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The development of a child after 6 months

They better feel the surrounding atmosphere and his own body, and limited mobility and an inability to grasp everything that the child sees around, causing frustration, tears, scandals.However, the child is becoming more sociable, the spectrum of its reaction to stimuli updated.What should be the development of a child after 6 months to find out in the article on "Development of a child after 6 months."

Physical development

first child crawling in the next stage of development - moving on all fours.Gradually, the child begins to more confidently control the movements of the head.The child sits independently or with little support.He grabs his cheeks, ears, glasses person who holds it in his arms.Sleeping at night 8-10 hours.

mental and intellectual development

child closely examines all the objects with which he plays.Precise movement chooses the subject that interested him.Changing attitudes is usually indicative of affection or dislike for someone from the audience.He continues to pronounce

syllables and Hooke in the communication process.He discovers that he has a voice, and fun to listen to him.

Sensory-motor development

Keeping the object in one hand, a child can grab a free hand to another subject and at the same time pay attention to the third.Music calms it distracts from crying.A child plays with edible objects (pieces of food), enthusiastically taking their hands.Werth and turns objects, moving his hands at the wrists.Typically, these movements are rather sharp.The child likes to play and interact with others, but not all;it applies to strangers in disbelief.He shows his feelings (joy, dissatisfaction) with the help of babbling and gurgling sounds.The child smiles at her reflection in a mirror and plays with him.

Child Development at 7 months of age

If a child needs a bottle to go to sleep, it should pour water.The water does not cause tooth decay.Caries creates serious discomfort, pain and requires urgent action.The teeth of the child should be protected before they become available.Gently brush your gums once a day with a soft clean gauze.Begin to teach a child to drink from a glass or cup.He will get used to use utensils and eventually wean from the bottle, because that spoiled teeth.Cuddle the baby before going to bed, take it more attention.You can offer your child a hug a stuffed toy to calm down and go to sleep peacefully.For 7 months of age, many children are already crawling and independently explore the surrounding world.They are constantly in motion, do not sit on the ground, so the risk of accidents increases.Care should be supervised and accustomed to discipline, gradually explaining what is allowed and what is not.At 7 months, it begins an important period in language development and understanding of the meaning of certain words and gestures.Another milestone in the development - the emergence of the first tooth, because of which the child may become irritable and nervous.

Physical development

child's leg muscles get stronger, get the tone - they will be needed when the child starts to get up and walk.The child moves on all fours, sometimes to the subject in hand.He is able to sit up unaided.Lower incisors begin to erupt.

mental and intellectual development

child shows an interest in detail.Repeat certain syllables, invests in them a meaning.It is beginning to pay attention to the colorful figures.Memory becomes more tenacious, periods of concentration - longer.The child tries to imitate the sounds and repeat simple actions - for example, clap or say "bye!".He likes to play hide and seek.If the child can not find the toy that attracted his attention, he looks around, turning his head and body.

Sensory-motor development

child is able to hold in each hand on the subject.He likes to play with rattles vigorously shakes them to the sounds heard.Learning your own body.The child has a strong interest to participate in group activities.Playing alone and with others.He understands the meaning of the word "no" for an adult tone.Shows the location to the familiar people, kisses, hugs, caresses.He prefers to take his hands on those he loves.At this age, a child can change some habits, such as those related to eating and sleeping.Perhaps he wants to have their own, and when the first teeth erupt, lose appetite will refuse to eat with unusual consistency and taste.Generally, children under the age of 14-15 months needed 2:00 afternoon nap every day.Movement of the child become more confident and faster, improving its ability to move.At this stage, frequent whims and scandals, so parents have to strictly define the limits of what is permitted for the child.As for communication, the child still can not explain to adults what they want, but uses its own vocabulary, whose meaning is understood.

Child development at 8 months of age

child already knows how to crawl back and forth.Swinging on his knees.Surely held in a sitting position.Tightens on his hands moving on the floor.He tries to get up clutching his support.The child gradually learns the faces of people who see it.


child's diet gradually beginning to change.Below is a list of foods and beverages that are suitable for a child (pre-consult with the doctor):

  • chicken, beef.
  • Bread and cereals.
  • Fruit juices and purees.
  • potatoes and vegetables.
  • breast milk, infant formula, yogurt, creme brulee without the addition of eggs.
  • Baby biscuits.

your child is not yet ready to drink whole milk, eat fish, honey, sweets, whole eggs.Do not add sugar to the puree and juice.For this phase characterized by two main features: the curiosity and mobility.Due to the improved coordination and agility, and the ability to crawl, first attempts to stand up and maintain balance without help a child turns to fidget.He's pretty quick-witted, able to remember and draw conclusions, and expresses a wide range of emotions: joy and friendship, fear and anxiety.

development of a child 9 months

By the end of the ninth month of the baby usually weighs about 9.1 kg and has a height of about 71 cm. It knows how to crawl, based on the one hand and at the same time doing anything with the other hand.Persistently tried to get up, sometimes he succeeds.

mental and intellectual development

child loves to seek and find hidden objects.He remembers the games that he played the day before - it shows the development of memory.Counts duplicate games boring.He knows simple concepts, such as "hot / cold".Still babbles and vocalizes having a special meaning for him.

Sensory-motor development

If a child engaged in both hands, he throws one of the subjects to take the other.House, where there is a 9-month-old baby, gradually acquires a resemblance to the battlefield.The baby crawls quickly, taking the first steps.His curiosity is boundless, it encourages the child to grasp at every comer subject to open doors and drawers.The kid keep an eye.

Child Development at 10 months of age

child more confident on his feet.It may take several steps if it is supported or he clings to a support.Able to climb the stairs on all fours.It helps to wear it.Sam climbs onto a chair or bed and goes down from there.

mental and intellectual development

trying to have their own child, likes to feed others from his spoon.At the age of 10 months, some children cry, hide or cry in the presence of strangers.The child takes a while to get used to new places and unfamiliar faces.Pick him up, give a look around, still quietly talk to him.Ask your friends and relatives not to impose child communication, and allow him to take the initiative - he soon osmeleet.Sometimes a child's curiosity overpowers cautious, and he decided to explore a new and unfamiliar territory.It aims to be in the community, seeking attention, trying to draw the eye.Understand the difference between approval and reproach.He loves new unfamiliar places, but sometimes frightened and turns for comfort to an adult who accompanies him.Checks whether it is impossible for him to break the established framework.

Child development at age 11 months

By 11 -mesyachnomu age, the child is already able to confidently stand up straight and can take a few steps without the help of an adult, would not hold on.But while he prefers to move on all fours.He quickly climbs on chairs and beds and down with them, but still often falls.At this age, all children imitate postures, gestures and sounds.Intelligence and perception are developing at breakneck speed, the arsenal of ways to express themselves updated not only in connection with the desires and needs of the child, but also as a result of distinguishing objects and people.Here, too, language skills continue to improve.11 -mesyachny child - a notorious provocateur, demonstratively violating prohibitions and denies everything and everyone: these traits are common to most children.

Physical development

By the end of this month, the average child's weight - 9.8 kg, height - 74 cm. The child can stand upright without assistance.He knows how to bend and straighten again.It can make a 1-2 pitch, not holding onto furniture, crawling up the stairs, pulling up.Most of the 11 children -mesyachnyh gladly acquainted with different textures, but feel insecure when walking on the sand or take up something sticky and viscous.

Sensory-motor development

child himself brings the spoon to his mouth.He is able to take off their shoes and socks.Adds items to the various boxes and other containers for storage.It knows how to wear the ring on the rod of the pyramid.The child willingly participate in games (not always!).It seeks approval, trying to avoid recriminations.During the games better able to concentrate.He knows the names of objects, can follow simple instructions.It's time to teach him to accompany requests for the words "please" and "thank you."Able to imitate the cat's meow, he points to the sky when they hear the noise of the aircraft.With the notable easily imitates speech and facial expressions of others, even when you do not understand the meaning.This is a very important stage of growth: a child who has recently been helpless and weak, gradually becomes independent and takes their tastes, although largely still dependent on their parents.He knows how to distinguish good from bad, he awakens the consciousness, but the behavior is often unpredictable.In the age of the child, the will to act more consciously begin to think and to inform others about what he thinks.The child is always energetic and vigorous, sometimes he can play by yourself, but annoying if he did not get all, or if he was tired.

Child development at age 12 months

average weight of children in this age - 10 kg, the average height - 75 cm. A child stands up and makes the steps much more confident than before, but when he wants to get somewhere quickly, preferswalk on all fours.As a rule, eat unaided.Awake most of the day sleeping in the afternoon only 1 time (afternoon).Now we know how the development of the child after 6 months.

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