What should be done before adopting a child

This stage includes an important question that needs to be done, before you adopt a child.But before you adopt a child you need to think carefully about a number of important issues, such as who are going to take to his boy or girl, will first take over a child custody or immediately he did not become a guardian, and parents need to think about what age to take a child.Adopt a child under one year infants or toddlers will be difficult for these children face huge queues.And the cherished baby will have to wait a year or two, maybe more.It is easier to adopt children from one year to four years.This is the right age for adoption, at this age the child is only beginning to shape his character.Therefore, prospective parents will be much easier it is to re-educate.But with children older than five years will be difficult.Typically, these children have all understand and realize they are angry at the whole world with them is very difficult to achieve mutual understanding.For expectant parents, they are seen

as enemies.Very often, in practice, the parents of these children return back to the children's homes or boarding schools.Because not everyone get the right to educate them.

What should be done before adopting a child, if you have already decided on the sex and age of your unborn baby.To do this, contact the district services for children.There you will be given a referral to a medical report.It is also necessary to collect a variety of other documents that will be given.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to prepare for what will have very much to run on a variety of instances.If you are also running, it will be about one to two months.In addition, it is necessary to bring the criminal records of income, about the presence of your property.Requirements for housing has very strict.And if the guardianship will find even the slightest deviation from the requirements of the standards that they have set, the adoption may be refused.Then, all the collected documents are submitted to the service for children and, within 10 days of the act will be drawn up on your terms.Since you can become an adoptive parent.

in the bodies of trusteeship you give your hands a lot of different profiles and photographs.The forms detail about each kid, their diseases, their performance in the educational classes and other necessary information.With these questionnaires need to do the following to select a few of them within the ten.You like to choose candidates for adoption.This choice is not easy, a lot of profiles.Typically, children with serious illnesses reject immediately.Choose generally healthy.After a few children will be selected, you will need to go to children's homes and watch the kids.To this end, it is desirable to choose who will be the first.As for the second child you are entitled to look only in the event that the first child you will not do.Choosing a baby, you go to him in the orphanage, there will be your first acquaintance with him.This moment is very important and exciting for both expectant parents and for the baby itself.If you have contact with the child went wrong the first time, you're going to look at the next stage of the children.If on the contrary, you realize that this is your child.And he easily comes in contact with you.You opt for it.And then begins the so-called "adjustment period".You have to constantly go to visit the baby in an orphanage.This is to ensure that the child is, and you get used to each other.If within a month you will be fully confident that this is what you want to adopt a child, then you already can safely take it home.

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