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How to help children deal with resentment

grievances occur in everyone's life.It is very difficult to find someone who would not hold someone insults.Most often, they are trying to vent grievances in scandals with his family, and who for a cup of coffee with friends.Of course, to get rid of resentment just is not possible.Although it is possible to get rid of old accumulated grievances and did not collect anything new.All say that resentment byavayut of all sizes.Usually you hear phrases such as: "I caused great offense or me a little offended."Even inadvertently uttered the words that have no intention, may hurt a man for many years.Even the phrase said by a young child can touch a person.

For example, in many cases, some may not pay attention to the words spoken by chance, and some of it can cut to the quick.Then why there is this mechanism?If it exists, it should be noted that it is necessary.Why do we need this mechanism?When resentment touches ego.For the person who wants to cultivate, resentment is concrete barometer for determinin

g the "weak" party.Anyone can hurt or just offended.For example, words that offend as "slightly improve" or some talented neighbor.Anyone who has a lot of sensitive strings.They suddenly prouzhdayutsya when they hurt.Even need to clarify that the person who says these words thinks he can hurt or not.Maybe this person does not want to hurt and spoil the mood.

close people, relatives, friends aware of vulnerable areas.In ancient times, he said: "Everything is poison, as everything can be a remedy."Of course, all of this can be attributed to the same insults.If you enable the offense to grow, to make "mountains out of molehills," that the offense will be poison, and if we consider the offense as merely spoken words, it can be a remedy.If the trade hurt the person sitting in childhood, it will be extended to the relationship with her husband, and their parents, and staff to work.Seeing the offended person, they want to help and just be more delicate.Women of this type for many years go to a doctor, a psychologist, tell them how wrong others perceive.However, they do not perceive that the image chosen in advance by the same.What does this man do not know how to live differently.It is with this and all the problems begin.People are beginning to understand that the image of a very comfortable position.Their compassion immediately disappears.

For example, at the beginning of married life pouting lips seem to him very charming, but a little tired of this game.Once the man stops to apologize.And those people who do not take offense, but just pretend they eventually cease to believe.And when these people really need support, they do not get it.All people have their own truth and resentment.Resentment often not correct beliefs, for example, think that all people are like on them, if not , the they allegedly strange.I think that all dlozhny understand them as they themselves . And if they understand, then be sure to have support.If you do not want to support, you might think that hurt.You can not expect from the people that they will be able to read minds.We must also consider that the words come from the people of his own interests, plans and did not think to offend anyone.You do not need to accumulate grievances, and seek ways to communicate.There is a type of offense that is not easy to forget.There are old grievances, especially when it is applied, or close relatives, often have in their heads.This case could have occurred a long time ago, even the offender had to make amends, but I still remember.And most people vsgo long remember insults than pleasant.And, of course, not only to remember those grievances, and when the opportunity to try and remind the offender.

Resentment is an emotional state.It is hidden a lot of feelings.People who accumulate years of resentment, it is entirely absorbed . Insult is divided into 2 parts: the emotional and the rational.Emotional offense does not live all the time full of soul heavy feeling, does not even enjoy.From all this you need to get rid of, to live beautifully.A grievance is a rational part of the life experience itself.This type of offense indicating how to act in a similar situation.If you forgive the offense, it takes emotional part, that is the person that remembers this life situation is no longer experiencing negative emotions.However, rational resentment remains forever.Usually they say: "Forgive, but not forgotten."Of course, no one forgets no resentment.

Anyone can help to deal with resentment.Keep in mind why keep a grudge.We must also remember that a person can be punished only once.When people look back on offense, it means they carry with them completely.You can fight emotsianalno part of a psychological method.On it goes less than 30 minutes and have to be all alone.It is necessary to take a comfortable position and relax, you can even close your eyes.Then remember the offense, which was very cruel.Few think about where in some parts of the body is hurt and answer some questions.For example, how big an insult, what temperature, what to touch.And after all that is necessary to present a look at this offense.Of course, this exercise should be done several times to insult ceased to torment.This method can be to deal with all the negative emotions.

vyznat now, the role played by children's grievances and how to help children deal with resentment.