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Traditional recipes treatment of angina

Causes angina

Angina on scientific - an acute infectious disease in which inflammation of the painful phenomena are expressed in tissues of the pharynx lymphadenoid mainly tonsils.Most often the main agents of angina are aureus, streptococcus, pneumococcus.Argued that fall ill with angina winter.Nothing like this!Angina can be picked up easily, even in the hot summer days!Moreover, people who've hurt a sore throat in the summer, you know how hard it is to cure this time of year.After all pathogens "created" perfect conditions for breeding - heat and moisture.The main factors that lead to angina, are local and general cooling.Also, with a carrier of the disease.So think twice before drinking hot day ice water.

symptoms and types of angina

Angina is different.Sometimes - deadly.When bluetongue angina first appears dry, the feeling of rawness in the throat.Then, these symptoms are added to general weakness, fever, pain in the throat when swallowing, and headache.

and lacunar tonsillitis begin more pronounced symptoms.It appears first sudden chills, high temperature rises, there is pain in the throat when swallowing, pain is sometimes as if giving ear.Headache and fatigue accompanied by a feeling of pain throughout the body, especially in the lower back and legs.

Treatment of angina

treat angina is necessary!Otherwise, it may develop into a chronic form.In the early days of the disease to the normalization of temperature need bed rest.Doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs.If the sore throat is sick teenager or an adult who has a rheumatic disease, apart from basic medication prescribed to 0.1 g ascorbic acid 4 times a day, 0.5 grams of aspirin powder 3-4 times a day.In addition to the basic treatment prescribed by the doctor, it is useful to use the popular recipes the treatment of angina.

Traditional recipes treatment of follicular and lacunar angina .We need the following ingredients.The root (20 g), marshmallow root (20 g), licorice, leaves (20 g) sage leaves (10 g), peppermint, flowers (10 g), chamomile, leaves (30 g) Oregano.Two tablespoons of herb mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and heated for 10 minutes.Then, 30 minutes, and insist filter.Warm infusion need to gargle 3-4 times a day.

Traditional recipes high temperature .1st recipe: we need the fruit (30 g), raspberry, fruit (20 g), anise, flowers (20 g) heart-shaped linden leaves (20 g), mother and stepmother.Tablespoon of the mixture brew 0,5 L of boiling water and simmer for 5 minutes.Then, the broth should be cool and drain.Take a folk remedy for 3/4 cup in the morning and at night.The infusion has a strong diaphoretic action.

2nd recipe at high temperature.Need flowers (30 g) heart-shaped linden trees, flowers (20 grams) elderberry leaves (15 g) of peppermint.Tablespoon of the mixture brew 2 cups boiling water and continue to simmer for about 10 minutes.After the broth should be cool and drain.Take it to 1 glass of hot mid-day and at night before going to bed.But it is recommended to give children smaller portions are not very hot infusion.The broth has a diaphoretic effect.Once the patient sweat, should change underwear.

Traditional recipes treatment when bluetongue angina .Take the root (20 g) Marshmallow, flowers (25 g), chamomile, rhizome (20 g) melilot seeds (20 g) of flax ordinary.Tablespoon of the mixture brew 1 cup boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, strain.Warm infusion to caress the throat with angina 4-5 times a day.There

effective folk prescription treatment catarrhal tonsillitis in the initial form with the help of a lemon.Take peeled 2-3 slices of lemon and turns keep them in your mouth.At the same time we are trying to have a slice of lemon around the throat.If the sore throat is not willing to take, apply for gargling 30% citric acid solution.Gargling with the head should be folded back and exhale air uniformly to the solution as it bubbled in his throat.When angina, using this method, you have to gargle with a solution of citric acid every hour for one day.

for the prevention and treatment of children chronic tonsillitis with frequent exacerbations is very effective next folk recipe.This irrigation shed for three consecutive days of 1% formalin solution 1 per day.Before irrigation is necessary to rinse the throat.

With popular recipes treatment of angina will be faster and more efficiently.We wish you to be healthy!

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