most of all sore throats.At this moment, it seems as if stuck in the throat of barbed wire and a male voice took on the tone.And all this is because the rest of the night, the throat of their duties, and in order to recover, it must work.The more you swallow, the more active your sip cleaned of mucus and germs, and the faster the inflammation and pain.

based on this action of many lozenges and lollipops, chewing and sucking in the stands a lot of saliva, which in itself has healing and antiseptic properties.The saliva is swallowed, and thus washed the surface of the mucous surface of the tonsils and throat.Therefore, it is necessary to more than swallow, chew, suck and drink a lot.

Choice of tablets, lozenges for sucking pain in the throat is very large.The structure consists of antiseptics (lysozyme, hloraeksidin and others).Septolete contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components.Anti-inflammatory components have lollipops with sage.Many known candies Tunes, Mentos.Falimint, they contain a local anesthetic, which reduces pain in the throat, contain coolants and divert funds.Anti-Angin contains antiseptic and anesthetic.After these funds should not be over 30 minutes to drink fluids and eat, otherwise the effects of drugs will not help.

Sore throat - urgently to the doctor
fifth step - soon to the doctor

If within 2 or 3 days of your efforts to self-medication did not lead to the desired result, you should always consult a doctor.It is not always a sore throat is a harmless ailment.It is dangerous to defeat the bacterial throat.If developing streptococcal tonsillitis or pharyngitis, the disease will go beyond the pharynx and the system will be to hit the entire body."At gunpoint» streptococci are the heart, kidneys and joints.At untimely appeal to the doctor it can threaten the development of rheumatic heart disease and other serious illnesses.

thoughtless and long-term self-angina can lead to an abscess (abscess) that require surgical dissection.Under the guise of a sore throat can develop serious diseases such as scarlet fever, diphtheria, tularemia, plague, and others.

Reasons for immediate treatment to the doctor
  • very severe pain, which does not allow to open your mouth, take some food, disrupts sleep,
  • high temperatures above 38 degrees, chills, sweating, weakness,
  • appearance throat bleeding,purulent plugs, grayish-white films,
  • lack of effect of treatment for 2 or 3 days of illness,
  • swelling of the face and neck,
  • difficulty breathing, a sharp increase in pain in the throat,
  • vomiting, nausea,
  • pain and significantswollen lymph nodes in the neck and under the jaw,
  • ear pain and nasal.

If, after examination, the doctor recommends taking antibiotics, you should not neglect their assignments.

Now we all know and promptly treat a sore throat.You can not run the throat, should be prescribed by a doctor and medication procedures.Because angina refusal to timely antibiotic can cost a patient lives or lead to future serious health problems.

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