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How to raise a child before its birth

Raising a meal

In 3 months the fetus appears mouthfeel.Even in the womb, the child begins to show their taste preferences, because the amniotic fluid that bathes the baby's nose and mouth, has a taste and smell.And the baby swallows it, and if you do not like the taste, then spits.A composition of the amniotic fluid depends on the mother received food.Therefore, even before the birth of the baby can introduce him to different tastes and even the train to certain foods.Important during pregnancy, eat healthy and wholesome food.If the mother while she enjoys meals and due to the nature of her gifts, she sends her unborn baby food culture and the love of certain foods.

Bring up music

At 6 months, the fetus is able to hear and remember hear the music or sounds.Sometimes you can even feel the fetus moving to the beat of the music.A good and well-chosen music and choral singing strengthens the nerves and improves the health of the expectant mother and thus are born quiet, psychologically balanc

ed and healthy kids.

selected music very easily.It is necessary to give the child to listen to the most diverse music, and their movements, he will let you know what kind of music he likes.It is proved that kids really respond well to classical and relaxing music - for example, Chopin, Vivaldi.It is useful to give a listen to the sounds of a variety of fruit, such as the sounds of instruments - rattles, bells, drums, music boxes, etc.If the world of sound for the baby will be beautiful and diverse, it is a well-developed ears.

Raising a voice

At 7 months, the fetus begins to recognize women's and men's voices, including the voices of his mother and father.Voice mother has the most positive effect on fetal cells and activates various biochemical processes in them.As the voice of the mother of the child calms and relieves severe emotional stress.So talk to the unborn baby as often as possible.

And the more often will talk with the fetus, the earlier a child speak.When all the easier it will be to absorb the language in which his mother says.And if you want, what would your child to easily assimilate any foreign language, from the 16th week of pregnancy and up to 3 hletnego age should be as often as possible to speak on a particular foreign language.

Bring up emotions

the 3rd month of pregnancy, the baby can already react to emotions.Emotions mother greatly affect the development of the baby and his character.Success, happiness, confidence, independence - to improve child development.A sense of guilt, fear, helplessness, anxiety - oppress development of the baby.It is very important during pregnancy is in a state of happiness and inner freedom, then the unborn child will be much happier in life.The feeling of happiness and a wonderful help to develop a child singing, poetry, music, art and nature.It is very important to the future father of a positive attitude towards his wife and unborn child - care of them in every possible way and showed his happiness about the pregnancy - when the baby is born confident, happy, strong and calm.

No less important is the attitude to the pregnancy of the mother.If the child is wanted and loved, he is born calm.If used during pregnancy or mother talking with her baby and did not think about it, such a child will be born weak, with various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, with a variety of neurological disorders, restless or poorly adapted to their environment.And in the case of a negative attitude to the child (or the desire to get rid of it) they give birth with severe mental disorders, and often with a sense of hatred of the outside world.

child in the womb begins to distinguish between positive and negative reaction of the mother.Therefore, if during pregnancy a mother appear undesirable emotions, then you need as quickly as possible to calm down and soothe your baby, explain what is happening.At such moments, the kid remembers that in life there are ups and downs to be overcome.And because of this child grows hardy, strong and emotionally stable person.

Bring up the sun

A couple of months before the birth of the baby can already see.He distinguishes the light that falls on the mother's belly.Therefore, sunbathing (in reasonable doses) has a positive effect on the development of the baby.

Now you know how to raise a child before its birth.

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