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Tips for cooking soups and broths

Soups known as the first dish, and it is not in vain.They are not only useful but also delicious.What will be without lunch of soups and broths?Recipes soups there are so many.Each woman has their secrets and recipes.Soups are prepared and milk, and broth and bread kvass, and broth of vegetables, fruit or berries.The most common are recipes for soups, prepared broth.

General Cooking Tips:

  • for cutting vegetables Use only sharpened knives.Dull blades just squeeze the juice from the vegetables.A juice loss will change the palatability and nutritional products.
  • evenly filling with water or vegetable broth, filling the pot up to the top, you thereby save the vitamins.To preserve vitamins vegetables dipped in boiling water already or broth during cooking and cover the pan with a lid.If you put it in cold water or broth, and then begin gradually heated, the vitamin C will be destroyed soon.
  • When cooking, avoid vigorous boil, or vitamin C and fat begin to fail.Only green can save green at rapid boiling.
    If you are using raw egg yolk soup, it can not be heated above 80 ° C.The protein can fold.Also, do not put boiling in the preparation of the first course, if added to a cream, milk or cream.
  • salt first courses after welded main ingredients.But the bay leaf and pepper should be added at the end of cooking soup or borsch.
  • If you use a large number of spices at the same time, it will destroy the flavor of the broth and vegetables.
  • Dill and parsley in a dish better to put directly before serving.
  • If you suddenly salty broth, it can be saved by boiling it in a little bit of washed rice, which previously have to be wrapped in gauze.
  • broth for cooking filling soups prepared from meat, seafood and vegetarian soups to cook only vegetables.
  • can not digest vegetables.It will only lead to a large loss of vitamins.
  • Keep the soup for a long time and it is not necessary.After three hours from the time of its preparation vitamins reduced almost in half.
  • carrots, onion and parsley should not put into the pot in its raw form.During cooking very quickly because they disappear spices and flavors.Much better would be if the first fry them on a preheated pan with a little oil or butter.Fat absorbs the flavors stand out.So you keep all the flavor and improve the taste of the soup.
  • Carrot and tomato puree soup give rich color and aroma.
  • After soup ready let it stand for about 10 minutes.It will only improve the taste.

soups sometimes seasoned fried flour.To this end, the flour is poured a thin stream into the pan.Roasted need an equal amount of fat, while stirring constantly.Do not allow color changes.Then it is necessary to dissolve the flour with hot broth.Add a filling soup for 10 minutes before end of cooking.

now in stores for soups you can find a wide variety of frozen and already chopped vegetables and mushrooms.Applying these mixtures, you vary the menu and facilitate the process itself soups.

  1. Chicken Soup. To make this soup, it is not necessary to add the onion, celery, bay leaf.All the spices only drown out the flavor of chicken soup.
  2. milk soup. Boil milk soup is necessary in a heavy-bottomed saucepan.Pasta bad boiled soft in milk.Therefore, boil them first in water until soft, and then cook a little longer on low heat milk.
  3. Pea soup. Pea soup should have a smoked taste.Soup for the best pea soup cook on smoked pork ribs.Instead of ribs in 10 minutes until cooked in the soup add diced smoked sausage.
  4. Pickle. The pickle do not need to feel sorry for carrots and onions.But also do not have to overdo it.Otherwise, we get a very thick soup.Cucumbers for rassolnik not cut into cubes and grate the better.Another trick: the potatoes should be added to pickles.Otherwise, the potatoes will be rigid.
  5. Soup. Before the end of cooking for 20 minutes it is necessary to add a couple of seeded peppers.Throw them entirely.They will give a special flavor scham.After turning off the plate can be removed.If you cook the soup of sauerkraut, it is only after the cooked cabbage, salt to them.This is done to avoid overdone.
  6. Mushroom soup.To soup soured him add a few lemon circles.If there is no lemon, you can take ¼ spoon of citric acid.
  7. Vegetable soup. In order to achieve transparency in the broth, add the onion immediately.After half an hour it is possible to get.For flavor up in a bundle parsley, dill and celery.The lower the soup for 15 minutes.This will give a unique flavor vegetable broth.

Enjoy your meal!

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