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What is better for health: butter or margarine?

course, margarine is better!

Today experts on nutrition and nutrition credited butter substitute another plus.Since margarine produced from vegetable raw materials it contains in its structure a large amount of mono- and poly-saturated fat, and thus does not contain cholesterol, moreover, the use of margarine helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.Oil also can boast such qualities, and as a result of its use achieved the opposite effect.It is on these arguments was built in the early XX century, the policy of promoting margarine to the masses.

modern cooking to some extent solved the problem with trans fats: a large number of them contained in margarine durum and soft varieties their content is much lower.Biochemists and experts in the field of dietetics argue that soft margarine varieties are the best option for people who care related to their health.

It is difficult to say which is more beneficial to human health: butter or margarine.These two products are identical in the number of calori

es.Margarine contains the most "terrible" trans fats, which are obtained by hydrogenation (turning liquid vegetable oils into solid fat), prolong shelf life and enhance flavor.The oil also contains a large amount of saturated animal fats that contribute to atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

Maybe butter?

Given that in today's world food production has become a multibillion-dollar business, the news media, which are sponsored by one or the other of the parties, can be seen as a set of speeches praising and terrifying consciousness sensational facts in relation to eachparty.The dispute between the supporters and admirers of oil margarine is unlikely to end soon.

Try to spread.

You can also choose the third option, which is obviously better for the health - spread.Spread - a special light margarine (soft butter), containing a mixture of vegetable and dairy fat.Select spread is easiest for the percentage of animal fat in it.With a high percentage of animal fat product most closely approximates to the butter.Accordingly, the lower the content of animal fat in the spread, the closer it is to the margarine.In the manufacture of spreads may be used some exotic vegetable fats such as palm and coconut oils.But the most suitable for this purpose are oils from sunflower seeds usual.

most unhealthy oils - such claims indisputable authority as the price, which is trying to keep us from buying, arguing that additional money signs, and often we are forced to listen to such a reasonable argument that simply leaves no options for criticism or discussion.We are faced with the problem of choosing priorities - the future of health or the current state of our bank account.Often the question of investment in the first version we postpone for the future.

Fiscal policy took a different position.This question even the honor of being considered in the high offices of the European Union.As a result, consideration of restrictions were imposed on the amount of trans fat in food with the obligatory indication of the number on the package.

large number of companies doing business in the market of food, preferred a cheaper and more convenient to store products - margarine and widespread unfounded accusations against trans fats to successfully shift the conscience on the other hand, arguing that there is even worse.Despite the fact that most of the restaurants and cafes go, and maybe for a long time switched to margarine, this fact does not deserve the respect of high quality cooking.

easy enough to figure out which is better, butter or margarine.Case in moderation.Excessive anything does not add to your health.If the prevalence of undesirable saturated fats in your diet, the trans fats would not be out of it completely eliminated.Margarine or butter - you choose, but do not let someone else's opinion to force you.After all, in any advertising products food industry giants between the lines, you can read the word "profit".

And how do you oil?

order not to wrestle with choosing between margarine and butter can be used for cooking vegetable oils such as sunflower, olive, corn, but the coconut and palm oils can completely discourage ever use margarine.Although now in supermarkets can easily choose margarine, which included no trans fats.

positive impact on your health with a primary content of the spread in the structure of vegetable oil or water.Using the above tips, you should be able to make the right decision based solely on your common sense and concern for the family, not the arguments of the defense of each of the discussed products.The market is impossible to deceive, to fight is not a victory, and the continuation of the struggle itself that makes a profit companies interested in it.

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