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Choosing friends, ten rules of success

Ten Rules of successful

1. Bet on optimists
Sometimes crazy optimists seem to us (and how you can call people who are still hoping for the best, without justification), they always win.Optimism attracts good things.And even if these events do not occur, the optimists briefly and slightly upset.No matter what your outlook on life, to communicate more with the optimists.They can make your life more colorful, you'll see a lot of pluses circle and become never lose heart.On the other hand, form the whiners negative view of things, spoil the mood of you and draw energy.In our uncertain world it is you absolutely nowhere.

2. Choose smart girlfriends
With such interesting to talk to, they can provide useful and Business Council.With stupid friends you will feel superior, but stupid anyway eventually annoy.Yes, and you can not help people like her or teach, whatever you say, because "their brains they do not paste".

3. Get inspired purposeful
can, of course, to choose friends who go with the flow

of life, but they will never be able to charge you desire to set a goal and achieve it, they will never be able to enjoy to realize the dream.Those people who want to achieve a lot of things in life inspire.And if you are lucky and you are dealing with such friends, you'll understand.After talking with them I want to move mountains - to make your life interesting and rich, forget insults and failures.Make friends with those who have a lot of plans and ideas - even if they sometimes seem impossible.

4. Trust practical friends
no worse, if a friend-spender, which drags you in shopping centers, neglecting the family budget.With such a man, and he did not notice how vtyaneshsya in the process of shopping as sacrifice the aim to please some shopping.Practical girlfriend would not entice you to visit the sales and be able to stop in time when you are willing to break away from the coils.

5. adjacent to the adherents of a healthy lifestyle
Scientists have proved that the friendship has an impact on a person's weight and style of life.You will agree that this is important, where you meet your friends - over tea and cakes, or in a fitness club.All of these can have an impact on your figure, lifestyle and so on.Therefore, make friends with these sporty girl.They zataschat you to water aerobics, even if you do not like.

6. Look who know how to keep a secret

How many families shattered because of the fact that her friend was not able to keep a secret!How many people have lost their jobs because of the talkative colleague who chatter among various departments.Avoid contact with these friends, otherwise you have to constantly monitor themselves and know that we can say, and what not.But it did not save you from trouble, in fact, any word can be someone misquote, transmit and interpret incorrectly.Why do you need such a friend that you can not pour out his heart, and for a moment to relax?

7. Choose
fun sense of humor - an important quality of a person.Do not get those friends who do not have a sense of humor, because to them uninteresting.In addition, they are due to innocent jokes can be a long time on this offense will leave you in a "beautiful" day can deal with you.

8. Good always triumphs over evil
you do not need such a friend who speak ill of his friends, sharpen a grudge against colleagues who harbor resentment toward family members.Play is simply unpleasant.I hate to think what they can say and about you.Why save a grudge against all the people?After all, these people look at everything that happens can affect you.After all, anger and skepticism contagious thing, even if it does not want to believe.

9. Avoid gossips
Most women tend to desire to wash up bones.But some just do that dismantled the bones details of the lives of your friends.Similarly, your personal life, they will discuss with many people.But why do you need all this?Why clog your head other people's problems and turns of fate, collect heaps of unnecessary information.Better get yourself useful and pleasant thing, we discuss your girlfriend daughter, clerk from next door.Much more interesting to read a love story, there is, in addition to the plot, the author's unique style, artistic image.

10. Not by Bread Alone
more interesting to chat with friends who are interested not only compliment the chief of another department and a new skirt.People who have, in addition to the material side of life, yet another, philosophical, spiritual side of life, such people are interesting to talk to.They see deeper and wider than most people can teach and you.Even if you do something you do not agree, do not rush to argue with them.Show interest and patience and you will unlock the secret facets of their spiritual life.And over time, can be yours.

choose your friends by following these ten rules of success, and if you follow these tips, then you will have loyal friends and interesting.

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