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How to teach a child to talk, need advice logopedist

develop child's speech must begin already from 2 months of age.It was then beginning to come first sounds a baby into the world.So talk to him more often, Guguli him, babbling, it's just now actually.This is the way to communicate makes it a manifestation of emotion and desire to repeat after you.Make sure that your child during this learning process is clearly seen your lips, it's an example of him.It is very important at this age to relate speech and motor skills of the fingers.Our parents knew about it, so it is often with us indulged in the same "Forty-white-sided."Do you remember the game with a finger?Where he was?Also at this age are welcome to play pugovichkami, coins.The main thing, everything fits with the game and make sure that the child is not overtired.

How to teach a child to talk, a speech therapist need advice?Burn! With six months the child begins to associate actions and people, verbs and objects.He does it even unconsciously, that is,when he was rolling the ball, he grabbed him,

but if the child is told to bring the ball out of the room, he could hardly do it.And not because he does not know what the ball, he just still can not tie it to the fact that he had something to do.Children learn a lot and every day and every hour, so from this age often try to tell him that you do to the baby learned to associate actions and words, describe what is happening around.For example, the cat washes, we comb, Dad came home from work, my grandmother brought milk.Repeat it often and accordingly appropriate slowly, looking into the eyes, calm unhurried voice.

With years old begins the educational process, and mutual.The child goes into sign language, so it will be easier.Here, the main thing is not to let everything slide.When a child is going to stick his finger in the toy and pull at you, start with that, giving toy saying: "Tell me," Give. "In the future, how would gradually try to ignore such requests silent until the baby starts to talk to you.As speaking the phrases added to the proposal even words."What kind of toy?" "Please," "Thank you."So you start to have to enter into a meaningful dialogue with your child.During this period, the child vocabulary is somewhere iz30-60 words, depending on the development.In girls, this period is faster and a lot easier, and it does not depend on intelligence.Children become interested in the properties of objects and the relationships between them.

With three years of age the child should engage in full in the conversation, to ask again, interested in, make sure that it is properly declined words.At this age, the child begins to transmit their emotions through words.Learn his opinion on one issue or another.It will reward the need to follow the correct speech of the child.

From the age of four children having fun listening to a fairy tale with a complicated plot, already has its own preference for the heroes who can speak long sentences.This is the final phase in the formation of speech, so it remains to fix the result and to help make it right, smooth, melodic.Plenty of books read, drive to the theater, mass performances.This will provide a great foundation for the future.

There are times when a child up to 3 years, require speech therapy.

1. This is when the child is put appropriate diagnosis;

2. If a child has this family history, for example, one of the parents later spoke;

3. If Rebeca have problems with vision or hearing;

4. If a child is stunted.And the reasons are not identified;

5. And if the child is little contact with adults;

6. Also, if recommended to trim the bridle.

In all these cases it is strongly recommended to see a speech therapist.

If you doubt that your baby is developing properly, consult a speech therapist.He will tell you how to be located language during pronunciation of certain sounds.Furthermore, it can tell and show how to do facial massage and articulation exercises, which together with home exercises form the right speech at the kid.

In any case, communicate with your child, teach him to help and try to be surrounded by older children, for which he will drag and rush in development.This is very favorable for the speech of your toddler.