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How to choose a good blanket

Quality blanket must be of good material, providing air circulation, besides the blanket must have sufficient thermal conductivity.

What are blankets

Blankets are divided into three main groups: the open-haired, with fillers and special.

1. Blanket with open hair

dyurhan Blankets made from whole goat skin.These blankets are very aesthetic and quite warm.They are always in great demand among foreign tourists.

Camel blanket rightly considered anti-aging, and even healing.It can have a therapeutic effect on the spine and joints, it has a positive effect on the nervous system and circulatory system.

therapeutic effect has also lanolin, which is contained in camel wool.It acts rejuvenating human skin, making it more resilient.In addition, the camel blanket does not accumulate static electricity, it is free breathable and impermeable to water.This is achieved thanks to the special structure of the hair coat: it hollow inside, which provides heat retention and thus prevents overheating.

That's why a seemingly such a light blanket of camel wool comfortable sleep in any season.Camel blanket is made in different ways: either directly from the wool, but it will be a little rough blanket (although the quality of sleep is not affected), and from the undercoat, which is most gentle and pleasant to the touch.

Blankets made of wool and wool goats, llamas, sheep.They are excellent at keeping you warm, they are very light, airy, they are able to create a healthy environment.Under such a blanket to sleep - just fun.Also, these quilts are shown for people with weakened body.For example, older people who suffer from diseases of the joints and bones, as well as frequent colds, should (if possible) to sleep under blankets made of natural wool.

2. Blankets with natural fillers

Duvet usually filled with down loon, duck and goose.In order to properly choose a blanket, you need to explore the differences between each of the down filled.Duvet perfectly may miss the air, keep warm, besides a duvet is very light and flexible, rather soft and pleasant.However, he has a major drawback: it can cause allergies.Even not so much filler, as many of its "inhabitants".The fact is that the duvet immediately absorb and retain human sweat.So inside it creates ideal conditions for the reproduction of various mites and bedbugs.

The biggest demand is for blankets down loons - air and light, perfectly retains heat.Unlike other duvets, they do not absorb water and are able to exert a therapeutic effect.

goose-down comforters eider a little harder, but they are still relatively light.They are also great at keeping you warm, plus they are very flexible and elastic enough.

blanket with silk fillers made from natural protein (a product produced by the silkworm larva).It has a unique feature - self-regulates body temperature, being able to "adjust to it."So in the cold is a blanket trapping heat, and hot - releases excess heat into the air.This ensures comfort in any weather, also a blanket perfectly absorbs moisture.It shall be health to people suffering from problems with the spine and joints.And another plus - this does not lead to blanket allergies.

quilt also perfectly able to save heat.But cotton has certain properties - it keeps the inside moisture and odors to the same quilt quite heavy.

Synthetic fillers based syntepon, hollofaybera, bamboo fiber, blankets with particles of algae.They have a special lightness, softness, they amazingly keep warm, they are not able to absorb moisture.They are no allergies.They have antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.

3. Special blankets : infrared, rescue blankets transformers

space blanket used to prevent a critical situation in the heat loss of the human body.They are made in the form of a thin film coated with metallic reflective materials.

infrared blanket is designed to improve blood circulation, it fully relaxes muscles, eliminates fatigue.This is a good blanket, used in hospitals.

Blanket transformer is easily converted into an envelope with the help of lightning.In the inner part of the blanket is soft flannel padded, and outer - padded cotton.As the main filler acts sintepon.These blankets are very convenient for travel, since they occupy little space and are very light.

There are blankets and car - they are indispensable for long journeys and can be used not only as a means of heating, but also as a cushion, if you put it in the bag.

All kinds of blankets, listed above, are quilted, cluster and karostep.Before you choose a blanket, you need to know the differences between the types of sewing.The most practical is the cassette covers, that is linkable in sections.Inside they kept filling reliably without displacement and loss of form.Finishing blankets karostep performed in a pattern which serves to retain the filler.The disadvantage is that through the holes of the needle filler may eventually fall out.Quilts have a major disadvantage - they are constantly straying filler, besides, they are quite heavy.

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