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How to decorate the house for the New Year

How to decorate the house for the New Year
New Year, a time when even the little things you want to create a festive atmosphere, so you need to think in advance as the New Year to decorate the house.The focus and the main protagonist of the New Year is a tree.New Year without the green beauty is not considered a Happy New Year.Before the tree was out of the woods, and now it can be silver, green, blue, artificial, and so on.

If you have a very small apartment and have no place to put the Christmas tree, the mural on the wall in the vase put a bouquet of fir or pine branches.And it is possible to make these branches "frosty".We take a strong saline solution - one and a half liters of water a kilo of salt.The solution to boil and plunge to 6 hours branches.Then gently vynem not to shook salt and dried.

decorate the Christmas tree toys are not bought-and fantasize.We take and make homemade figurines made of paper, bows, candy, fruit.Toys made long before the New Year.Included in the work of children,

their households, and on the Internet there are many recommendations on how to make toys with their own hands.

If you like toy stores, take their children with them to the store for them to campaign for toys will be an adventure.When the Christmas tree will turn into a beautiful woman, then you can begin to design the house.Holiday home views give garlands that hung around the house, and before that fantasize how they would shape and the color.Wonderful view give snow, it can be made of cotton or aerosol snow.Remember your childhood, cut out snowflakes from foil and paper and decorate their walls and windows.Take a thin colored and white paper, scissors, foil, show the children how to fold the sheet and where do the holes and cuts.

attribute New Year's Eve is candle
them to make their own hands or buy in the store.Occupation is quite fascinating and complex.Now any artistic salon or children's department can buy kits for the production of Christmas candle.We need to candles and candlesticks.When they are made of glass, it is possible for them to draw different Christmas and New Year stories, different paint stained glass paints.And the story is naive, so these figures will be fun.Only need to believe in themselves.You can decorate with lanterns and colored snow (cotton) and hang around the house.

Christmas holiday table
Christmas table tradition must be served beautifully - with Christmas ornaments, or monochrome tablecloth, beautiful and original folded napkins, candles, sparkling wine glasses.Candles should be placed so as not to interfere communication at the festive table.This family holiday will be great colored napkins and white tablecloths, for example, dark green color, the color of the needles.They roll up into a tube and tie with ribbons of golden or silver color.If you want something colorful, bright, it will pick up in the tone of serving items, dishes and tablecloth.

There are many different ways that you will take a little time, but it will create a festive atmosphere and will give visitors a sense of family and a fairy tale.

Usually in our houses in pastel shades.And few people want to start a repair to the New Year to transform the house.Traditionally Christmas colors - red and green it is.It will be quite easy to change the upholstery cushions, it will house some festive accents.A missing color will add a bright utensils.

using colored ribbons.They wrap up, of course, within reason, almost all.The conveyor frame in a new sparkle shelves, candles, chairs, railings.Will experiment, and beautifully folded ribbon perfectly fit into the interior of your home, they will be hanging from the ceiling, window sills with whimsical spirals, they can be put on a festive table.

dim the lights, create a romantic atmosphere.Using light instead of candles.It will be interesting if the cream will combine candles with thick or thin white color.The room, which will be celebrating the New Year, we supplement the red and silver Christmas balls, mirrors.In addition, you can decorate the Christmas balls festive interior parts, not just the Christmas tree.


gaining increasing popularity floral and pine wreaths, they make notes of triumph, can decorate any interior.They adorn not only the doors, but also places that require attention.

Conifer composition

Any pine or spruce branches are used to create a New Year's interior parts, as well as to create compositions and garlands.Also charming kind they bring into the house fragrances New Year.


This ornament is known to each of us from childhood.Cut out of white paper or cloth and delicate snowflakes stars.Secure them on windows using a soap solution, suspension from the ceiling on silver threads.To make snowflakes shine and durability, we cover them with silver sequins or hairspray.Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will remember this holiday as a day of magic and fairy tales.

Use these tips and you will be able to properly decorate the house for the New Year.Do not try to catch the last point, consider the holiday menu so as not to stand at the stove until midnight, and at least a little rest.You will need a good mood and energy, because in front of the unique and fabulous night.We must not forget that the most important decoration of the house - it's not bursting with food table, no tree and smiling and friendly hostess.

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