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Useful properties of red wine

About the beneficial properties of red wine known by the ancient Greeks and Romans.Since then, it does not cease debate what more wine - good or harm to our health.Today, various scientists have found evidence that small doses of red wine is not only harmful, but also have a positive effect on health.These scientists have concluded that the greatest value is it red wine, it gives a little pink and white is suitable only for gourmets, hardly having positive health properties.

most obvious way red wine affects the cardiovascular system of the person.Experimentally proved that the incidence of myocardial infarction, heart failure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system in people who drink once a day, a glass of red wine, much less than people who do not consume this drink.The fact that red wine contains natural substances such as kertsetin, resveratrol and flavonoids, which, roughly speaking, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, making them more flexible.Unfortunately, the concentration of these

substances in various wines dramatically different.Their number depends on the technology of cooking wine (each an experienced winemaker has its own tricks and secrets are guarded for centuries), grapes.

To prepare natural, natural wine, except directly to the quality of berries, is also important and the presence of skin and bones.After the pulp grapes contains malic, tartaric, citric acid and pectin, while the bones and skin - tannins.In addition, the grapes when making wine almost do not wash, because the peel, imperceptibly to our eyes, live bacteria that are responsible for fermentation.Therefore, it is important wine-making technology.The natural wine, the higher the useful properties.

Most believe that the best wine producers are located in France and Italy.In support of this, the French and Italian wine producers point to the fact that their countries are popular dishes high in fat, carbohydrates and sugar, for example, the famous spaghetti, croissants, French bread.As you know, this food is the main enemy of the human body.At the same time, the number of diseases of the cardiovascular system among the French and Italians occurs much less frequently than residents of other countries, even the neighbors in the European Union.The most popular explanation for this phenomenon is that in these countries a glass of wine at dinner rather good tradition than a passing fad.

Also, it should be noted relaxing and soothing component consumption of red wine in moderation.When used correctly, the wine can extend life and delay aging.That ability of wine contributes to the content, as we have mentioned before, resveratrol.This substance is very active, it helps reduce cholesterol levels, as well as an excellent antioxidant and antimutagen.It is because the latter capacity, red wine may slow down the development of cancer and the formation of new tumors.Properties resveratrol widely used in the treatment of various diseases.However, the reservation that red wine is a substance found in comparatively small doses, and can manifest themselves only with regular use.

Another interesting feature of resveratrol in red wine is that it is combined with the alcohol and other substances becomes lethal to many pathogens, thus, practically not damaging the intestinal flora.

course in the use of wine should not all fit on one line.The impact of wine is different for different people.Therefore, using different diets during the wine (red wine has fat burning properties) should take into account the fact that the wine also helps to improve appetite.Experienced dieticians know about this property, wine and never recommended to drink on an empty stomach.

also should not forget that red wine is still an alcoholic beverage.And like all alcoholic beverages, wine is good only in moderation.Most doctors tend to believe that men should not drink that evening more than two glasses of wine, and women no more than one.These doses are conditional wine, the number of the wine depends on human physiology, its weight and other factors.

Always remember that red wine (as in all alcohol) the presence of ethanol (approximately 16 grams on the middle glass), which is added to poison and narcotic substances.Ethanol can cause dependence, which in turn can lead to various degrees of alcoholism.

And finally, something about accompanying wines and beverages.There is a misconception that pink wine - red is diluted with water.No and no again.Rosé wine is widespread in Provence, southern France.Its production is no different from red.That's just on the technology, the must try to add a little peel grapes, its seeds, trying to make the share more fruit pulp.This wine is less robust and contains less ethanol, but its beneficial properties and is also reduced.

mulled wine.There are many of his recipes.The easiest - hot wine with honey and cinnamon.It warms amazing.You will find on the Internet a lot of different recipes for its preparation.Mulled use for colds, coughs, respiratory diseases.If mulled wine placed on the festive table, then fed him fruit and sweets.

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