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Methods for identifying gifted child

How to identify talent

precisely determine the presence of a child's giftedness can be only under the expert guidance, but there are common characteristics that parents can assume that they have a gifted child.

  • child sleeps little.
  • very quickly learns to read.
  • Speaks the first word at the age of 6 months.
  • pronounces the first sentence of 12 months of age.
  • At the age of 18-24 months can maintain a dialogue, using the very rich for his age vocabulary.
  • 2.5 years teaching the alphabet and count to ten.
  • Solve simple problems involving addition and subtraction to 3 years.
  • Starting from 3 years of age, asked about the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • From an early age sets the question "why?".
  • Demonstrates imagination.
  • very receptive to the world around them.
  • His concern questions of justice and morality.
  • child energetic and confident.
  • very watchful, ready to non-standard situations.
  • critical of self and others.
  • very attentive, is able to fully concentrate.
  • society prefers older children.
  • He has low self-esteem and tendency to depression.
  • In class he is bored, because the standard curriculum is too primitive for him.Teachers are hard to find motivation for him.
  • self-absorbed, distracted.
  • Thinking more productive than reproductive he generates ideas.
  • feel strange, he says that he does not understand
  • He is independent, it has the character of an introvert.

What about parents?

If parents notice the child's symptoms, appropriate gifts, they should consult with teachers or professionals and follow specific procedures.If a child is really gifted, parents should not panic: it will certainly help.One way or another, the parents continue to take care of a child's development.

- Talk with your child, play with him.Talking about everyday matters, offer the child to express his opinion.

- Respond to the child's interest in science and the arts, to help him develop their abilities in these areas.

- Together with your child go where he can learn something new - in museums, libraries, community centers, where organized events.

- Do not let the child get bored, stimulate its activity, explain that it will be useful to achieve in the future.

- Create a calm environment at home in which the child will be able to read and learn, to help him do his homework.

- Encourage your child's interest in extracurricular activities.

Are gifted children study in special schools?

training programs and techniques for gifted children sharply criticized for elitism.To separate these children from society is not recommended, and, nevertheless, they require special attention.Some experts recommend gifted children to study in mainstream schools, but studies to devote more time to learn on their own, complicated program.At the same time teachers and parents should closely monitor the progress.

development of social skills

Some gifted children characterized by extreme shyness, it is difficult to communicate with other children and adults.The development of communication skills in the methodology for identifying gifted child can help in the home with the help of simple exercises.

  • Instruct your child to perform simple tasks when there are guests in the house (for example, open a door, to help guests get naked, to offer them a feast, and so on. N.).Some of these actions will rehearse in advance.
  • Talk with your child about what is required to maintain friendly relations, and explain in what cases friendship breaks.
  • Help your child to practice talking on the phone, learn to listen to the opinions of others, to behave at a party, and so on.. In addition, a gifted child can help in the following ways.
  • Choose a hobby.Favorite activities are not only exciting in itself - it is a great opportunity to make friends with common interests.
  • Join any group in the community, such as the Boy Scouts club.The child will be able to provide an outlet for energy and interact with peers.
  • participate in extracurricular activities at school, often to be in the range of children with similar interests.
  • Find a job or volunteer activities in the community (after school and on weekends).It will help the child to integrate into society and improve his self-esteem.Now we know what are the techniques for identifying gifted children.

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