The history of the brand Prada

Prada - a world-famous fashion house, which produces a collection of branded apparel, footwear and accessories.The whole style of the brand Prada can be described in just two words, which successfully reflect the whole concept of brand inside - a flawless elegance, brevity and restraint.Prada absolutely fully reverses all general ideas about such a concept as sexuality.After all hard lines and materials of the rough texture of the clothes is readily converted to the brand image of the "impregnable fortress", which adds to the ladies who wear them, special spice, making it mysterious and at the same time attractive.Considerable attention trading house Prada concentrates on outer clothing and outward simplicity of the overall design of the models, which is very pleasing the ladies.That's why we decided to delve into the origins of the brand Prada and tell lovely fashionistas about the roots of their favorite brand.

history Prada .

History of Prada originated in Milan, in 1913.Miuccia Prada's great-gran

dfather, Mario Prada, who is also the founder of the brand, has opened his own business for the production of shoes, bags made of leather and has registered its brand.In the same year, he opened a small shop where he sold the goods.Applying their bags soft skin walrus, Mario was able to attract the attention of highly influential buyers from around the world.Thus, the Italian and then European and American aristocrats began wearing designer shoes from newly and take a journey large leather travel bags that have handles made of wood inlay of tortoise shell and crystals with the same name inscription Prada.At the time of occurrence, the brand was called "Prada Brothers", but since 1958 the company's management took the daughter of Mario Prada - Luisa Prada.

1970 history remembered as the year when Europe and America saw the first collection of clothing under the label of the brand Prada.This garment exudes sophistication and charm.But as bags, the demand for them has fallen markedly.First of all, this situation was due to the fact that they were very bulky and people began to feel discomfort because of it.This was the reason that the company began to face financial crisis.So, by the middle of 20th century fashion house had not the most prosperous times for himself and for the time in 1970, a company headed by Miuccia Prada, she was practically on the verge of collapse.But just Miuccia managed to breathe in the company and family business new life.So in 1989, the house clothes regains status known.In the same year, under the leadership of a new director, it launched the latest line of women's shoes and clothing class pre-da party.This collection included a calm tone, dominated by black, and her lines were simple and at the same time fine and had no sharp transitions, and various cuts.After this house Prada collection instantly won great sympathy on the part of customers who will gladly preferring the elegance and sophistication.

In the nineties, the brand Prada introduced a new youth brand - Myo Myo.The name of the brand was the name of the reduction of the director Miuccia.In the early 90s, Prada launched her own line of sunglasses, the occurrence of which fashion elite did not immediately approve.These glasses are characterized by thick square rims of bright colors, and already a couple of years these points have become indispensable hallmark of the brand.

merger with other companies .

In the early 1990s, the brand Prada acquired the Roman fashion house Fendi, who because of their debts started to bring the company's decline.In this regard, Prada Fendi divided with the French company, which was engaged in fashion business.But it still did not help to keep the loss-making fashion house Fendi afloat and had to sell the King of Pop Michael Jackson.Michael Jackson has transferred control of the company of her younger SISTROM Janet Jackson, who, in turn, has renamed the fashion house Fendi fashion house in Janet Jackson interneyshenl.At present, the company produces fashionable clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, and even furniture.

fashion house Prada today .

Now Prada took up the manufacture of children's clothing collections, perfumes and cosmetics under the same logo of the fashion house.In short, the brand significantly increased its production and head set his sights on high fashion and bohemian style.And all thanks to the indispensable Miuccia Prada.That this woman was able to create a new image of the company and its corporate identity, which says that a woman is capable of Prada have a very fine sense of style, she is romantic and feminine, prefers minimalism, which is very successfully combined with sexuality.Plus, I have the brand Prada appeared and their corporate colors - brown, white, black and cream.Also admirers of the fashion house clothes become celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Paris Hilton and pop queen Madonna.And it's well-deserved success of a great name and a great woman Miuccia Prada!

boutiques and shops.

under popular brand Prada opened a huge number of fashion stores in all major cities around the world.For example, in the US there are 10 shops and 2 large store, which are in large cities such as New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Aspen, Los Angeles (Beverly Hills), Boston and others.

In short, this fashion house today is not just a brand, it is the whole Empire, whose history dates back to 1913 and continues to this day!