10 rules of healthy active life

Thus, 10 of the rules of healthy life.

P ervoe rule - inspect your body for the purpose of seeing the trend of any changes.Diagnosis of any history is facilitated by the presence of the change history of blood tests, the presence of images and ultrasound examination by a gynecologist, ophthalmologist, dentist and physician.Medical examination - is not old and is not for grandmothers.It is modern and it is taking care of your body.What would a healthy lifestyle, we were, as we live in the center of unhealthy and fall under the influence of dangerous and harmful factors - our bodies require professional observation.And a professional to better understand a person with specialized diploma, not a girlfriend, neighbor or mother.

This rule is for the person who cares about their health due to an active healthy life, must accompany all changes regulations, nutrition, stress, because we do not always understand the consequences that can accompany the best aspirations.For example, a trip to Thailand

in February, with a view to take a break from boring winters and slush for man, prone to respiratory diseases, the disease is likely to end on arrival, and a person prone to depression - depression will on arrival etc

second rule.

In Your diet should include water.Drink water - that's right.But for every person is the "correct" her.The need for trace elements, minerals and salts that are part of any water - individual.If possible, you should consult a dietitian and the composition of your blood and other tests on the basis of a nutritionist you will choose the most suitable for you water.If this is not possible - is to listen to your body, trying to drink the water of different compositions.In any case, the water in the region must not be from the tap (in the European Union the composition of water in the water allows you to use it in food), not soggy and not carbonated.If you drink bottled water mineral raw - I periodically manufacturer, watching as changing your health and function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Water should be taken on an empty stomach, before meals and during exercise.From liters per day.The rest - is too individual to generalize.

When you drink the water on an empty stomach - you clean the gastrointestinal tract from food debris and give it a "wash" that your body is also nice for you, wake up, wash your face.The amount of water you want to drink inatoschak, ndividualno and depends on your weight.

water during exercise is not conducive to weight loss, but promotes healing.Not receiving fluid during exercise, the body begins to produce it from the muscles.Muscles tighten, lose their elasticity and the ability to withstand the load.As a result, you will start to get tired of long loads.Do not just drink water before going to bed.Water on the night will be a load on the kidneys and can lead to swelling of the face morning.

following 3 rules concern food.

not eat much. will help determine the amount of the same or a nutritionist, or your ability to listen to your body.The body does not ask all the delights that are in the world, it asks as much as he needs for life.As you can imagine, it is really important for an active healthy life, because a large intake of food still did not benefit anyone.

If you do not understand how much you "enough", and the scales show extra weight - try to reduce the portions.If the psychological discomfort occurs, should refer to the therapist may have food you are trying to seize the psychological problems.In case of physiological discomfort - see a physician.Perhaps the extra weight - it is a symptom of an illness.

Do not eat before bedtime .At night, resting not only the brain, but your organs, food remains undigested, and the amount of energy expended by the body to digest it, will not be greater than the energy that is contained in a late dinner.Schedule meals in many different and can not say that everything should be eaten on the same routine.It all depends on the factors causing this method.Here you will also help a dietitian or therapist.Those who are gaining weight - one can not have the protein after exercise.Those weight resets - should refrain from eating for several hours after a workout, or, in extreme cases, eliminate carbohydrates (except fast), and fats.

added to the diet of healthy food.

One vitamins you do not provide your body with all necessary.He needs fruit, cereal, first courses, vegetables.

If possible, arrange periodically whole "unloading" days on fresh juices or a week in a month Eat breakfast cereals.The most beneficial use of fruits and vegetables during their abundance."Winter" apples will not bring the benefits that once plucked from the apple tree.Do not miss periods of fruit abundance.

As a consequence of this rule, exclude from the diet that bears no benefit to your body, the body.Look for benefits for themselves in power in the pursuit of an active healthy life, not just in society.

sixth rule - to be outdoors.

walk home from work if you live in the city - too bad, but not enough.Periodically, let your eyes rest on the fruits of civilization in nature;its easy opportunity to let a breath of mountain, forest and sea air;his feet - wander through the grass, sand, earth.

most active seventh rule - add to the life of the movement.

active, or even the most active sports will be reflected in increasing your flexibility, endurance, quality of sleep, a decrease in the rate of onset of signs of age-related changes in the immunity to seasonal diseases on health and even on the potency.

Morning exercise - an echo of the Soviet past, but it's like nothing else can help you to be cheerful at work in the morning, while colleagues are trying to wake up with another cup of coffee.

Smile and laugh - is the eighth rule.

smile not only makes our appearance more attractive and in a position to trust to others, but also help to improve the health of the whole organism.

Laughter helps the body produce endorphins, which immediately will give you strength and make you feel cheerful and happy life.

Rule ninth - live communication.

You may have noticed that, when dealing with animals, you begin to feel better.People also have a beneficial effect on each other, but do not always allow for this effect to occur.Psychologists around the world converge on the fact that the desire for solitude comes from fear, and fears must be overcome - this is our tenth rule active healthy life .

Do what you are afraid, or at least not as usual, and you feel like increasing the number of your freedoms.As if you have the opportunity to do that before someone is prohibited.Do not be afraid of failure, or look funny in an attempt to learn how to do what I always wanted, but it was terrible.Do not be afraid of new experiences.

If some of the rules will seem inconsistent, the title "active lifestyle", think - how much they will require extra effort from you, and you will understand that any of the above rules will cause you to "move" more and more often and dosomething not done before.We hope that our article about the 10 rules of healthy active life can help you transform the coming summer, and always feel fresh and confident.

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