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How to get rid of the Wen: advice of traditional medicine

We will offer advice on your choice of traditional medicine that can help you get rid of Wen.Still, before the use of any of the following methods and treatments of the oil lamp, you need to consult a doctor.Let's get started.

«Baked onion»

must take a dark soap and grind on the track.Then we take a medium-sized onion and bake it in the oven.A little cool, it must be through a meat grinder, followed by soap and mix chopped onion mush.This mixture is applied to the oil lamp as a compress.Such a compress is recommended to use at least 2-3 times a day.Onion and soap slurry stored in the refrigerator.

«Honey sour cream mask»

To start with a good warm up in the sauna or soak in the hot tub.Then talc imposed on a mask which consists of cream, chalk and salt in equal parts.It should impose on 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.Such procedures are recommended every other day, until complete disappearance of the oil lamp.


There is another very effective folk remedy.To prepare this mask you need a good chop fruits pokeweed until smooth and apply them to Wen.This mask does not act very quickly, but is very effective.About a month later wen opened, its contents leaves the wound and it is cleaned.And soon the wound heals itself.

«Golden mustache»

necessary to cut and stretch leaf houseplant called golden mustache.After that he put on the wen, covering with plastic wrap.In the film should be folded in half to put cotton fabric.This poultice should be fixed plaster or bandage and leave for 12 hours.After this time, it must be changed by repeating the whole scheme with a new leaf.The course of treatment lasts 10-12 days.

Get rid wen you can and with the help of shiitake mushrooms.We have long known about the medicinal properties of mushrooms.They can be used in the fight against Wen.To do this, prepare a tincture of these mushrooms and vodka.Mushrooms should pour vodka and insist for 8 days and filter.Drink one tablespoon per day.


50 milligrams root hellebore should be crushed into powder and pour the boiled water to 50 milligrams.Insist 12 hours.Taking this volume infusions once daily.

How hellebore, and infusion of shiitake mushrooms are able to dissolve talc.These agents are useful not only in combating talc, and the fat of the whole body.They are in the first month with a laxative effect, but then the gastrointestinal tract gets used and three months removed from the body excess fat.There is a burst of energy and strength.A full course of treatment takes a long time, almost a year, but then talc disappear completely with fat accumulation.

Thanks to the advice of traditional medicine has become aware of the fact that the lard with garlic also helps to get rid of Wen.Lard be mixed with garlic juice and rub talc.At the same time we take one tablespoon of fat, and one teaspoon of garlic juice.During the day, should be a few times wen handle this mixture.And so on until complete recovery.

«Chestnut ointment»

To prepare chestnut ointment should take a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of chopped to form a porridge of aloe leaves and five chestnutsthat advance need to mince.Next, make a bandage that needs to be changed from time to time.Take a piece of gauze and applied to a mixture of chestnut and fix to Wen.

«nettle tincture»

From wen help and compresses of nettle, which should be done at night.In order to prepare a tincture, it is necessary to take uprooted stinging nettles, wash, dry, grind, folded in half-liter jar and tightly compacted.Then fill it with vodka, put in a dark place for 22 days.Make a compress with this tincture, and wrapped it over the towel.


Cinnamon is also nice in the difficult struggle with Wen.To do this, you need every day to eat a spoonful of cinnamon and a half.Of course, not all at once, and during the day.


very effective way to fight wen is aloe.It is necessary to cut the aloe leaf and attach to the oil lamp at night, fixing bandage.About two weeks later he had opened and he will make a rod.A little later, the wound will heal.

«Mother and stepmother»

In this case, you can use shredded leaves mother and stepmother, who must be imposed in the formwen to compress and eventually a cure will come.

«Treatment with leeches»

Hirudotherapy existed since time immemorial.This name came from the word "leech".Nowadays, more and more popularity of this method of treatment.It is used for blood purification and rejuvenation.With the help of leeches can be treated and talc.

In this article, we talked about how you can get rid of Wen using traditional medicine.As we can see, there are people's councils, which we are told how to get rid of Wen.But we should be very careful in the selection of folk medicine practices.We have given and such recipes that you can follow only after consultation with the doctor!This also applies to recipes with shiitake mushrooms and hellebore.