Health Benefits of Treadmill

Practice shows that the treadmill is much more effective than all the skiing, rowing and exercise bikes together.To obtain such a result a special study, which included the training of volunteers in various simulators.The resulting load simulator was the same, in addition, the essence of the study was to count calories for a special procedure that is lost during exercise.The result - the loss of calories 700 calories per hour, which exceeded the results of cycling 200 kcal.Burning calories on the treadmill, so relevant for many women, is not the only advantage of training on this simulator.For clarity, it is necessary to list all the advantages of this type of training:

  • training of the heart;

  • Better Shape: jogging on the track helps to correct figure flaws, making shapely legs, removes fatty deposits in the sides, making the waist "wasp", does not allow to grow the abdomen;

  • improve metabolism;

  • Improving the joints and spine;

  • burning calories;

  • stress reliever: because running is a natu

    ral physiological process, which calms, moreover, brings pleasure, and thus the body is to develop useful "happiness hormones" - endorphins have a positive impact on the human condition;

  • Removing mental or psychological fatigue;

  • Increased efficiency;

  • training all the muscles;

  • Increasing the fitness of the organism as a whole, the improvement of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

As with any physical activity, with an impact on virtually the entire human body, should follow some simple rules that will achieve the desired result from this type of training, the use of the track.Here is an example of the 8 critical recommendations:

  • recommended to engage in the morning, because at that time it is easier calories burned;

  • duration of training should be 30-40 minutes;

  • During training, before and after you need to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration;

  • At the beginning of training necessary to perform moderate running for a few minutes;

  • At the end of training must necessarily slow down the run, to give the body to cool down and walk slowly a couple of minutes;

  • during training is recommended to monitor the pulse, it should be no higher than 130 beats;

  • to training on a treadmill were not boring, you need to listen to music or in front of the TV set simulator, because then it will not only benefit for Zorov, but emotional high;

  • breath while running must be rhythmic.

Despite the large number of positive aspects of using the treadmill, it has a number of contraindications.For example, employment in this type of training is not recommended for people who have problems with their feet, and there are also diseases such as congenital heart disease, thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs or circulatory failure.

Based on the analyzed information, it can be concluded that by means of the treadmill can improve the general well-being, to strengthen the muscles, the heart and blood vessels, can also easily form its perfect shape even normalize blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.If you have the opportunity to buy your own treadmill or just going to the gym, the result will not make you wait a long time already for the upcoming summer season, you will be pulled up and healthy and, most importantly, you will receive the joy and fun of these workouts, because youlike no other now you know about the health benefits of treadmill.