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What exercises to do to get rid of back pain

When you exercise do not just resort to high load, otherwise it will lead to the fact that our health will deteriorate.After all, back problems accumulated over the years, so they need to be solved, gradually increasing the load.
From what there back pain?
Backache disturb more than 60% of the population.Already at a young age is recommended to include exercises for the spine in your daily set of load.
appearance of pain associated with a sedentary lifestyle.All this leads to the fact that the reduced activity of muscles that support the spine in the desired position.This entails a reduction in metabolism and poor circulation in the back.Atrophied muscles and ligaments can not properly support the spine, the result is pain in the back and there is a pinched nerve.
How to create a set of exercises for the back?
To properly compose a set of exercises for the spine, it is necessary to approach each person individually.It is necessary to take into account the state of the back muscles and a particular p
erson, as well as its level of preparation.Performing exercises for the spine, one should not feel any pain.If pain persists, then you picked the wrong exercise or perform them incorrectly.
set of exercises is made so that the first strengthen the muscles responsible for the proper position of the spine, and only then move on to exercises that can increase the mobility of your joints.
set of exercises for the spine

set of exercises for the back must be drawn up by a specialist physical therapy.He will recommend you to perform various complex exercise, given the serious problems with your spine.Do not start to exercise on their own.Before you start training you should consult with your doctor may be some exercises for your back would be undesirable, or you should reduce the load on the spine.
begin an exercise for the spine need to warm up.It allows you to warm up the muscles of the back and provide a gradual increase in the load on the spine.The next step is to strengthen the spine, and performing stretching exercises.All exercises should be performed smoothly, do not make any sudden jerks.Stretches the spine should be the limit joint mobility.
devoting attention to the mobility of the spine, you need to move on to exercises to improve posture.With these exercises strengthen the muscles that support the back in the correct position.Thus, the right and produced a beautiful posture that lets you look beautiful and attractive at any age.
Effect of exercise on the spine

Try every day to pay for 10-15 minutes on exercises for the spine.If you regularly perform these exercises, the clips are removed nerves, strengthen muscles of the spine, increasing its flexibility, goes back pain, and movements appear mobility and lightness.
Due to the normal functioning of muscles and ligaments, accelerate metabolism and growth of cartilage and bone in the spine, activates blood circulation.
Before doing the exercises, you need to pay attention to the circumstances in which you need to be very careful.
When you can not do the exercises?
- After an injury you need to consult a doctor.
- If the exercises are enhanced back pain should immediately stop and contact your doctor.
Exercises for the back
Stretching lumbar
1 .Exercise is done on a special rug or mat.Lie down on your back, hands pull apart.Pull your knees to your chest and keep this position for some time to stretch the lower back.Then slowly bend both knees to one side, rotate your head in the opposite direction.The shoulders were fixed on a support.Repeat this exercise for 4 or 5 times.
2. starting position such as the previous exercise.Stretch one leg, another bend in the knee.Hook the foot over the knee of the straight leg.The slope of the bent knee on the outside and rotate the head in the opposite direction, without raising his shoulders.We fix the position for 20 seconds.Do exercise to the other side and repeat the 4 or 5 times.
3. initial exercise is the same.From this position, bring your knees up, do not tear off the foot of the support.Smoothly cant knees in one direction and then the other, with the turn his head in the opposite direction.This exercise stretches the spine fine.Do not stop.Perform 10 slopes for each side.
Stretching for the middle and upper back

starting position called "cat's back".Get on your knees, lean on his hands, knees slightly apart.Tilt the head down, gather in the stomach and the back bend the arc.Then lift your head and crouch back down.You do not need very much to bend at the waist.Repeat 5 times.
total stretch

starting position "cat's back", pull one knee to your chest and try to touch the knee of the forehead, and then straighten the leg.Keep it parallel to the floor, we do not raise or lower it.Return to starting position.Repeat in slow motion 5 times.During the last repeat with the straightened leg extend forward the opposite hand with outstretched fingers.Hold this position for 5 seconds.Repeat the exercise in full for the other side.It promotes the proper distribution of muscle tone and strengthen the muscles of the back.
Strengthening abdominal
When appears in the lower back pain, you need to pay special attention to the muscles of the abdomen.When a weak abdominal muscles, abdomen and spine bulges move forward.We recommend simple exercises.
1. lie down on the floor, on your back, bend your knees, while the feet are shoulder width apart.Put your hands behind your head, elbows lie.Push the hips to the floor, inhale, then while exhaling lift the chest up.It should not be too bent.Everything will depend on your strength when you feel muscle trembling, to stop.
2. lie down on your back, bend your knees, put the foot on the floor.Put your hands behind your head, elbows touch the floor.Inhale, pull one knee to the opposite elbow, while the other arm is on the floor.Straightened his bent knee, the foot does not touch the floor at the same time pull up the other knee to the opposite elbow.Exercise resembles cycling, but without the circular movements.
Keep back

To reduce the load on your back gradually move from the lying position to the upright position.Before you get out of bed, turn on the side, sit down, lean on one knee, then gradually straightened.
not overdo
Besides regular exercise to be in shape, to follow the work of the whole body, and hold down the power and endurance.
to assess their physical form, answer the question: "Exhale" Are you at the end of the day?If you answered yes, then you should change your lifestyle.And for this you need:
- Quit smoking.
- Go to the Mixed, complete diet, which should include all the food.
- to learn to overcome stress.
- Limit alcohol consumption.
On the back you need to take care in advance
better not to wait for back pain appears.If the back is tired, you need to perform simple exercises.Do they need to be regularly, then you will not get in the number of people who suffer from back pain, and 60% of their population.
These exercises help to recover.They can be done during a long car ride, during breaks at work on his summer cottage.Movement should be done slowly and smoothly, avoiding abrupt slopes and pauses.
for neck

Let's sit down, chin line should be parallel to the floor.Turn your head to the side, look over his right shoulder.Then through the left.Repeat.Then lower your head down, lift it up, then again up and down.Then when tilted his head touch the ear of one shoulder, then the other.Repeat.
for middle back
1. Starting position: stand up, pull up the belly, feet are shoulder width apart.Bend your elbows at shoulder level, and carefully remove the elbows back.In the chest at point bend the "wheel."Repeat.
2. Hands bend in the elbows at shoulder level.Slight right, back to its original position.Slight left and will occupy its original position.Repeat.
Hands raise the ceiling, fingers straightened.Please pull up with one hand, then the other, as if trying to touch the ceiling.Repeat 10 times.

Rise, feet shoulder width apart, hands on your waist.Thumbs put on both sides of the spine.Smoothly hog back "all the way" presses her thumbs.Repeat.
Tips housewife

The cause of back pain when performing work on the house:
- do not pay a lot of time wiping baseboards.For once do only part of the job.
- Do not attempt to single-handedly move the heavy furniture.
- Make the bed, squatting or kneeling.
- Using a vacuum cleaner or mop, do not be lazy to come to the right place close to not stretch far away, bend your knees, make a short movement.
- If you need to stand for a long time, put one foot a little above the other.Be aware of how to properly lift weights, sit and stand.

Now we know what exercises to do to get rid of back pain, but do not need to carry them out through the pain.Do not start the disease constantly watch your health.Most watched by a doctor, but he can recommend you what exercises you need to perform in order not to hurt the back.Consult your doctor before you start the course.And this applies to people of all ages.Through such exercises developed muscles help support the spine in the correct position and it will significantly reduce the negative impact of daily stress.

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