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Child development in two years

The time could not be better suited to accustom to the rules of conduct.Is the development of a child as young as two years old, learn article on "Development of a child in two years."

physical development of the child in the two years

baby weight - 11 -12.5 kg, height, 83-87 cm. He walks alone, including backwards, is able to climb stairs.By 18 months it starts to run quickly.Some children start attending nursery, where they play, learn and socialize with other children.

mental and intellectual development

The child develops speech markedly, including diction and vocabulary.The towers, which it builds are becoming more sophisticated and complicated.If you give a child a pencil, he can hold the line, imitating adults.

Sensory-motor development of the child in the two years

child demonstrates considerable dexterity and skill, is able to accurately take things with thumb and forefinger.Able to throw objects, standing straight and without losing balance.Himself Razuvaev and undressing.

  • imitate adults.
  • Vocabulary (as a whole - 7-20 words).
  • By 17 months of age distinguishes 5 parts of the body, a month later - 8 parts.
  • repeats the actions of others, responds when his name helps to wear it.
  • At the age of 15-18 months is able to use a spoon and drink from a cup.
  • makes it clear when he is hungry or wants to use the toilet.

Feeding and diet of the child in the two years

Parents should make sure that the child is accustomed to eat properly, and to do that you need to offer him food only at certain times.At this age, the child's appetite decreases substantially due to slowing growth.The child may refuse to eat during the time allotted for meals.Do not force him, but at the same time there is no need to offer other foods or allow to sit for long periods at a desk.Your doctor will tell you when you can give your baby cow's milk.The child should drink at least two glasses of milk per day, and consume other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.Be aware of security measures: Never leave your child alone in the bath, near the stairs and open the windows.Get away from the child any drugs, alcohol, detergents, plastic bags, irons, heaters, cover plugs socket.Use cleaning agent with protective caps.Make sure that all the toys comply with the standards, and age limits.It is important that toys are not toxic and not falling off consisting of small parts that children can swallow or poke in the nose or ear.During trips in the car the child must sit in a child seat corresponding to the accepted standards.During walks allow your child to go alone on the sidewalk, but not for a moment to keep an eye on him.

Stimulation of

Talk with your child must be clearly and legibly without lisping and mangling words.The child needs help to get acquainted with the world: his things home, surroundings, plants and animals, large and small objects and so on. D. Fantasy and imagination of the child develop irregular: they stimulate games, tales and songs.To a child in the future successfully managed sphincter, it must be accustomed to the potty or the toilet with 18 months of age.In the second year of life, children learn about the existence of prohibitions and restrictions, which they need to understand and recognize first of all in the family circle.You should confidently and authoritatively establish a clear framework for the child and regulations.Do not forget to praise him for his good behavior.A child ceases to be capricious, when will understand that it will not achieve anything.Now we know what the child's development in two years.

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