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How to bring this man from a child who grows up without a father

First , it is very important to the boy as much as possible to communicate with men.It is necessary to surround the baby only "real" man, because without authority in the face of his father, the boy looks in the other men, who often sees - grandfather, brother, uncle, coach, etc.And the more men surrounded the child, the better it will forms the male behavior and attitudes toward sex.No way mom does not have to take on all the problems and show their authoritativeness and authoritarianism.These character traits in kids suppress masculine - the desire to be a leader and to assert themselves - and completely kills the male behavior.And you need to talk about her father only good and in no case do not complain about her son that his father threw you.

Second , constantly praising the child, focusing on his manhood - some say he is brave, strong, courageous, patient and determined.If the boy has overcome any obstacle or lift heavy thing to say: "Umnichka!Here's how to enter a real man! ".

Third , do not show my son that you are a strong woman and replace him and his father and mother.Mom should be first and foremost a woman, fragile, gentle, affectionate and loving.In this way the child will learn to empathize, to feel sorry for, to help and support my mother - all these qualities make of the boy's confident and strong man who can stand up for themselves, to take any decisions and stand up for the woman.

Fourth , at different ages, and the son of Be different maternal love.For example, in youth and adolescence do not need to over-express his concern.Otherwise, the son will be socially underdeveloped and it will be difficult to establish their personal lives.The son shall not emotionally dependent on his mother, or he will never be able to marry.

Fifth , need to educate the boy with the help of goodies movies and books.Only need to carefully choose the movies or books.It is best to fit those works where heroes are knights, musketeers and other characters that save and protect not only the world, but also women.Just do not pick fighters, melodrama and comic books.

Sixth , at the age of 3-4 years old son need to buy toys for boys, the color they should be quiet tone.Since the girls prefer bright toys.In 5-6 years it is necessary to give the son of tasks that are performed together with men - for example, to hammer a nail, make a bird feeder.The earlier a child begins to help adult men, the sooner he will rise self-esteem and the boy feels his involvement in the company of men.At school age, it is necessary to raise a polite attitude towards girls, for example, to help carry heavy bags, open the door and miss the girls and help them in every way.And teens should be given freedom Bole sons.Let chooses friends and interests.Respect his choices and decisions, and thus your son learn to be responsible for their actions, become independent.

Seventh , as often as possible, let your son be independent.Let him tie his shoes, washes, dresses and so on goingSon should as soon as possible to learn how to do without the help of my mother, because he is the next man and he will help women and not vice versa.

Eighth , with his son to play only in the men's sports, such as football, hockey or fight with plastic swords.And do not let a noisy, outdoor games, and communicate with their peers.When the boy came home with bruises, scratches or abrasions, it is not necessary to show their concern about this, just treat the wound.Treat your son with respect and never ordered it, and ask for help because the man next to you.

no means impossible:

- to suppress his son his initiative;

- much spoiled him;

- to educate the boy strictly according to the regime;

- buy him toys that you like, not him;

- forbidden to play with the bad boys;

- to allow her son to sleep with you in bed;

- forcing him unconditionally obey you;

- not to give the boy to understand yourself in conflict situations with their peers.

Now you know how this man vospiat of a child who grows up without a father.