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Useful properties of Chinese cabbage

Today, Chinese cabbage, no one is surprised it sold almost everywhere.However, more recently, this vegetable as a surprise to the same price it could not be called affordable.Disparaging smile buyers disappeared when the beneficial properties were proven Chinese cabbage.Moreover, as it turned out, Chinese cabbage can be grown in the fields of Russia and Ukraine, making it more accessible and popular.

history "pekinki" as it is popularly called, has its roots in the east.It has long been cultivated peasants Japan, Korea and of course China.In those countries it occupies the same space as traditional cabbage in Russia.

Externally, the leaves of Chinese cabbage are very similar to lettuce.But, if salad has a pronounced green color, leaves "pekinki" may range from pale yellow to green.Average Chinese cabbage head out on stretches of 30-50 cm., And has a cylindrical or oval shape.To many, this resembles a cabbage lettuce, hence another of its name - cabbage salad.Taste leaves Chinese cabbage special, juicy

, tender, with no solid veins.That, incidentally, is another similarity with salad.So that leaves the Chinese vegetable suitable for the preparation of a variety of sandwiches and salads.By the way, do not be afraid of high prices for 1 kilogram of Chinese cabbage.Despite the impressive size, weight pekinki will be much less than expected.

Previously, when using Chinese cabbage, cut in Europe and discarded seal of the white leaves.But the secret of this vegetable east lies precisely in those parts of the white, they are most useful and the most succulent.In fact, without these parts turns into a cabbage salad.Thus, the white veins Chinese cabbage makes it much juicier any salad.

Depending on the size of head, pekinku can be used for cooking, as a first course and second.An interesting experiment would be to use a Chinese cabbage in our traditional dishes such as borscht, stuffed cabbage when cooking or stew with mushrooms or ribs.When cabbage, you will be surprised almost no smell, and soup or skit to be different fresh taste.Agree, it is strange to write about the freshness of taste in such everyday dishes, but it is.Taste dishes, believe me, it will be different.And the taste and color ... Someone really like someone does not want a centimeter to change their habits.

In short, all the dishes that are prepared with the usual lettuce and cabbage can cook with pekinkoy.In addition, the Chinese peasants their salted cabbage, pickled and kvass for the same prescription as we are.Well, almost for the same prescription.

If many hallmark is the use of traditional cabbage cooking cabbage and sauerkraut, it is logical to assume that oriental cuisine has some culinary masterpiece with the mandatory use of Chinese cabbage.So what is this dish?The answer - a salad of Korean kimchi.For the Kimchi Korean cult dish, or better to say national, so his national feature of Korean cuisine, which should be on the table.

When preparing kimchi cabbage necessarily used.If you are not good at cooking, and taste the sharp little delicacy like, then buy and try this salad.The more that research scientists in kimchi contains even more vitamins than fresh products.

You will be interested to know that cabbage juice is very good for the intestines, it is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B12, PP.

Long before our era about the healing and antiseptic properties cabbage known in ancient Rome.Perhaps cabbage played an important role in the conquest of Rome.

Chinese cabbage has the same beneficial properties as usual.In the east pekinka, according to many - a pledge of longevity and health.Even healers used it in the treatment of stomach ulcers.Modern science has determined what are the healing properties of cabbage - a large number of amino acid called lysine.Lysine has the ability to dissolve foreign proteins and plays a significant role in purifying the blood.Maybe that's why cabbage juice as good with a hangover?

Chinese cabbage contains vitamins and minerals in the same amount as the well-known to us cabbage.However, vitamin C pekinke longer than usual cabbage and lettuce 2 times, as well, and protein.Also cabbage contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, PP, E, P, K, U, 16 kinds of amino acids, glucose and organic acids.

And in conclusion.Having listed the main advantages of Chinese cabbage, we have deliberately left the ending very tasty.With any method of preservation, over time, the amount of vitamins is rapidly diminishing.As a result, when the winter we eat sauerkraut, the amount of vitamins in it is 50-70% of the original.At the same time, Chinese cabbage can retain vitamins throughout the winter.Where here a salad?

So if you want to fill your winter diet easy and useful product, which is sometimes called vitamin bomb, do not forget the Chinese cabbage.

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