Unfortunately, a birthday only once a year

So, the organization of the holiday entirely rests on the shoulders of parents.Do not worry, your child arrange a holiday that will appeal to him and remembered, not so difficult.First is to understand in what your child needs a holiday.The main criterion for choosing a holiday is the age of the child.

If the baby is still small (2-4 years), it is not necessary to arrange the birthday of the crowded party.Invite people 5 children.At this age, children go on holiday with their parents, be sure to keep this in mind.Festival to be short-lived.Indicative plan: preparation for the adoption of the guests, reception, ceremonial presentation of gifts and greetings, tea, and a few games after that.Remember that young children quickly get tired, so do not make up for their many hours of entertainment.

If your child is between 5 and 10 years, he needs a more active organization birthday.In the creation of the holiday, it can take an independent part, and you can give him a surprise.The kid himself must make a li

st of invited friends, since at this age children already choose their own social circle.Parents of such events may no longer be present.Normally, after tea, the children begin to have fun yourself, but help adults still will not be superfluous.For example, you can organize some fun game, independently conduct a "solemn" part of the celebration."Solemn" part of everyday life must be like this: announce visitors, for which you have come together today, say a few kind words birthday, give guests speak, then let each of the guests will give your gift and your child have to thank all the guests.Do not forget to praise each gift and sign of its dignity.Sometimes it's hard to get kids to speak at all.Suggest to congratulate the birthday of the game, let everyone one by one uttered greetings, sat on the ground.Or let all common card compose a poem for the congratulatory line, and you read out the resulting "creation" for all.Birthday for children of this age can take a long time, sometimes children are very difficult to stop and divert from their fun.Before his birthday would be better to warn their parents, to how many hours you are planning a holiday.

Children from 11 to 15 years are rarely want their celebration was attended by adults.Here your organizational part is minimized: cook and cover with a festive table.Children will find something to occupy yourself, there will be adult supervision confusing.Now it is very popular to organize birthdays of children in restaurants and recreation centers.The organizers of such events are able to arrange the child and his guests an unforgettable holiday: organized children's table, cheer visitors, play games with them, arrange a disco.At these parties in any case be spirits.Make sure that your own.

If you want to arrange a holiday with your family, it is also an excellent option birthday.So the child feels its importance in the family.Some children are very upset if they are not allowed to call friends.But do not confuse a family celebration and a feast for friends.It is better to spend two events on different days.

Do not forget to decorate the birthday of the apartment, all customizable with the child in the morning to the festive mood.Inflate the balloons, buy sparklers, funny hang posters.

Let each child's birthday will be a happy and cheerful.Give children happy!

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